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  1. I think I would have Barney in the iconic group probably below Howdy Doody As far as Dora and Blues Clues, I would probably have put them both in the 9-11 category. They are both really good shows that A) help kids learn spanish, even if only a little and B) help kids with their creativity. I cant tell you how often I would hear my kids say "a clue, a clue" Best guesstimates.
  2. Childrens Shows 16 points- Sesame Street 15 points- Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 14 points- Reading Rainbow 13 points- Phineas and Ferb 12 points- The Electric Company 11 points- Bill Nye The Science Guy 10 points- Fraggle Rock 9 points- Pee Wees Playhouse 8 points- Schoolhouse Rock 7 points- Howdy Doody 6 points- Arthur 5 points- Magic School Bus 4 points- 3-2-1 Contact 3 points- You cant do that on Television 2 points- KIDS Incorporated 1 point- Animaniacs
  3. The Captain Obvious Tier- These dont even need write ups 15 points- Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 16 Points- Sesame Street
  4. Reading Rainbow (IMBD 8.3) (Screenscrush 😎 (list challenge 24) 14 points This was a really good show that fostered childrens love of reading. Lavar Burton did a fantastic job of bringing the books to life. It was a simple but effective show. It had kids do book reviews. I remember asking my mom to bring me to the library so I could take out some of the books talked about on the show. Plus, the theme song is so good, Jimmy Fallon did it Doors style (posted earlier in the thread)
  5. Phineas and Ferb (IMBD 7.9) (Screenscrush N/A) 13 points For those who have never seen this show, this ranking might seem out of place. I assure you that this is a great great show. It has everything kids enjoy. The show is about kids, the show is about being creative, the show is about sibling rivalries and the show has great music. In fact, it is the music that helped propel this show close to the top. My kids still sing many of the songs from the show and they havent watched it in years. Oh, and lets not forget everyones favorite platypus. The entire B side of the show was Perry vs Dr. Doofenshmirtz. This was one show I didnt mind watching with the kids. I even have Phineas and Ferb action figures at work.If you have not watched this, give it a try. You will not be disappointed. SIMP Squirels in my pants, Gitchee Gitchee Goo
  6. Electric Company (IMBD 8.1) (Screenscrush N/A) (list challenge 4) 12 Points Spider Man vs the Spoiler, The Menu Song Hey You Guys!1!1!1!1. This was a really fun show. I remember watching this and really enjoying it. The Spiderman segments were the best. What I did not know then and only remember now, is the star studded cast that this show employed. Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno. Some real heavy hitters. One youtube comment that I thought summed this show up was, “This was like SNL for children.” It also taught them to read. Great pick and brings back great memories.
  7. Bill Nye (IMBD 8.2) (Screenscrush 12) (list challenge 27) 11 points Episode I watched: Reptiles Bill Nye taught kids about science, and he did it in a fun and energetic way. This is one show that I had never seen before, but it is clear from the rankings that it is highly regarded. I know Bill Nye best from his scenes with Ellen in Ellens energy ride at Disney.
  8. We are into the next tier. Lets call it, I wish I never grew up tier Fraggle Rock (IMBD 7.9) (Screenscrush 17) (list challenge 45) 10 points If I was being purely subjective, this would be in my top 3. I absolutely LOVED this show. I loved Gobo and his gang, I loved the Doozers, I loved the Gorgs, I loved Sprocket and I loved Uncle Travelling Matt and his outer space adventures. This hit all the feels for me when I was younger. It was the best part of having HBO. I think I will remember “Were Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boomer, Red” for the rest of my life. I have made many many mistakes as a parent. But one thing I got right was introducing my kids to the Fraggles. They dont have that everlasting love that I do, but they really liked watching the DVDs. Dance your cares away my friends.
  9. Pee Wees Playhouse (IMBD 8.0) (Screenscrush N/A) 9 points Episode I watched: Monster in the Playhouse There is no doubt that Pee Wee is an iconic character. I remember this show was on CBS around 10am. I remember watching it but not loving it. I thought it was weird. Upon watching again, I still think it is weird, BUT, that is what makes it interesting. Sometimes you need to be a little older to appreciate some of the things it was trying to portray. I can see why this would be referred to as a cult classic show.
  10. Schoolhouse Rock (IMBD 8.1) (Screenscrush N/A) (list challenge 72) 8 Points Conjunction Junction, 3 is a Magic Number, Im just a bill This was a struggle because this was not really a show. Since there were no parameters set up before I came in to judge, I didnt want to knock it down completely, but I cant really put it higher either. There is no doubt that this is a great program and taught children a lot about different subjects. My daughter did school house rock jr for her 5th grade school production. But when I started doing the research, I learned that this was an interstitial program that aired in between shows and was never a show itself. Can't crack into the next tier with that info.
  11. We are now into our next tier. I call is the Iconic and not forgotten tier Howdy Doody (IMBD 7.8) (Screenscrush N/A) 7 points Episode I watched: May 31, 1958- King Yardstick and early Tibet Howdy Doody gets put in this tier for its impact it had on children's programming. Had I just ranked it based on how good it was, it would be in tier 1 for me. I did ask my father what he thought of it and he said he loved it. Loved Buffalo Bob and Claribel. I liked how they had on air commercials. It was very Truman Show.
