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  1. With Herbert on bye, it's either Tua or JimmyG... I am rolling with Tua.
  2. I agree with the others, is DW Top-5 QB, yes he has been there. But as a fan, I don't want him. I would rather keep the three-1st rounders, use them to improve our Offensive Line and Secondary. Offer a trade with one of them to get Aaron Rodgers next year before Denver, run the ball with Sanders and win the Lombardi.
  3. At least it’s a game… once more birds look terrible in the first 3 qrtrs and then become a contender in the 4th
  4. 4th quarter… this is where the birds finally figure things out
  5. Interesting strategy cotton, let’s see if it works out…
  6. Maybe to get some trade bait with all the RBs that went down yesterday
  7. Is the Eli/Peyton show on tonight? Can’t find the broadcast.
  8. Hurts needs development. I still have faith although the last game was very ugly until he used his legs in the 4th. I keep rethinking how Josh Allen looked his rookie year. Let's take a look at the actual stats: SEASON TEAM G GS COMP ATT YDS AVG TD INT SCK SCKY RATE ATT YDS AVG TD FUM LOST 2020 Eagles 15 4 77 148 1061 7.2 6 4 13 59 77.6 63 354 5.6 3 9 2 2021 Eagles 5 5 118 182 1365 7.5 7 3 10 84 93.3 43 256 6 3 4 0 SEASON TEAM G GS COMP ATT YDS AVG TD INT SCK SCKY RATE ATT YDS AVG TD FUM LOST 2018 Bills 12 11 169 320 2074 6.5 10 12 28 213 67.9 89 631 7.1 8 8 2 2019 Bills 16 16 271 461 3089 6.7 20 9 38 237 85.3 109 510 4.7 9 14 4 It took three years for Allen to get it together. Hurts almost has the equivalent of what Allen did in his rookie year, but even looking at that, his passer rating was slightly higher and his rushing yds slightly lower. In the second year, Allen progressed, and even in the smaller sample we have from Hurts, he also progressed, where he is still leading in the passer rating category. Allen didn't really come on till his 3rd year, so I'll be honest I have hope for Hurts. I like that he adds a better element to the game than a traditional pocket passer. I say the jury is out, but the kid needs his shot. There are going to be some f'ugly games, but the Bills had them with Allen too. I have hope! ** IF I could figure out how to edit a table I would be dangerous.
  9. 14 team, 1/2 pt ppr, all tds are 6 pts Team A: Gave Tannehill and Kamara Teams B: Gave Herbert and J. Taylor Team A has been using Tannehill as QB1, was still 3-1 and Team B is 1-3.
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