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  1. That's possibly/probably true. But doesn't change what I said.
  2. Not remotely. Some people seem to want to extract their pound of flesh just because of who he is and what he believes in. But the fact is...He killed someone. The application of the law and any punishment involve the circumstances surrounding that. So, like anyone else, the law should be applied fairly. That's all.
  3. Well, that's obviously second to the feelings of family of the one killed. Tragedy all around.
  4. Baldwin is exactly the kind of leftist elitist that I abhor. In fact, he's probably the poster child. Having said that, he should be afforded everything that he likely wouldn't give others in this scenario - which is, of course, due process...but even more so a measure of empathy. I feel for him. I can't imagine something worse than accidentally causing someone's death.
  5. It does show two things: 1) A lot is made about the importance of offensive tackles. Having a good interior offensive line is more important. 2) Running back rule #1 - run north and south. It's what makes Dalvin Cook so good and you can tell Stefanski coaches it.
  6. I was wrong. Really wrong. I thought there'd be no way he could sustain this type of workload. I didn't know how different kind of human he was. He's Adrian Peterson...that actually knows how to play running back.
  7. I learned a ton about the game of golf today. After being sick the last two weeks, I finally felt good enough to go play. I was still petty tired so I decided to commit to "grandpa golf" - as in I wasn't going to swing hard at all but rather just club up and swing easy with a good pace. It's the best I've played all year. The clubs do a lot of the work for you folks - if you'll let them.
  8. Even with Hunt, Chubb is #4 in non-ppr and #8 in ppr (Zealots scoring).
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again - Why The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ is one of the best political songs ever written Isolated bass Isolated drums Isolated guitar Isolated synthesizer Isolated vocals All together now!
  10. This is the dose of heartwarming schadenfreude I needed today.
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