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  1. During the pandemic I took the time and ran cable from my basement rec room (where my router is at) and put in an Ubiquiti access point on the first floor opposite side of the house. Now I still run hardwire to my PC and our iRacing rig since they are in the rec room right next to the switch but beyond that we have 2 Xboxes, 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 streaming TV's and my wifes laptop and the kids two laptops running on it and the only issue I ever have is my iPad which is the oldest will occasionally act like it has no connection for 30 seconds and then work again when in our bedroom which is the farthest spot away.
  2. Man I am glad I'm not the only one. Our coach teaches the same thing and I'll hear parents yelling about kick it faster or boot it long. I just want to scream "or we could play it to the outside back that has no one within 25 yards and possess the ball for more then 20 seconds"
  3. LOL, yea we live like an hour and a half northwest of Philly so we have really small rural schools like ours, I think my sons whole class is like 115 kids, all the way up to schools with 800+ kids per class so divisions are based on school size but then when you get to league playoffs it's an 8 team playoff. Districts which are run by PIAA and feed the state playoffs cover a much bigger area but are totally separated by school size.
  4. Had our first league playoff game since 2008 on Saturday night in the rain. I hate the way our league seeds the teams, we won division 4 (four division winners are automatic qualifiers) so you would think we would get one of the top four seeds. Nope they reseed based on the district power rankings which weights games higher when playing AAAA schools then AAA schools and so forth. The divisions are set up that Division 1 is all AAAA school, Division 2 is all AAA and then Divisions 3 & 4 are a combo of AA and A. So because our schedule is almost all AA and A schools we get the 8 seed even though our overall record was 13-5 while the Division 1 winner with an overall record of 7-9-3 got the #4 seed and a home game. So we face off with a perennial power, AAA school and #1 seed at their field. It happens that my wife and her best friend (my sons godmother) work at this school. All week their players are saying how they got a Division 4 school and this was going to be easy, etc. Not so much to my wife but to her friend who of course told her. Game starts and it is pretty even but they have more possession. About 15 minutes they get a nice cross and a kid hits a beautiful header past our keeper to give them the lead. They had actually switched my son from the left to the right to cover this kid but he switched off when anther kid made a run down the side and this kid went central. Not sure he would have stopped it anyway as it was a really nice play. Then about 30 minutes into the half we bang home not one but two goals in about a two minute span to take the lead going into the half. Their fans (who all through youth sports were the worse in the area) were not happy. Second half starts and we are attacking, my son is back on the left but against the same kid. I notice they put in a new LW and he is going after our RB on the dribble and beats him a couple times but it gets cleaned up. Then in about a 5 minute period this kid beats our RB three times and puts two of them home with really nice finishes. He almost puts another one home that went off the post a few minutes later. As per the norm our coach makes no adjustment. The parents sitting around us are openly saying why hasn't he moved my son over there. It was obvious this attacker was all about speed and ball fakes and speed and ability to anticipate are probably my sons biggest traits. We did have one really good attack late that somehow they cleared at the last second but for the most part they just continued to attack down that side. Final was 3-2 and our boys played really well and definitely gave them a scare. The lack of change when you see what was happening is what bugs me, you saw what they are trying to do and after it is tied you need to either move our one midfielder who is like a swiss army knife back to RB and try and stop this kid or you need to flip the fullbacks. I feel bad for our RB because he is a decent defender but he is a school only player and not use to going up against a kid with that speed and skillset. I'm sure he blamed himself but really it was the coaches not realizing what they were trying to do to us and adjusting, even if it was dropping the midfielder on that side to help him. They get the week of to train and rest up before district playoffs start next week which will be all AA schools. Looks like we are the 9 seed and will be traveling to the 8 seed on paper looks like a fairly even match. We have one common opponent who we beat 2-1 and they lost to 3-2.
  5. As @El Flopposaid a good ref should have nipped that in the bud as soon as it started. But like any sport there are good and bad officials and sometime you get the bad draw. Throwing the ball was the big mistake, I've noticed most officials will pretty much give an automatic yellow for an action like that and I think rightly or wrongly it has them look at the team as a whole in a bad light. Not protecting the keeper however is inexcusable and a safety issue, assuming he got his hands on it that has to be a penalty and yellow. Heck even if he didn't if he was kicked in the face it sounds like the attacking player wasn't playing the ball unless it was a head first dive. Was the clock running on the scoreboard or was the ref keeping the time? Almost all refs I think would allow the corner at the end if it was earned as part of a progression of an attack. When they run a clock on a scoreboard it is always weird, still getting use to that in high school that the refs don't control the time (at least around here).
