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  1. I'm not sure if I am happy or sad that we aren't the only ones. We've played one team that played out of the back this year, small private school that were state champs last year. They total dominated possession, shredded our midfield and the top of the offense was exhausted from chasing all night as they passed the ball around. @Nedlooks like we will both be at the FC Delco Showcase the end of November with the 06's.
  2. So how was everyone's week and weekend? Boys took two wins last week. Tuesday was big as it was a crossover game against the other division and the team that was leading that division, got up 2-0 in the first half and finished 2-1. Then rolled in another crossover game Thursday night 4-0. Overall they are 8-2 and 6-0 in league play. All but assured of making the county playoffs at this point and currently 6th in the district power rankings with the top 10 qualifying for district playoffs. Finally starting to get some recognition from the local press making the Thursday night news with some highlights, of course the defense got no screen time other then my son with the high five to the goal scorer right at the end of the clip lol. Bullets on WFMZ My son continues to start and get plenty of time. I've been tracking his minutes and the defenses goals against and when he's on the field they give up a goal every 96 minutes, when he's not on the field it is a goal every 45 minutes. Not saying all that difference is him but I do think the Sweeper/Stopper's in the middle trust him enough that they stay home themselves and are able to help the right side a little more. Three games this week, Tuesday vs the team that took over the other division lead and has only allowed 4 goals in 10 games (we lead the league with 39 goals scored and are second in goals allowed with 11). Thursday is the second place team in our division, we already beat them once so a win pretty much puts the division away. Then Saturday a non-league game but against one of his club teammates so some bragging rights on the line there.
  3. Just wish I knew how he was going to come out of all this. If he just gets a couple game slap on the wrist I'd give 3 first for him. Known commodity. I think in the end Lawrence is going to be the only star out of this last draft.
  4. We played PRCL last year, pretty decent league. You are right it's just the second season, they put it together last year because most of the teams were playing EDP but didn't know if they were going to be allowed to play in NJ so they needed an alternative plan. It's under US Club Soccer's National Premier League instead of USYS EDP which has been more the norm around here. Top two last year got to go to the Eastern Regional playoffs in SC, boys had a blast there.
  5. Surprised on the trainer making those statements. Assuming they are not school employees but contracted through a local healthcare system like ours. We actually have the opposite issue. One of my sons friends had a sore knee, trainer said he needed to go get checked. Saw doctor, did mri and they said he has some fluid behind the knee but no damage and can’t really do anything more to it. It just needs to work itself out. Dr said 3 sessions of PT to make sure he wasn’t stressing anything else and he was good. PT goes fine, Dr clears him, trainer says she wants 5 full practices before clearing him to play. With the game schedule and a rained out practice that is taking him two weeks.
  6. Great week for us, 3 division games, 3 wins. Tuesday was a 5-1 win that was pretty easy. Thursday was against our biggest rival, a school we co-op football with. They are young but have some talent. It was a total battle, their student section was loud but we came away with a 1-0 win. My son got his first varsity start and played the full 80 minutes. Got a nice compliment from their striker after the game. He asked him how old he was and when he said 14 he was impressed. Last night was a showdown with the team that took the division from us last year in OT the final game of the year. We went in 2-0 in division, 3-0 in the league. They were 1-0 in division and 2-1 in league play so the winner controlled the division. They also had the leading scorer in the county with 12 goals in 6 games. My son got the start again and it was a hard fought first half, we managed to get one in and go to half up 1-0. The defense was playing lights out. Second half the offense exploded for 3 goals in the first eight minutes. Then their keeper went down and the rout was on. Final ended up 9-1. Their big scorer did scorer did knock a rebound in for their goal but we frustrated him. Two league games this week against the division above ours. Also got a cool pic of my son making a tackle in one game. https://imgur.com/a/DaspaYB
  7. Can't dislike that feeling enough. Lost our 14 year old in April, cried like a baby and still find myself looking for her. Thankfully we had another pooch that helped a lot. He was 7 at the time and I was dead set against getting another for awhile. But when the trainer at the horse farm next door took in a gorgeous Australian Shepherd (someone left behind at an event and she was pregnant) and I saw the puppies I was broken by the wife and kids. So in July we took on a puppy for the first time in years (last two were closer to a year old when we adopted them). Couldn't be happier as she sleeps here on the floor next to me while I work and my other guy while stand offish at first is now happy to play with her and enjoying having a friend again as well.
  8. Friday is my cancellation date, 20+ years with DirecTV and have not gotten a single call or offer trying to get me back. YouTubeTV has been flawless so unless they can meet that I'm not going back at this point.
  9. Yea they aren't much for innovation lol. On a plus note he was told at practice yesterday that he is only playing Varsity for now so we will see tonight if that means he has moved into a starter role.
