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  1. Watched one of these and next thing I knew a half hour had passed.
  2. I wasn’t. We were and are currently. You quoted my response to another individuals post.
  3. Hey man. I hope it all works out for ya. I honestly do. I do understand your point. I just think it’s not so black and white. GL bud.
  4. They aren’t doing productive work. They’re doing what the majority of paid people do at places that offer internship - nothing. They have no experience and they bring nothing to the table. In fact, they’re more than likely a financial burden on the company. Now you want a company to pay for somebody that brings nothing to the table?
  5. You do know that the majority of people in this country DONT go to college, right? Many of them don’t have the support systems you mentioned. They make it happen on the daily. I was one of them. If you don’t have kids it ain’t that hard. You just have to work. People are being hyperbolic about the cost of living in this country. If you make $50-60k a year and you don’t have a wife or kids you can live like a G damn King.
  6. That’s on par with the Uber eats dude who cried online that he isn’t paid enough after getting a $1 tip. If you don’t make enough money doing a job you should quit and find a new job.
  7. That’s exactly what we had in my house as a kid!!!
  8. If you value your marriage, job and kids, don’t download this. I can’t put it down.
  9. It would also help if I could get the dude from the demo to narrate my games. Seriously though, agreed. Great game if I knew how to play it. Too many moving parts.
  10. I love me some Kobe but Ill take Larry Bird or Jordan. I know who is not on that list.
  11. I like Mac Jones a lot. If the Cowboys can’t figure out a way to sign Dak I’d like them to go after Mac
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