  12. Arthur (IMBD 7.3) (Screenscrush N/A) (list challenge 7) 6 points Episode I watched: Is this Kosher/Never Never Never Arthur is what I would call another cute childrens show. It is one that my own kids used to watch on PBS kids. There is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing that makes it stand out either. We actually have a ton of the Arthur books and my kids liked when we read them.
  13. OK, that was the bottom tier. The next tier is what I call cute, but nothing more Magic School Bus (IMBD 7.8) (Screenscrush N/A) (list challenge 84) 5 points Epidsode I watched: In a Beehive This is a show that I had never really heard of before this draft. The premise is interesting. School kids get whisked away on a magic school bus to help them learn. The episode I watched was one where they all turned into bees. I have to be honest, I learned a thing or two by watching this and isnt that what childrens show aim for. It is a cute show but not one I can really put higher
  14. 3-2-1 contact (IMBD 8.1) 4 points Episode I watched: Food and Fuel, 1980 This had a great theme song that I still remember to this day. It is a show about science. I remember watching it along with the Electric Company and Square One Television (which was not selected). This is the show I liked the least. It bored me a bit. For that reason, it found itself in the bottom tier.
  15. You cant do that on Television (IMBD 8.1) (Screenscrush N/A) 3 points Episode I watched: Christmas Episode I might take some flack here since this seems to be a well liked show. If we are being honest though, outside of the slime, is there anything noteworthy about this show. You might say the locker jokes, but cmon. The one funny thing that really stood out to me watching now was how strong some of the Canadien accents were. I watched this on Nickelodeon and enjoyed it, but I dont think it is a strong contender and is not better than any of the shows above it.
  16. Kids Incorporated (IMBD 7.0) (Screenscrush N/A) (list challenge 43) 2 points Episode I watched: Leader of the Pack This is a show that my sisters and I used to watch on Disney Channel. If you did not have the Disney channel, you might have missed it. I remember watching this, but really remember it more for having brought Martika, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Fergie to us. The show isnt very good. It is young actors and actresses trying, but it is cringy as my kids would say these days. The songs were pulled from the hits of the day. In fact, in the one episode I watched there was Van Halen, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie (and none were very good). I would have preferred the Fresh Beat Band, at least their songs were original.
  17. Animaniacs (IMBD 7.9) (Screenscrush 2) 1 point I think this one would have been much better placed in the animated category. I really like Animaniacs so it pains me to place it here. I actually liked Tiny Toons better and absolutely loved Pinky and the Brain. It was a must watch for me in the 4pm slot on WB (and I was in college at the time, lol). Anyway, I bring this up because I am a fan. However, this is not really a children's show in my opinion. If you take a look at the list, this one stands out as being different. In fact, when I went to watch some episodes on youtube, I got a notification that some material may be inappropriate, do I want to proceed? That is not very childreny. It feels like whoever drafted it wasnt sure what to take, looked at the screencrush ranking and went with it. A few that I enjoy: Airline Safety with Warners, What are We
  18. OK, Thanks for allowing me to judge the children's category. It was a fun exercise. I did not have any contributers to the judging (hopefully I dont feel @higgins scorn), but I did use 3 sites that I found online. One was the IMBD score, another was a web site called screencrush (which I can not link here due to work restrictions) and the last was listchallenges For each of the shows that I didnt really remember or have never seen, I watched an episode of the show on youtube. While there will be people who do not agree with my rankings, I dont think you can say it was because of lack of effort. Here we go.............................
  19. I have been working through my tiers and my rankings for childrens show. I have off tomorrow and will try to get a lot of it done. I am taking my time and not rushing so thanks for the patience
  20. Ill try my hand at childrens show if that is OK with the panel. Just confirm so I dont start to do work and then have it be for not
  21. I was able to get all the bolded. I was not able to get HDDR or Mickeys BBQ. Not sure they are open during the time we are going. I always get the park hopper option for us, but this time with the way I planned, I dont really need them. So we will be in the magic kingdom on Nov 1. Only real options are Crystal Palace which we have done a hundred times or Tonys Town Italian place. I booked Tonys but Im not even sure where that is. Is that the place on the right when you first walk in? Anyone ever eaten there? Its Tonys, Kona or Chef Mickeys for that night. Would rather not Chef since we have been there as well. Any input on Tonys would be appreciated
  22. HDDR is better than Mickey's Backyard BBQ but it can be a little loud which might bother some 2 year olds I guess.Thanks. I think he will be OK with it. One moreHow far away is it? I assume there are busses that take you there.
  23. What is better for kids 5 and 2 HDDR or Mickeys Backyard BBQ Thinking of trying to get Oct 30- Dinner at Ohanas Oct 31- Lilo and Sticth breakfast at Ohana Nov 1- Dinner at Coral Reef, Mexican place, Lecelier OR HDDR vs Mickeys BBQ- Wife and I would love Lecelier but its about the kids (I think) Nov 2- Luau at Poly for dinner Nov 3- Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine Nov 4- Cinderellas castle (Hate it plus its 2 points on plan but my daughter loves it)
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