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  1. Don't recall the last time I made a debit card purchase. Same for cash, other than buying chips for poker.
  2. It's hard to know unless they articulate a reason. Even then, they may not all share the same reasons. Outside of the financial world there are even more reasons given. For example, I mentioned btc to my boss about a month ago. He said he had no interest because he didn't trust it. One of the reasons he didn't trust it was because it isn't FDIC insured. I tried explaining why that shouldn't be a consideration but didn't get through and didn't have the energy to commit to the conversation.
  3. Thought the producer who hosted tonight did a great job.
  4. I have some with warm ginger & coconut. Surprisingly good.
  5. I saw that Microstrategy is offering $600 million senior convertible notes to generate more cash to buy btc. I don't tweet much but couldn't help myself and replied to Saylor's tweet with the italicized below. Sure, not terribly clever, but thought I'd share anyway. So. These notes are only offered to qualified institutional buyers. The proceeds will be used to buy btc. One of the features of btc is that anyone can buy it. I feel some irony is present here.
  6. Sorry I can't offer any info but can empathize. A recent MRI revealed bulging discs in the same area. Been doing PT for a few weeks w/o real improvement and I'm scheduled for my 1st steroid shot on March 8th. Plan is for up to 3 shots and then surgery if no improvement. Good luck!
  7. This, while perhaps inconvenient, would be worth considering. Circumstances change. 2 years from now she might change jobs and have an 80 mile commute instead of an 8 mile commute.
  8. Crypto isn't listed as a payment option on the website but I guess this would be likely to change.
  9. I believe this is state specific and almost all are 5 years. Talk to a local authority and start legal financial moves asap. My mom lived so frugally to leave something for her children but also didn't want to lose control. Once she had her stroke it was too late to protect her assets and her desire to help her children and grandchildren eventually went poof. Good luck!
  10. A couple iffy penalties but TB has looked like the better team most of the 1st half.
  11. The Sovereign Individual - I find it thought provoking in a way that's similar to Sapiens. Focus, so far, is on geo-political change and current path toward decentralization.
  12. Could be coincidence, but Saylor's bitcoin conference this week may be having a positive impact on btc as well as mstr.
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