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  1. When I look at trades, I'm keeping an eye on what it does to my starting roster. Others feel like they "win" the trade if they get the better player. If I believe that I can improve on Player X by more than I might lose by trading Brown for the 1.2 then I'll do the deal. It has a lot to do with risk tolerance too. The key word above is "believe". IOW how strong is my belief. So the equation looks like this in my head: If Belief(1.02 + 2022 1st) > AJ Brown + Player X Then Make the trade End-if And since I know the value of 1.2 equals Chase or Har
  2. AJ Brown is one of the best players in the NFL. In PPR fantasy last year, with ELEVEN touchdowns, he was around the 13th best receiver. That's because he plays for the Titans and will continue to for a long long time. I would take the two picks in this trade.
  3. When I told the fitting guy I intended the new clubs to be in my bad through my 50's (oy vey, I can't believe I just typed that) the shaft he chose was the UST Recoil 460 F3. That sounds...naughty! Those launch monitors they have are amazing. I learned that the 5-ish year old Titleist 910 driver that I have is basically garbage. It's known to have high spin rates. Combine that with my more iron than wood like swing and it's no wonder I don't get very good distance on my drives.
  4. Verdict... Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Not the longest, but definitely the most consistent.
  5. I think you're both right. It seems I prefer a different kind of story structure. Vertigo is probably better viewed as a tragedy, one where all the characters are flawed. I think I prefer a story with a character I like and can root for. And yet, Psycho is similar yet I like that mover a lot.
  6. I plan to. But if I can find a set I like at the approximately $800 mark like the Cobras versus the $1200 for the Callaway GCBs, then I'm going to do it.
  7. Watched Vertigo again... I don't get the appeal really. The plot is just preposterous. I really don't understand the purpose of the Midge character. It's wonderfully played by Barbara Bel Geddes - probably the best performance in the movie - but the character is treated so terribly. Okay, I understand a little - underlying psychological issues like smother/mother stuff typical of Hitch. I guess I don't like how sympathizing with her character makes you dislike Johnny, the guy who's supposed to be the hero.
  8. Jared Cook and Josh Hill both released by the Saints.
  9. Getting fitted tomorrow. The new Cobra Radspeed irons caught my eye today. They're getting really good reviews for a game improvement iron.
  10. Yeah, but just wait until they try and rename Istanbul.
  11. If you're saying there's a lot of unhappy no matter what busy bodies out there...I can't disagree with that.
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