  6. My son "reffed" a U8 4v4 festival this past weekend with some other kids from his club, it was being run by one of their feeder clubs. 4v4 U8 was basically calling who the ball was out on and telling them when it was a corner kick. I think he had one or two stoppages for a dangerous play when someone was on the ground on top of the ball. But he made $75 for the day so hoping that motivates him to get certified and start doing it on the side. It's one of the few things he can really do around his travel schedule. I think his biggest worry is dealing with the parents because he has seen the way some of them can act and he is a quiet kid not one who is going to go back at an adult.
  7. Going into the season I was behind Flores but it seems like many other Belichick disciples he may be a flash in the pan and all smoke and mirrors. The defense was horrible when it counted yesterday and has regressed greatly and that is supposed to be Flores's baby. The two OC is a joke and the play calling is a joke. Tua has disappointed but it is so hard to tell do they keep it simple because of him or does he look so bad because they can't come up with a play over 5 yards. Grier needs to go for sure, not as much because of Tua over Herbert, if he stayed healthy Tua was going number 1 overall and the hip hasn't been the issue. Plus Herbert would have failed here with this offensive line and two headed OC as well. It's the trading back up to take Waddle over Sewell. Not even saying Waddle is bad but it was a WR rich draft, you don't trade back up for one other then maybe Chase. It is the inability to fix the o-line every freaking year. Burn it all down. What QB's are in the 2023 draft class?
  8. Finished up the regular season last night with a 1-0 win. We controlled the tempo all night but you always know that chance is coming in a close game. Happened with about a 1:30 to go. The RB back got sucked up too high and beat, the CB's were out of position and the left wing had a break away once he was clear. Luckily my son was tucked in a little because they had no one out wide on the right and he made a great angled run to beat the kid to a spot and got a foot on the ball and sided it out to allow everyone to regroup. They did get a light shot off after the throw in but it was easily handled and our goalie punted deep to run out the clock. They finished the season 13-5, best record since 2008, first time qualifying for the league playoffs since 2008 and first time qualifying for districts since 2009. Since they don't track anything except goals and assists I kept my own stats for my son. He played 1115 of 1450 minutes, mostly at LB, after coming off the bench to start the season he started 11 of the last 12 games (only one he didn't he had a quad bruise and played like 15 minutes as a sub because the game was well within hand early). He was scored against 5 times, 1 was a PK that he caused and another a free kick that he had been called on the foul so only 3 were ones I would say he got beaten on. When he was on the field they gave up a goal every 59 minutes, when he wasn't it was every 34 minutes. No goals (he only took 2 shots) and no assists although he should have had about five had his teammates finished some very well placed balls he delivered. Last night he had two great balls into the box, first the kid was offside the second they hit it high over the goal on the shot. He played 4 JV games early in the season picking up 3 assists and a goal. Not a bad freshman year and he's earned the trust of a few of the better upperclassman that they will pass back to him where they won't to some of the other defenders. League playoffs start Saturday in what is supposed to be the middle of some decent rain. We are the #8 seed since we are the small school division and take on the #1 seed where my wife happens to work. Would love to pull the upset, they are capable but the two worse games all year have been against well organized, possession based teams and that is exactly what we are playing. Maybe the rain will help. Districts we are the #9 seed and will travel to the #8 seed on the 26th which happens to be my sons 15th birthday so maybe that is a good omen.
  9. I see that in the south and other warmer climates as well. In the Northeast up through U13 primary season is Labor day through mid November then they pick back up in March. U14 and above because a lot of the kids play high school they start after that season is over which can be now through mid-November depending how far you go. We'll play two tournaments and 4 ECNL games before mid-December (weather permitting) then we move indoors for training and Futsal until the last weekend in February (we do have an ECNL showcase in January in Florida). Then it is jam packed full until mid June with ECNL games, EDP games and tournaments then onto playoffs. Losing 2 plus months of the year due to the weather being unpredictable compacts everything. There are few leagues around that do U14 and above travel in the fall but those are mostly entry travel level that the kids don't play for their school. As far as I know there is nothing in PIAA rules saying you can't play club and school at the same time but almost all the higher level clubs shutdown. The exception are the MLS Next academies but those kids do not play for their schools.
