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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s Mother’s Day that’s gonna F me up. Traffic has come to a standstill about a half mile from the bay bridge and I’ve already been in bumper to bumper traffic for the past hour and a half. Headed accross the bridge to buy a couple of these overpriced adirondack chairs at a place called “Backyard Billy’s” FMD
  2. I see both sides. I trust you know you don’t have teh CoViD but I also see it from their vantage point.
  3. I see this more and more. Here in the DMV you see it in giant 4 and 5 bedroom homes, multiple families crammed into one place with a half dozen cars outside. Honestly, it makes a ton of sense. You can all pool your resources and share utilities. I would strangle everyone in the home but
  4. Probably because they have lived there for decades and would rather die in their home rather than some strange place they don’t recognize. Their homes are probably paid off. I mean as long as you can live on the main level, what’s the incentive to move?
  5. I just got a text from a buddy last night looking for a caretaker for his 90 year old father whom is staying in the family house. My wife and I have discussed that unless one of us gets Alzheimer’s, we’ll never go into a home. If I ever got dementia bad I would take myself out. We have experience with that and I won’t subject her or my kids to that.
  6. That’s what I’m afraid of and why I’m not selling. Sure, I can make a boatload of money selling my house. But then what I’ll be out there competing with everybody else and every month that goes by my purchasing power goes down. I think the materials will come back down to reasonable prices and even get cheaper but not so sure about the housing. We’re gonna just hold on tight.
  7. This is why I'm not selling. We're about to refinance into a 15 year loan. Hope to have it paid off in 10. Gonna buy some land and build an epic house when the time is right and supplies are more plentiful.
  8. Explain this to me like Im 5. Ironically, one of the Enron dudes who didnt go to jail lived 3 houses over from me. Dude added a addition that tripled his house size back then. They moved away about 6 years ago.
  9. Could you guys flesh out your opinion please? Im looking to throw $500 at something just to get my feet wet. Should have bought this at 1 cent.
  10. Hope this lights a fire under him. He has a unique skillset but the health is a problem. If he balls out and stays healthy he'll get a new deal.
  11. What is the “Capitol area”? As in Downtown, the Capital building? Driving to Rockville from DC will be far easier than driving to DC from Rockville. Almost always.
  12. Last video of secretariat days before he was put down. Worth watching. He runs at the end.
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