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  1. I'm believing that you are on the road and unable to get to a PC, laptop, and PayPal.

    Just shoot me an email and I can post on FBG that you have squared away with me


    I think you owe me your $84.50 loss


    thevampirelestat@gmail is my PayPal address


    Thank you!


  3. Oukurt always pays. I think the majority of people have played in the pools the last few years. I'm in the hole too, but I will be paying. I don't check on the thread that much this year either. I had two teams left entering the 2nd week I have Oklahoma left. Are we supposed to come into the thread and say wow Pumpnick you are killing it this year? Haha. Are we supposed to feed your ego? Congrats buddy!
  4. Come on guys! We need to speed this up if we want to be done prior to tomorrow.
  5. We need one more person I think. If I'm not mistaken and a few more rolls.
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