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  1. Personally i have never seen wr/wr drafting work at winning a league, and in this thread seems some people when wr/wr/wr. reminds me of the talking heads that are always excited about going heavy wr early, then half way through the season they are out of it because their rbs are waiver wire fodder while streaming qbs.*every hipster podcast* "Really like demaryius this week and playing him alongside julio and jeffrey in one of my leagues." "Oh yeah how are you doing in that league?" "Last place in points with 2 wins but man my team is so good it makes no sense..." lol I'm 9-1, first in points. Starting RBs: Ryan Mathews and Theo Riddick. Other notables: Pierre Thomas, Jonathan Stewart.
  2. I'll gladly play the dope. Benched him for FJax and Reggie Bush. If I were an underdog, I might've rolled the dice on Foster.
  3. Gordon likes country.https://twitter.com/josh_gordonxii/status/510222764138315776
  4. It was either the rule at the time of your test or it wasn't. But we already know that's not the agreement. Six months before the agreement vs eight months before is arbitrary.
  5. Do they lose a year off the contract? I thought he had to be eligible for eight weeks. play 6 games, you get credited for the year Cool. Don't know where I got 8.
  6. Do they lose a year off the contract? I thought he had to be eligible for eight weeks.
  7. Not laughing at you, but :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: Cases take forever when both sides want them to move quickly. With Gordon dragging his heels, no chance there's a result on the DWI in 2014.
  8. Browns have week 4 bye, so wouldn't be back til week 10. Rotoworld on top of it, as usual.
  9. On topic: Bovada has lowered the payout for betting against Gordon playing this year. Plays again: -400 Doesn't: +250 (was +300) Sharks were betting better than 25% Gotdon doesn't play.
  10. It's a bookmark on my desktop. But I'll still bill you for a quarter hour.Plus another .25 for that post.
  11. Pretty sure you're wrong. Feel free to follow up with the law. I am confident that even outside those states the laws only refer to possession, sale, cultivation, and sale of paraphernalia. Just get us the facts though and educate everyone. http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/21cfr/21usc/844.htm21 u.s.c. section 844. Thanks for doing the legwork.
  12. You do realize its legal in several states. When the Feds legalize it let me know. Pretty sure its not breaking any federal laws if you use it in a state where its legal. There, now you know. Pretty sure you're wrong.
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