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  1. DWAC Holy smokes I missed the boat on this. 400%!!!
  2. Have a short term HEX stake ending in 3 days. Started with 95K and now worth 80K. Need a little pump soon. Then I think im moving most of it to ETH
  3. I still may add in the 2's. but I added tonight and now im going to bed. $0.000000032
  4. https://nomics.com/assets/saitama-saitama Keeping my eye on this. If the number begins with a 2 tomorrow, I may add.
  5. So, I have won like 80% or something of my moneyline bets and lost almost all of my player bets. Got killed on all player stuff during in game the other night. I cashed out my orginal and now just have $32 from $450 before the game With that being said. LOVE the titans money line and maybe even outright with those odds.
  6. New IPO. kids are hooked. Long lines.
  7. Sold my BROS options this AM up about 200%. immediately moved it into ETH (crypto). Pretty much the only good thing about robinhood. I may day trade the ETH and BROS in that account. HOLDING the majority of my BROS stuff, which is shares in different account. Thanks GM for the email.
  8. https://nomics.com/assets/saitama-saitama I threw in 3K yesterday and obviously happy with the 30% or so rise. Before I dump any more money in it. Any advice? do we think it will dip? pump and dump?
  9. Sold my dutch bros options and purchased a bunch of ETH at $4k 👍
  10. I could be wrong here.... but even if you didnt take out a loan, you wouldve made that money from the increase. buy owning the coin. With that being said... It does appear that people in the hex/pulse community are interested in a thing called "Liquid loans" I assume its for buying more coins though. not sure, just looking into it.
  11. I bet tesla take a jump tomorrow on earnings. All my money is accounted for. but might be a nice play
  12. saitama Nevermind. I just needed to adjust the slippage. in for $3K test. 5 days left on my stake and then we shall see about adding.
  13. I still cant find it on uniswap. I need to re look at the link you sent. I know theres instructions there.
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