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  1. https://www.postandcourier.com/news/lawsuit-filed-against-attorney-alex-murdaugh-over-settlement-in-housekeepers-death/article_5af402cc-163d-11ec-b330-23c3dbab7c8e.html
  2. As we go down this road, it makes more sense to do away with segregated sports and just have each sport be open to everyone.
  3. Pinball games are relaxing and fun and translate well to VR. The new Star Wars pinball is good.
  4. I was so desperate once, I dipped a stick of butter into the sugar bowl and took a bite. It was delicious!!
  5. You should move to Cos Cob. Then you can be Cosjobs from Cos Cob.
  6. I feel really bad for the dog walker, but I hope I won't sound like that in the event that I ever get shot.
  7. Dang. The ideal specs are beast. That's not even for VR either. Just buy the best one you can afford. GPU is usually the limiting factor. 2080 Super or 2080ti gpu or wait for the 3080
  8. I'm a subscriber to this guy. He provides a lot of insightful info.
  9. Just went to my PCP. Said I thought my testosterone levels were low. He prescribed labwork with my routine bloodwork.
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