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  1. Trying to decide whether to sell half of your bitcoin, the entire bitcoin, or to hold onto it, I see.
  2. Agreed. I meant to say that it's not the issue being discussed here. Sheets and temp checks are just examples of procedures they claimed to follow but ignored on day 1. Whether or not we're scared of covid (I am) is irrelevant...the bigger issue is whether or not to trust a child in the hands of someone who is already forgettin/neglecting to do things they claim would be done every day. There's no way to tell what other things they're failing to do each day. As an update, we spoke with the director and found a new place to take him. It's clear that they were having major staffing issues and I feel for them. The teachers were brand new and just being trained on the job with no prior experience. Nooope...Not the place I want my son to be.
  3. What's going on here? Is this a collections company making you an offer on behalf of the tenant to not evict them?
  4. Who's worried about covid and kids?
  5. It's a bit less than my wife makes per month after-taxes, but would really torpedo her new career just as it's getting started. Definitely something to consider though.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. As some of you pointed out, we don't really care (much) about the specific things they missed. Crib sheets and temp checks aren't big concerns for us. It's much more about telling us about all the great procedures they have in place to bring us in, and then missing/forgetting some of those procedures already on day 1. Makes you wonder what other procedures they assured us of that they'll be "forgetting" going forward. Nobody is perfect of course, but like one of you mentioned, it's a very important service with a lot on the line that we pay a lot for.
  7. Yeah, we were told that if you bring in your own sheets, they'll use those. I assume it's d/t allergies they may have to certain detergents. Or perhaps just so it smells like home to help with the transition. When we dropped him off, we pulled out a few things and told them "here are his pacifiers, here are his bottles, and here are his crib sheets", etc. and handed them each over.
  8. It's tough because I feel like we're walking on eggshells and don't want to rub them the wrong way on day 1 and have them take it out on our child on the off chance we're over-reacting. Lots of emotions on the first day we hand over our little guy.
  9. We brought our 3 month old son into daycare for the first time today and ran into a concern. When speaking with the director a month or so ago, they assured us of a few things that didn't happen today. They said that all visitors and children would be temperature checked at the door as a covid policy. They also said that they would use our sheets in his crib, which we brought in. For both drop-off and pick-up, none of us were temp checked either time (same for another parent/kid arriving around the same time). They didn't ask us any questions about whether we've had symptoms, etc.When we arrived a bit early to pick him up today (first day), we didn't see his sheet in any of the cribs and it was still in the backpack we left. There were other issues we are a bit upset about, but these are the two 'policies' they touted that they aren't following. My question is....on day 1, you would hope they're on top of their game to make a good impression. If they're not following their own policies, can I really trust the other things they assured us they'll do? Before speaking with the director, I'm really just trying to guage whether this is something that I should chalk up as not a big deal, or as a sign of things to come and underlying issues if we stay with this daycare? As a new parent, I'm trying not to overreact.
  10. Can you tell me more about this? Any links? I'm in a similar boat where my 2019 income was above the limit, 2020 was below, and 2021 will be above. I fear that if I filed after they looked at my income and used 2019's to determine my stimulus, I'll have to wait until I file 2021 taxes, at which point I again will not qualify because of my 2021 income. What you're describing would be great! My wife took a big pay cut in 2020 and switched jobs this year so we'll be back over the income limit.
  11. Hey guys, thanks so much for the responses. Sorry for the delay. As many of you guessed, it was the capacitor! Really still not sure why the buzzing noise was happening in the breaker box other than vibrations somehow making it back to the box, but you were all 100% correct! Thanks again. A/C back up and running!
  12. 🤔 Now I need to schedule a zoologist as well?
  13. Shot in the dark here but I'm having some HVAC issues and was curious about what could be the problem. Brainstorming while I wait until tomorrow to schedule someone to come take a look... When our thermostat triggers, the outside A/C unit powers up, the fan blows (I can see it physically turning like normal), and everything seems fine at first glance. However, there is an intermittent humming/buzzing that happens every 30 seconds or so. You can hear the buzz just a bit when you stand outside by the unit, but it's very loud when you're next to the breaker box inside. Almost as if it's a vibration traveling from the box to the outside unit or vice-versa. It buzzes for a few seconds, stops for about 30 seconds, buzzes for another 3 seconds, and so on. If it wasn't for this intermittent buzzing, you would think everything was normal. Any thoughts on what could be going on here?
  14. Up: "I'm a genius, this is easy money" Down: "Shorts are manipulating it!" 🤣
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