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  1. Man hope this works out for you. We were just in this situation and it sucks. 13 1/2 year old American Bulldog/Lab mix. A little over a month ago heard a bang, wife and I both ran and she had fallen down the steps and was laying at the bottom and wouldn't move. First thought was her and our other dog tangled feet as they ran down the stairs. Scoped her up and rushed her to the vet, by the time we got there she was at least lifting her head and thumping her tail. Vet checked her over and she sat up and then stood and walked albeit very gingerly. They said keep an eye on her and gave us Rimadyl.
  2. This really all comes down to what Atlanta does at #4. We all I think agree QB's go 1-2-3 Scenario #1 - Atlanta takes a QB (or trades back with say Denver or Washington) then MIA is sitting pretty. I see Cincy going Chase or Sewell. That leaves Miami to take Pitts or I would take advantage of Jerry Jones, trade back to the #10. I could see Dallas giving up #10 and #44 do move up to get Pitts. Heck Jerry may even give up a 2022 first with the #10 the way he is waxing about Pitts. You get Smith/Waddle/Slater at #10 and get another quality draft pick. Worse case you stay put and take Pitts
  3. Disclaimer fully vaccinated here so I support the vaccination. That said in the past few weeks two people I know got Covid after the first shot. Now I realize the first shot is depending on what you read 50 to 70% coverage but still odd. The one person is in a public facing job so not unexpected. The other is my brother who is semi-retired and has his own business where literally he might have one or two people a week come into his shop if he has a busy week. his normal stops are to get a coffee and paper at Turkey Hill and maybe take out lunch. He is always masked at those places. Only real o
  4. That is a baseball or basketball type deal but I love it. Move back 3 spots and add a first in 2023 and a third. Guessing they are likely happy with either Chase or Pitts and will get one if not have their choice. You give Tua another weapon, 2022 QB class is bad so now Tua gets two full years and if you need to get a QB in 2023 you have an extra first as ammo.
  5. I know Fuller scores a lot of love ng TD’s. Are they run after the catch or deep balls? A deep ball guy doesn’t seem a fit with what they seem to be letting Tua do.
  6. @Ministry of Pain would love to trade back with Carolina but unfortunately the trade market for Watson has taken a hit the last few days. Not sure he gets moved before the draft at this point unless things clear up.
  7. Interesting. I traded back with San Fran to the 12 and ended up with Waddle, and the 49ers 1st and 2nd round picks in 2022. Traded from 21 to 27 and got Baltimore's #58 overall pick. Took Barmore DT from Alabama at 27 and Ronnie Perkins EDGE Oklahoma at 58. At 36 I got Humphrey the C from Oklahoma, at 50 Freiermuth TE Penn State, we will play a lot of two TE sets, and at 81 I took Kyle Trask to push Tua or trade.
  8. And if we go after a LB in Free Agency what are your thoughts on Haason Reddick? Not sure why Arizona didn't pick up his 5th year option. Decent numbers and really increased sacks this past year. I liked him coming out of Temple. Seems like a younger version of Van Noy in that I believe you can move him around.
  9. With Van Noy being released is there any thought to the idea that maybe Miami trades back a few spots to the Eagles or Panthers spot if they want a QB or Pitts and Miami takes Micah Parsons to replace Van Noy?
  10. So got an email yesterday that a kid on my sons middle school basketball team tested positive over the weekend. Last time they were together was last Wednesday at a game. They wear masks while playing, are separated on the bus with windows open. School said they need to quarantine through this Friday unless he had a negative test then he could return for his normal hybrid days of Thursday and Friday. He is feeling fine but since he is supposed to have a soccer tournament Saturday and Sunday (assuming snow melts) I thought might as well go get a rapid test tomorrow and be sure he is ok to play
  11. I use a rangefinder for shot distance but I have GolfLogix on my phone for keeping score and it has a GPS built in I will use for blind shots or for a second look. I have friends with the Garmin watch who love it but I hate anything on my wrist when I play. Even back when I wore a watch before cell phones I took it off to play.
  12. It really doesn't take much given the CDC's BMI calculator. I'm 5'6" and bounce between 180 and 184. I'm no body builder but no one accuses me of being fat either, if I ate a big meal and weighed myself I might get to 186 which would get me to obese on their charts. More worried about my wife (diabetic and a teacher) and in-laws (both in their 80's) getting it right now. If they get through are able to then I might see if I can. They are all signed up, just waiting to see if they are actually able to get the shots.
  13. Pharmacies now getting involved in PA Vaccines more. Rite-Aid has started booking appointments and seems to have a system better then all the health care systems so far. My wife who is a teacher and diabetic was able to get an appointment for the 13th. Hopefully they have vaccine available and it doesn't dry up. Pennsylvania still only showing 45% of doses in arms.
  14. Not saying we need more red tape but at least asking the question how you qualify seems reasonable. Also it seems that aome states are doing a way better job then PA which is trailed only by Alabama for the smallest percentage of it's shots in peoples arms. I mean West Virgina while a much smaller count has managed to get 81% of their doses into arms and almost 10% of people have gotten one dose. PA is at 45% of doses into arms and 5.4% of people with one dose. The hospital networks say they can do more but can't get the doses yet as of today if you believe the numbers from the NY times there
  15. I would do the #3 and either this years other first OR next years first plus Tua for Lawrence. And I agree with Gator on Tua needing more then a year (look how bad Josh Allen looked after year one, everyone was questioning his pick). I just really love Lawrence, I think he is going to be special. I think Tua can be Brees 2.0 but it will take the exact right system and team around him. Lawrence will be a mega star IMHO.
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