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  1. I thought Unhinged on Prime was pretty good. Crowe is, um, fat. Like orca fat.
  2. I use single blade Bic disposable razors. I think the last batch I bought was about $.35 per razor. Part of this is that I'm cheap and part is that I refuse to buy 2-3-4 bladed razors just because some marketing guy had a stupid idea.
  3. I like his voice but he doesn't vary his pitch or pace much. Watching him host Jeopardy could be a candidate for the best place to nap thread.
  4. Siding question for you all. Vinyl siding put up a couple years ago. I've noticed a couple places where the foam inserts for the corner post trim is sliding down. Anyone have an easy, reliable way to permanently address this?
  5. Did something similar about 6-7 years ago. Structure is open on 3 sides. Ceiling is about 5 feet above the grill. After a couple years I've seen staining as well as warping. Part of this is due to me losing focus and allowing excessive heat from flare ups. FWIW - hard plumbed natural gas to the grill. One of the best features of the project.
  6. In the car, behind the wheel.
  7. Yesterday had about 10 stumps ground down. Have a landscaper coming in a couple weeks to do spring cleanup and a couple other things.
  8. Basically the stuff you're asking about was the contractor's choice (I don't know enough to make intelligent choices). Looked through my paperwork and discarded packaging but couldn't find that info. So, can't say for sure what door or heat cabling. Drain wasn't moved. The shower and sink were each only moved about a foot or 2. Schluter was used for the shower enclosure only. Since you're in the Boston area I figured I'd mention that I used Norfolk for the cabinets and Ripano for the quartz.
  9. Makes sense. Better at QB than they were yesterday.
  10. Shower door just put in. So, pretty much done now. Total will end up more like around $20k. Wasn't crazy about the wall paint once it was applied but it's growing on me. Still need window treatment. Over the door towell hook (StillHaus, best price I could find was from The Bath Outlet) on the way. Didn't want to commit to a permanent through the door or in the tile location and didn't want suction cup mount. Might consider a niche instead of the quarter round corner shelves if I could go back in time. The handles for the tall cabinet doors contact the wall and prevent a ful
  11. JAX - Lawrence NYJ - Wilson SF - Mac Jones ATL - Pitts CIN - Chase MIA - Sewell DET - Waddle CAR - Horn DEN - Surtain DAL - Slater
  12. Always cool to get that connection. Around 1969-70 I lived in Wayne (VFMA). Hadn't thought about that in a long time. I remember going to the King of Prussia mall, Wanamaker's, and eating Gino Giants at Gino's (in Radnor?) Thanks for bringing back some memories.
  13. I believe in the S2FX model for btc and despite the short term highs and lows we seem to be staying pretty much on track. Still holding (or hodling as the cool kids say). It's funny that BlockFi (I have an account there) just announced a promo for the next couple months which ups their interest on stable coins to 10% from 8.6%. With this dip, if I had extra cash I'd just buy more btc.
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