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  1. I like keeping the positions equal. A few owners were complaining. What are you thoughts about bonuses for TD length?
  2. Thanks. I don't like negative pts as well. I like your idea about adding the .1 to FG distances.
  3. I'm looking to revise my PPR scoring system for my fantasy football league. I'm thinking about adding fumbles. This system gets criticism in the QB dept. Ppl say it's too even as QBs should be valued more. I'm just looking for honest feedback and suggestions of what to alter (and how much). Thanks 16 teams, 4 division, 2 conferences. Starters 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Flex (WR, RB, TE) Scoring: Touchdowns-Rushing and Receiving 6 Touchdowns-Special Teams* 6 Touchdowns-Passing 4 Conversion-2 pt. rush 2 Conversion-2pt. pass 2 Conversion-2pt. rec
  4. It's disheartening for a franchise to give up draft picks (and possibly a player) for an OVERPRICED bust of a QB. Say what you want but the price to pay is for the team to assume a draft hit against the cap. Wentz would cost the Eagles a cap hit far north of what Goff cost LA. I agree that I'd like to see the Bears go after Winston who is probably far more prepared after a year of seasoning from Peyton and Brees. The price would not include picks but you would have to probably pay 3 or 4 years. Pace has done nothing but prove to everyone that he has zero idea about what a franchise QB loo
  5. I have a hunch that Rod Smith steals the show. Mo is strictly a runner. That's going to limit the offense and it'll be pretty black and white in terms of what the Cowboy's offense will do when he's on the field. Rod Smith is the back that will fit into this offense a lot like Elliott. He's a better blocker and receiver than Mo. My money is on Rod Smith to take over the reigns to the running game while Zeke is out. It may not happen in week 9 but by week 11 I think he'll get his shot.
  6. The Bears have taken over for the Lions. Not even the best free agents want to play in Chicago. Something very wrong is happening to this franchise. Ted Phillips is the problem.
  7. Team 1 gets Thomas Rawls Team 2 gets 1.16, 2.01 2016 draft, 2nd rounder 2017, Crabtree and Jj Nelson
  8. Which one... class of 2016 or class of 2017.
  9. Getting back to this thread how would u compare this draft class 2016 to that of 2017. I have 1.01, 1.04, 1.16 and was thinking of trading the 04 & 16 for a ready now player or 2017 picks. Thoughts?
  10. Over rated big time. Stick a fork in him just like Peyton. The line is downright bad. No chance.
  11. With the direction that the NFL is heading (pass pass pass) this is refreshing to see. The 49ers were running out 3 TE formations a ton. Hyde could have had a ton more yardage but he took himself out on a number of downs due to fatigue. People can say what they want about selling high but with the LACK of true BELL COW BACKS in the NFL I'm holding onto Hyde. True it's one game but with that system I'm holding. I'm buying the talent and the offensive game plan! It's fun to watch. Ask Matt Waldon about Carlos Hyde. I blame Harbaugh and his veteran loyalty for keeping Hyde buried last yea
  12. Still have 7 months on my current 2 year contract. Told them I'd pay the $140 to cancel my service and go to Dish. They gave me ST Max for free, 4 months of Showtime, $15 off a month from total bill. My contract was not extended. I will have to call back in April and negotiate again.
  13. Up the projections for Johnson and shave them for Ellington. Ellington is fragile. He can't tolerate a full workload and Johnson showed last year he's still got something in the tank. This is great news for the vet. Renaissance year!
  14. I drank the Kool Aid on this kid and drafted him ahead of Bryant in the 2nd round of a rookie draft last year. If this is the 2nd time he's torn the same ACL I'll probably dump him. He did not have the impact of the other WRs in this draft. He was hyped up by some around here and I bought in. I regret it big time as I passed on a few decent rookies. This just sets my team back further. I would say he's very droppable in dynasty leagues. Thoughts on 2016 and post Lynch?
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