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  1. XPenalties and special teams killed the Cowboys today.Same as it evah was......
  2. I like the cut of your jib sir..

  3. I like when the middle aged white guys "axe" you a question....
  4. I dont like the "Going forward" shtick in the shark pool. It sounds gay....
  5. HereI might have to watch what i say when i see Obama on T.V....
  6. My 7 year old daughter told my 9 year old to #### off!! Not sure where she got that word from.....
  7. Thinking 1%?? That junk cant be right?? That means you're evenly distributed between thinking/feeling, which is supposed to be a good thing.Oh
  8. You are: very expressed introvert distinctively expressed sensing personality slightly expressed thinking personality moderately expressed judging personality Your Type is ISTJ Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging 78 75 1 33
  9. A real top notch #######

  10. My wife is tweaking hard over this game. Told her to relax, its just stupid college football.
  11. The milk in my cheerios

  12. I'll definitely be looking into this on my next trip.
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