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  1. Decided to add some $ to my BlockFi account this weekend to take advantage of the dip. Of course, by the time it clears, and I can buy, btc will probably be back into the mid 50's.
  2. Since my previous photo sharing seemed to work. Figured I'd add a link to last year's kitchen project album. Didn't take end of project pictures with appliances installed, but I think most of it is covered. IIRC this ended up around $25k, maybe a little more. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/fiTrcIOZQx-g9sOdiXkhIQ.thD80HpFqt4zFySFsoABJh
  3. Makes sense. Especially if these contractors are relatively new to you.
  4. 😆😆😆 Sorry, went in the dumpster. House built in the 70's and I've been in it for over 25 years. Other than paint and swapping out the faucet. That room has never been touched. Sorry to say but the gold shag is gone too.
  5. I'm guessing that, while you're probably just trying to communicate effectively, the bolded scared them into thinking you may be one who tends to micromanage.
  6. I replaced a functional but old and ugly Kitchenaid with a lower end Bosch. The Bosch works fine and is quieter but does require an added drying agent. I assume the more expensive ones don't need this.
  7. Thanks for sharing everyone. Great examples, info and inspiration. 1st attempt to share an Amazon album. If it doesn't work or somehow allows you to buy stuff in my account. Please let me know. Bathroom for master bedroom. Notable: Enlarging the room, shower, vanity. Adding linen cabinet, radiant floor heat. Upgrading to comfort height toilet with bidet seat. About $10k for contractor & his materials. $1800 at cabinet place. $925 for quartz top. About $1650 for floor and shower tile. Toilet, sink, fixtrues etc., for shower/sink, about $1200. Total about $15-16k. Status
  8. Don't recall the last time I made a debit card purchase. Same for cash, other than buying chips for poker.
  9. Same way they crushed online gambling. Oh, uh, never mind.
  10. It's hard to know unless they articulate a reason. Even then, they may not all share the same reasons. Outside of the financial world there are even more reasons given. For example, I mentioned btc to my boss about a month ago. He said he had no interest because he didn't trust it. One of the reasons he didn't trust it was because it isn't FDIC insured. I tried explaining why that shouldn't be a consideration but didn't get through and didn't have the energy to commit to the conversation.
  11. Thought the producer who hosted tonight did a great job.
  12. I have some with warm ginger & coconut. Surprisingly good.
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