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  1. Sorry, did not realize it is on sleeper. Pass
  2. Offer to myfantasytime@yahoo.com for team 2
  3. league still shows open team. Send invite to myfantasytime@yahoo.com. I will take it
  4. I loaded the MFL import for 2020, but I have problem that it Reports numerous player-Id not found. When I then look at a league which uses IDP players with draft dominator, I see IDP rookies which were drafted to teams showing up in free agent pool. Thinking it may be a problem associated with only that league, I then look at my other IDP leagues and found they also had same problem. I reported this to Bruce, however he has not responded, not fixed problem
  5. Unfortunately, have no access to rosters, setting or rules.
  6. Do not see price for league. My have interest. myfantasytime@yahoo.com
  7. Send invite to myfantasytime@yahoo.com name richard
  8. Send invite to Richard at myfantasytime@yahoo.com
  9. Take team 2. Send invite to Richard at myfantasytime@yahoo.com
  10. You should have done a ROD on the two teams. The replacements need replacements.
  11. No thank you. I’ll pass you will have to sell it with significant discount, and no I am not interested, even with discount
  12. He is not paying year one. He is only paying league site fee, which is probably about six dollars
  13. Don't think you will get much response until: 1) Show the league number so people can see the league 2) List Price
  14. Thought I sent about 3 days ago. Don’t know if it took

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