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  1. Up: "I'm a genius, this is easy money" Down: "Shorts are manipulating it!" 🤣
  2. @ "He should turn down an extra $20m to stay in Detroit and play on a pretty good team to secure his legacy" Yeah, I'm sure you'd do the same. $20m is just chump change and we'll all look back on those couple of first round playoff exits he will have brought to Detroit.
  3. Conflicting info here. You guys were saying the $27m included the $9m. That blurb says it's in addition to it...so the $27m is a fully un-sunk cost. If that's true, there's 0% chance they pay him that much.
  4. 0% chance they fired the head coach to go with a completely different scheme on the chance that Manziel ends up on their team after the draft. Cmon man.
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