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  1. I realize posters in this thread will likely be JT owners, but where do yall place his value in dynasty? What would you offer for him? What would it take to pry him away?
  2. Glad I didn't start Gay tonight. Dude's on tilt, hopefully he gets his head on straight.
  3. They're playing the Jets. If there were ever a game to put Mike Davis in, this is it.
  4. CEH feel like a player who was probably drafted appropriately in redraft this year. The disparity in his performance relative to his draft capital in dynasty is that he's still not catching many passes. His biggest selling points that led to being over-drafted at 1.01 were: 1) Reid's success w/ Westbrook, 2) the Chiefs dynamic offense, 3) he was going to catch a lot of passes. In order for him to be more than a game script RB he's really going to need to catch more balls. He's not fast enough to get breakaway runs, and he's not nearly as strong as his thicccness would lead you to believe. His dynasty value is still a bit of a fantasy enigma to me.
  5. That yardage (and TDs) hasn't been there, but he had 6 receptions in week 1. 7 grabs between two games isn't bad. 56 over the season is no CMC, but it's solid PPR value.
  6. Not sure why you run three dives on the goal line against that Rams DL when the Indy OL wasn't getting any push.
  7. https://nofilmschool.com/how-fox-sports-uses-sony-a7r-iv-its-nfl-broadcasts
  8. I avoided the temptation to start AB over DJ Moore because Lattimore and all those assistant coaches are out. So far it looks like this D may make Darnold look like an all-pro this afternoon.
  9. I'm trained to expect injury news any time this thread is bumped.
  10. Guys I like at or better than their FBG ADP: QB - Stafford/Cousins RB - Ekeler, Carson, Sermon, Lindsay, Xavier Jones WR - OBJ, Jeudy, AB, Robby Anderson Aside from Ekeler, most of these are backup fallers if someone reaches for a target of mine. I always have a ton of contingencies. Every year I seem to snag players similar to these who drop and get production.
  11. I get the same vibe. It's like when a dynasty player applies their investment strategy in a redraft league, or a redraft player gives up too much for over-the-hill types during his first stint in dynasty. Meyer seems to be applying college football thinking to the NFL.
  12. The inclusion of drop rate there is very helpful in removing some of the bias against heavily targeted players. And also for reminding me how thoroughly I've forgotten about Donnie Avery.
  13. Who knew he was a prophet of his own future as well. ETA: Damn, I thought that was a line from one of his songs. 😆
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