  10. @PIK95 @Ned and anyone else, do you use any of the recruiting profile tools? We had to create the profile at Totalsports for ECNL. I just did the basic free one but I see they offer additional options for $99 and $199 per year. I get emails from NCSA all the time I'm guessing from some tournament we played in, they seem to offer similar profile services. We set up a YouTube page for him and once we start using the VEO this fall for club I can pull highlights. He has an Instagram page he only used to follow others that we started posting some game pics to just so he has some social media presence because he really has none.
  11. For HS they play a four man back but it's a Stopper/Sweeper in like a diamond with the two outside backs. It's somewhat archaic from what I've been told, I've never seen it in any of the club games. Seems like against the average HS talent in our area which aren't year round club players it works pretty decent but the two teams that had talented players up top seem to be able to slice through the middle if the outside backs are drawn out wide by the wings.
  12. What bugs me is this is likely 98% political and not about the medicine at all. Most all of these same nurses inject medicine into patients they know very little about and if they had cancer would welcome the Pharma Rep that came in with a new treatment. I swear if the Republicans pushed the vaccine these same people would want it and a bunch that have taken it would suddenly be against it (Democrats).
  13. Not really selfish, he's the striker it is his job to score and you need at least one goal to win. As long as he isn't missing passes to wide open guys to try and dribble through two defenders his job is to put it on frame. You give way more technical advice then I do, then as I've said before all I know about soccer I've learned since my son started playing. I just tell him to play his game and don't try and over compensate and trust the other players to do their job. His biggest adjustment to HS has been playing less aggressive as a defender. With club he can be involved more attacking and making over lapping runs. For HS he needs to stay home more with the system they play plus because other then one other freshman they are all juniors and seniors he hasn't played with most of them before. But he's getting it, first game he played about 25 minutes, next three about 50 minutes and the last game he started and went the full 80. He was only responsible for one goal and that was because he got a questionable push to the back called against him and they scored on the ensuing free kick, it wasn't his directly getting beat.
  14. Same here, we play Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday against the other three teams in our division so going 3-0 would go a long way toward the division title. We will play them all once more along with 4 crossover games with another division (already won one of those on Thursday).
  15. I can't say for football, our school co-ops football with a neighboring district and only a handful of kids from our school play. It makes sense with football given the physical nature. Soccer and basketball the kids that play travel are use to playing multiple games in a day. Baseball I know from my older son playing they do duel roster kids but usually JV will play away when Varsity is home and vice versa because of waning daylight so you only play one on a given day.
  16. Yea the keeper for the 08's is a man child. Their practices overlapped a bunch this spring with my sons and the first time I saw them I had to ask someone if he was an older brother helping out at practice or what Our schedule was posted on ECNL's site but I'm sure they will be tweaking it some. I know we are scheduled for PA Classics showcase the first weekend we have games listed.
  17. Common across all sports here. A lot of smaller schools, our entire team for JV and Varsity is 30 kids when everyone is healthy so to field full teams kids need to roster on both. Especially given a couple JV kids have been out with injuries. Now the bigger schools where they have 400+ kids in a class (I think my sons freshman class is like 110 kids total) and have 65+ kids come out for a team I am guessing they keep separate rosters.
  18. Where are you playing? I hadn't heard yet if we would be playing the ECNL games at our PA Dominion fields or the FC Bucks fields. Selfishly I'm hoping it will be at the PAD fields which are like 25 minutes from me vs FC Bucks that is like an hour and fifteen minutes. Did find out we are going to the Florida ECNL event in January.
  19. Lost 4-0 last night to the Defending 1A State Champs, they are a really solid team and the reserves they bring in are as good as their starters. Really not fair that private schools that recruit kids from 8 to 10 different school districts can play down in the lowest division because of their overall size. That said my son had a good night, played 55 of 60 minutes in JV and had great assist dragging two defenders with him before hitting a nice cross. Game ended in a 1-1 tie. On Varsity he didn't come on until the 30th minute of the first half and they were already down 3-0. Closed out the first half at midfield instead of his normal defense. Second half the LB got burned for the second time that night five minutes in to make it 4-0 and my son came in to replace him and played the final 35 minutes. They tested him and despite being exhausted by the end from playing both games he held up and turned away all the runs on his side. I played around with a demo of a new video program that lets you highlight the subject if anyone is interested in a few short snippits. https://youtu.be/R8rocrgb_mQ
  20. How about we try CP and Konrad on the field in some formation together. Two guys that can break down a defense 1 on 1 and maybe it keeps 3 guys from collapsing on CP if he can get the ball off to Konrad and he beats someone. Have to think Honduras is going to sit back and then try to counter because we can break down a defense that sits back and we suck against the counter attack.
  21. If it was the NFL or NBA it would have been by now as well but TMZ probably wasn't even aware that their was a soccer game in Nashville.
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