  10. Have played in that one a couple times, always a good tournament. Seemed weird not playing Columbus day weekend it has been years since we had that off. COGRATS to your boys team!! HS school season winding down with league playoffs this weekend and we look to have locked into districts with just tonight's game to go so they start Oct 26th. Club starts training in a couple weeks and then we crank up the weekend before Thanksgiving with the first of two tournaments in three weeks.
  11. Boys finished out the week strong. Thursday they took an easy league win then Saturday we played an undefeated single A team at their field. That field had to be the bare minimum size that PIAA allows, looked like the grass hadn't been mowed all week and it had rained the night before. Basically it was a small cow pasture. They certainly knew how to play there, when we would have a corner or free kick they would pack 9 players and the keeper in the box and make it near impossible to get a clean shot off. The small field and tall grass totally negated the fact we were the more athletic team. Rough first half, we were down 3-2 at halftime. My son got called for a trip in the box that led to the second goal on a PK. Can't argue it was a definite trip but the kid also really sold it going down like a ton of bricks on a little toe poke that 85% of kids would have played through. Pulled it out when his buddy (the other freshman starting) knocked a lose ball from a throw in (all the way into the middle of the box) in with a mule kick to win 4-3. Tuesday night we play out rival at home, we beat them 1-0 at their place and 4-0 earlier in the year at a neutral site. A win should all but lock us into Districts. Thursday we have a non-league game that was rescheduled from earlier in the year. Saturday are league playoffs, we face the #1 seed and school that my wife works at so would love to pull that one off.
  12. Lletget equal this cycles Bradley, keep running him out there and trying to convince us we have no other options.
  13. I think it is a requirement to be a HS coach to make odd moves. We had a big cross division game Thursday, we already clinched our division but we were ranked 8 (them) and 9 (us) in the district power ranking, top 10 make the district playoffs after the league playoffs are over. They score about 20 minutes in, his counter move is to take our sweeper (remember we play that old school sweeper/stopper formation) and move him up to striker and take our outside mid (he's a wing/mid for his club team) and put him at sweeper. The kid probably hasn't played as a defender since U11. We were already down our starting RB who got hurt Saturday and rotating a kid that is a basketball player who mostly subs and one of our JV kids there. So now we had two relatively inexperienced defenders against probably the best trio of attackers in our league. Needless to say it ended 4-1 them. At least my son played a good game, he was matched up mostly against a junior who last year was the only sophomore selected to the all-state team as well as league player of the year. My sons fast and he said he had to play this kid carefully and just contain him because he couldn't run with him straight up. Used the sidelines and one well timed tackle and kept him in check. He came off for 5 minutes middle of the second half to get a breather and the kid scored about 30 seconds later. Game was being broadcast and they did give him a nice shout out for the job he did and commented on him being a freshman going against that level player and holding his own. Funny yesterday at practice my son said the coach basically ignored the team and talked to the AD and trainer. The volunteer assistant who is a recently graduated D1 player and former Red Bulls Academy player ran the practice. My son said it was the best practice they have had all year, best drills, productive, etc.
  14. Goalie parents are a special breed. It's bad enough being a defenders parent because they get no acknowledgment from anyone except their own team and a few opponents but goalies get all the blame and always seem to take the biggest hits. Our game Saturday the other teams goalie comes out of the box and jumps at our kid who is jumping trying to get to the ball mid air and flick it by. They collide and our kid had half turned bracing for impact and the keepers face went right into his elbow. It wasn't raised or anything on purpose just wrong place at the wrong time. Broken nose for sure and my son said after the game word was a fractured jaw as well from what the other team was saying. Other then that a wild game, lost 3-2 on a goal with less then 5 seconds left in overtime. Kid had crossed the ball and everyone on our team thought it was going out when a kid kept it in and crossed right in front of the goal. They were totally flat footed and didn't react as quick as the other teams one player who chipped it past the goalie. Probably the worse game my son has played, second goal was on him, he was trying to pull it back to the outside on the endline to prevent a corner and got his pocket picked. One of those looking back he should have just conceded the corner but I get what he was trying to do. That is first goal he has conceded directly all year. The OT winner wasn't solely on him but had any of about three of them reacted quicker it ends in a tie.
  15. Have her hydrate during the day at school as well. Game days my son will take two bottles of propel and two bottles of plain water with him to school. He doesn't always get all four down but usually at least three. and for tournament weekends he starts a couple days ahead really pushing the water/propel/smart water. We try and limit Gatorade to just during games because of the sugar.
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