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  1. Interesting because the last, maybe third, is all suspense. And that closing shot is "Alex, will you come in, please? I wish to talk to you."
  2. Neither is assuming he'll produce more. Name the elite TEs that Wilson and Watson have produced.
  3. The risk with Fant is that Denver has already maxed out the impact it hopes to receive from the TE position. His skill level could increase from where he's at but the production could already be plateaued. I personally don't think the Broncos are going to get any more TE-centric than they already are.
  4. Yeah, there's no way we could identify one of the draft's best backs without the help of Jeremiah.
  5. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around is great...if you're into funeral dirge like songs.
  6. He's a guy you have to at least take a chance on in the 4th round. Depending on where he goes, of course. If he's an obvious back up, then not I guess.
  7. Sorry, just not big enough to have any substantial impact on the NFL.
  8. I think I'd be happy if Carter and/or Gainwell were available at the end of the first. Especially in PPR.
  9. "Among" just means he's one of the smarter kids on the short bus.
  10. Yeah if someone wants to do that, I'll happily let them.
  11. T3 - I just love the truck chase scene. And that the ending doesn't chicken out and is kind of bleak. DHWAV - Jeremy Irons is just tooooo coooolll.
  12. I still think he overpaid. I had Andrews on a roster last year for about 6 weeks. Was glad to be rid of him.
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