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  1. Bump for this, as I'm curious as well. I've had a few inquiries and offers, and my counters have been overpays coming my way (eg. 2021 1.02, 1.07, 1.11). It's my view that moving a young player valued where a lot of people have AJ Brown should require an overpay, as there are few 1:1 valued assets for top dynasty players.
  2. You got a hell of a deal. Looking purely at draft capital, that's 2020 2.01, 2020 2.04, and 2021 1.11 for the #1 PPR WR in 2020 despite missing two games. I don't have confidence Mims and Shenault will hit, which they need to in order to break even on a deal like this.
  3. I've seen Mack suggested as a potential passing option multiple times on the board and am curious what the insight is? His receptions, targets, and YPC have declined every year, so one could easily assume Taylor, at worst, is a +reception RB relative to Mack. Doesn't mean it's going to be true, but the bar is very, very low for Taylor to exceed that receiving production unless Hines loses some 3rd down usage. You have to assume the pie is going to grow somewhat considering how much Rivers targets his RBs.
  4. Curious on this one. I felt strongly about one side, but another leaguemate whose opinion I respect felt strongly the other way. 12 Team PPR, QB/2RB/3WR/TE/Flex, 30 man rosters Team A: Tyreek Hill Team B: Melvin Gordon TY Hilton 2.02 3.02 3.13 (toilet bowl winner's pick)
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