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  1. 12 team superflex dynasty Lamar Jackson for Hurts, 1.07, 2.05, 3.07
  2. 12 team Superflex: Lamar Jackson for 1.01 and 1.02 Turned into Burrow and Helaire
  3. Big trade, 1 ppr dynasty barkley and lamar miller for kamara and r. Penny
  4. A. Cooper and 2.10 for T. Lockett, Diggs, 1.09 and 1.11 ‚Äč Big overpay, but had to have Cooper.
  5. Haven't seen any, but curious what kind of offers you're getting (I'm assuming fairly low-ball tire kickers). I agree that it's difficult to value him- I could see a range of anywhere in between what he did last year in Pitt and what Decker did last year in Denver. I'd lean towards the lower end myself. I've been mulling over an offer of 2.01 for him in a 12 team PPR. Probably not going to do it.
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