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  1. Well, that didnt last long. I guess I'm long now
  2. UWMC about to expire down $2500 Riot + $188 CCL + $369 DKNG $100 Call - down $3900 so far expires 10/15 Riot + $570 PLTR UP big today, but overall down 19K over 3 options so far. 1st expires 8/20/21
  3. Still holding. Been busy. 7500 @ .46 so at least im green
  4. Anyone else in EBS? I'm down 11% and thought I'd ride it out. But debating.
  5. So youre saying theres a chance? - My options
  6. Been busy working to post. But SO far so Good.
  7. LOL/ Nope, I have been busy, I guess im in for awhile.
  8. Not sure if anyone is in HEX Buddy helped me as it was a process. put in 3K Currently at 16K value Total $26.5K including if you wait for your cash out dates. This was a YOLO for me, so I'm going to keep putting it back in. 1MM or nothing. Anyone else playing this game?
  9. Was brought up in the penny thread at around $.38. Loving life so far, but would be interested to hear about long term too
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