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  1. You can get by easily enough in probably 95% of Canada without French language skills. Cost of living and/or snow & temperature would keep me from wanting to live there.
  2. I like it here. However, if I could learn another language there would be a legitimate chance I'd be retired and living somewhere else.
  3. Hey. Just updated my FBG pic to one of our Colonist NFTs. We have 10 colonists. This dog has a couple of the rarer traits, snowboard (1%) & visor (0.93%). I like the look. Just thought I'd share.
  4. Bummer. Always liked his wise-### kind of humor. RIP
  5. Survived week 1 thanks to Brady and my TEs. WR production was just adequate and RBs put up a pretty weak showing that I could see being a chronic problem.
  6. Mine too. Won't comment on install $$ since I've had mine for quite a few years. Did it thru an electrician. Natural gas. Have it serviced annually ($300, maybe less) and it runs weekly. I can't hear it but my neighbor on that side of the house can. Been pretty reliable but did have some problems about 10 years ago and I switched servicers as it became apparent the one I had was not competent. 16kw standby generator powers the main house & in-law apartment but not the 2 central AC's. In NH I'm more concerned about winter than summer and, if needed, I can open windows and run the WH fan in the summer. It's nice being confident that I'll always have heat. Especially for an extended outage. At 1st I might have been the only home on my street with one but probably half have them now.
  7. Good thing the DraftKings promo was Tampa Bay +73. 🤩
  8. Tyrod Taylor will be the top points per dollar guy in the subscriber contest.
  9. Been using the search engine for a long time. Didn't even realize there was a browser. Started using it after your post and find it has a similar look & feel but faster than Chrome.
  10. Since converting to a binance.us account from the old binance I haven't been able to complete the verification process. Customer service says it's due to some backup on their end but it's been several months. I'm done with it and would just like to close my account and transfer what's there.
  11. QB - 3 for 32 RB - 8 for 85 WR - 8 for 76 TE - 3 for 37 K - 3 for 12 D - 4 for 8 I don't recall having spent more on RB than WR before. Still tweaking.
  12. Has anyone examined the area? Could it be a bug bite?
  13. Good luck on yours too. In a knee jerk reaction I bought some Polygon. Not a great way to make decisions, but I'll hold on for now.
  14. Son & I decided to try it out. He did the work and I supplied the bulk of the $$. We went with Colonists and got a couple in each of the 1st 2 species that were dropped recently by getting whitelisted. The remaining 3 species will have a public drop today. May peek in on today's public drop or the secondary market after for possibly completing the collection. 5k of each species at 0.025 eth each, with a promise of a game coming. Thought this was inexpensive enough and the Discord community seemed a little more civilized than most. Liked the way the samples looked. Looking forward to the reveal to see what we got. Finally found out why people complain about gas prices though. Seen it >$2k at times in the last couple days.
  15. Silly stuff IMO. However, if I was the young girl on the Blind Faith album. Assuming she's still alive, I'd be paying close attention to this.
  16. To my coworkers. When you schedule vacation time. Please update your calendar to show that you're out of the office. When using the Keurig machine. Please remove the pod when you're done. Your voicemail inbox is full.
  17. Can you draft on your phone with 4/5g?
  18. My son is also a medical coder (about 3 years now). Since last year he's been working from home 4 days a week. On the day he goes in, he's in an offsite office (a different hospital than the one he actually works for). Yes, he often talks about doctors and PA's who don't seem to accept the fact that how they document impacts how events are coded and therefore what & how the hospital can bill.
  19. No joy with Brady or Gretzky. Was under 2k on one. No interest in the next one. Looking forward to Tiger.
  20. There always seems to be someone who has an edge, leaving people like me behind. Some people were able to join into the queue more than once and then had increased their odds of purchasing the NFTs. One user — SweetBabyNicco — was able to purchase all five Brady-autographed NFTs. Another user was able to buy four of the five, eight managed three, and another 21 users got two. https://www.usbets.com/draftkings-tom-brady-nft-statement/ 😒
  21. Easy, you just don't lead'em so much. Hahahahaha. Ain't war hell?
  22. If I answer the phone and it's that type of call usually just put the phone down without hanging up. I figure that's a few seconds that they're not bothering someone else.
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