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  1. Can you tell me more about this? Any links? I'm in a similar boat where my 2019 income was above the limit, 2020 was below, and 2021 will be above. I fear that if I filed after they looked at my income and used 2019's to determine my stimulus, I'll have to wait until I file 2021 taxes, at which point I again will not qualify because of my 2021 income. What you're describing would be great! My wife took a big pay cut in 2020 and switched jobs this year so we'll be back over the income limit.
  2. Hey guys, thanks so much for the responses. Sorry for the delay. As many of you guessed, it was the capacitor! Really still not sure why the buzzing noise was happening in the breaker box other than vibrations somehow making it back to the box, but you were all 100% correct! Thanks again. A/C back up and running!
  3. 🤔 Now I need to schedule a zoologist as well?
  4. Shot in the dark here but I'm having some HVAC issues and was curious about what could be the problem. Brainstorming while I wait until tomorrow to schedule someone to come take a look... When our thermostat triggers, the outside A/C unit powers up, the fan blows (I can see it physically turning like normal), and everything seems fine at first glance. However, there is an intermittent humming/buzzing that happens every 30 seconds or so. You can hear the buzz just a bit when you stand outside by the unit, but it's very loud when you're next to the breaker box inside. Almost as if it's a vibration traveling from the box to the outside unit or vice-versa. It buzzes for a few seconds, stops for about 30 seconds, buzzes for another 3 seconds, and so on. If it wasn't for this intermittent buzzing, you would think everything was normal. Any thoughts on what could be going on here?
  5. Up: "I'm a genius, this is easy money" Down: "Shorts are manipulating it!" 🤣
  6. Every jump in price is well deserved and valid. Every drop is a short attack and is an anomaly that doesn't mean anything.
  7. Sold some on the way up around 5.50, more around 7, more around 8.50 and finally at 9.98. Wishing I had offloaded more but can't complain. Might buy a little back now.
  8. Because they think they "earned" the 900% but the 40% drop was clearly someone else's fault
  9. Sold some this morning @9.98. Not enough it seems.
  10. ...same can be said the other way. What fundamentally causes the quick increase from 5 to 10?
  11. In killing it, GB. Not sure what you mean? I'm at all time highs with solid, smart investing strategies. Not WSB-level speculation.
  12. Csb.How about the other x times you pulled your $ out of the market to avoid the "obvious crash" that didn't come and missed out on huge run-ups? This thinking always ends up destroying portfolios in the end. Only the successes are trapped about. The whiffs are conveniently forgotten or intentionally omitted from stories and they are far more costly than the rare successes. But congrats on hitting that inside straight on the river!
  13. You're already "investing", just do more of that. If you instead want to gamble, buy whatever suggestions you see here.
  14. Are they "substantially identical"?
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