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  1. Because 100 years ago the raiders used to cheat a lot and fumbled the ball forward and was recovered in the endzone. So now we all get robbed of potentially great heads up plays for all of eternity.
  2. Thats such an awful rule. Almost as bad as when Heinike was called down when his knee hit while diving forward for a first down, untouched.
  3. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the rule change. Also, That’s some horse####.
  4. Should be down when touched going forwards, down when giving yourself up when sliding or kneeling.
  5. Chase Young has zero motor. He gives you a pass rush then just half asses the rest of the play.
  6. WTF are they talking about???? His knee hitting the ground has nothing to do with him being touched by a defender.
  7. We're missing EVERYONE on the DL. The book is out on Parsons so Im sure the Eagles are going to try and rough him up. I don't think it can be done. Im happy their coach came out with the shirts. I hope that lights a fire. I think Sirianni is a likeable dope and a very good OC from what Ive seen so far. This will be tougher than expected.
  8. How long do they last? I couldn't find anything on that other than a 10 year warranty. Ive always thought thick plexiglass would be the longest lasting material to try on a roof. Maybe Ill try it on my shed.
  9. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Jalen Hurts pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.
  10. The trick is NOT going through your insurance. I have one of the very best health plans in existence and its still cheaper to just do the GoodRx thing. I will say that I think I picked up on that some smaller pharmacies will give you a slight hard time with the code and may want to charge you a little more. I get my sildenafil at costco, 30 pills + $20. After the first couple 30 day bottles you can ask to get 90 days at a time so less frequent trips and you can horde em.
  11. This is what I thought when I was younger. I was like, dudes cant get hard cause their wifes are all fat and old! Well my wife is neither fat nor old and I was having issues during the game. Like, down 4 in OT, driving the length of the field and then Tony Romoing before the finish. Now Im Tom Brady.
  12. He’s the best ball carrier in the league. I don’t think very highly of his passing.
  13. There is no way any of you are serious? The Cowboys almost never catch a break with the officials.
  14. You know who doesnt miss his blocks on the goaline when Zeke is walking in? Dalton F. Shultz, that's who.
  15. Super soft defense the giants were playing but I thought he played extremely well. He’s a bit erratic but he’s got balls of steel and in my opinion that a rare and unteachable trait.
  16. Well its mostly a lateral move, or upgrade if you have double equity like a lot of people do. Sell high = buy high. The way I see it, homeowners have 3 options Sell high, pay off any debt, save money and rent for a couple of year and hope there is a downturn = Major upgrade. Stay put, upgrade your own stuff because you thing things will basically level off, no recession. = Lots-O-Equity, financial flexibility. It's possible that you missed out by not cashing in. As I said above, sell high, buy high. Basically a wash or upgrade - the risk is sure you can sell you house, but will you even be able to find another house?
  17. Dude looks the part. Giant D is awful but he made some great throws and his receivers made some great catches.
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