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  1. PPR QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, Def 30 man rosters https://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=38936&O=17
  2. Bump for this, as I'm curious as well. I've had a few inquiries and offers, and my counters have been overpays coming my way (eg. 2021 1.02, 1.07, 1.11). It's my view that moving a young player valued where a lot of people have AJ Brown should require an overpay, as there are few 1:1 valued assets for top dynasty players.
  3. You got a hell of a deal. Looking purely at draft capital, that's 2020 2.01, 2020 2.04, and 2021 1.11 for the #1 PPR WR in 2020 despite missing two games. I don't have confidence Mims and Shenault will hit, which they need to in order to break even on a deal like this.
  4. He has, and was targeted deep and under thrown by Brady. The issue is that TB has gone three and out every possession (or turned the ball over).
  5. The first player I thought of was Ameer Abdullah, and I distinctly remember the hype around his burst and downplaying of his 40. As good as CEH can be in the KC offense his value is tied to it and not his pure physical talent. He certainly has a better shot than AA did, and as a Chiefs fan I hope he's closer to Westbrook than AA. It will also be interesting to see if Swift succeeds or falls prey to the Lions RB curse.
  6. Alright, let's expand the metrics we look at then. Player 1: 5'8.75", 205lbs 40 - 4.60s @ 17.78 mph 20 yd split - 2.68s 10 yd split - 1.60s Bench - 24 reps Vert - 42.5" Broad Jump - 130" Player 2: 5'8", 205lbs 40 - 4.60s @ 17.78 mph 20 yd split - 2.68s 10 yd split - 1.60s Bench - 15 reps Vert - 39.5" Broad Jump - 123"
  7. I've seen Mack suggested as a potential passing option multiple times on the board and am curious what the insight is? His receptions, targets, and YPC have declined every year, so one could easily assume Taylor, at worst, is a +reception RB relative to Mack. Doesn't mean it's going to be true, but the bar is very, very low for Taylor to exceed that receiving production unless Hines loses some 3rd down usage. You have to assume the pie is going to grow somewhat considering how much Rivers targets his RBs.
  8. I have no doubt Reid will put CEH in a position to be successful, but I still have a hard time getting over his 4.6 40. It's a bit of an arbitrary cutoff as Westbrook ran a 4.57, but it's difficult to find runners who had great careers and ran that slow at the combine.
  9. Chris Carson Seattle choosing not to spend any of their first four picks on the position with Carson and Penny ending the season with injuries bodes well for his recovery progress and 2020 outlook.
  10. Curious on this one. I felt strongly about one side, but another leaguemate whose opinion I respect felt strongly the other way. 12 Team PPR, QB/2RB/3WR/TE/Flex, 30 man rosters Team A: Tyreek Hill Team B: Melvin Gordon TY Hilton 2.02 3.02 3.13 (toilet bowl winner's pick)
  11. What I loved seeing the most out of Michael, what makes me believe he's a different guy than a year ago, is on each of his two touchdowns, while having a career day, he turns and celebrates with his team after he scores. No "look at me" celebrations, but looks like a guy who realized how close he was to being out of the league.
  12. The NFL.com highlight video of the game shows his catch at 2:08. Didn't see anything else and wasn't able to watch the game.
  13. Didn't read the thread, so I don't know if anyone commented on it. I think the catch at 0:22 is the one they've been showing on the highlights, but from a slightly different angle. But this is an amazing, amazing catch. Turning your head all the way around and finding the ball again is the most difficult adjustment a WR can make, and I've never seen it done like that before. Usually it's on a deep pass down the field and there's some time for the WR. But this one is on a line and he just spins and catches the ball. A really impressive catch. Baldwin 2009. I may be wrong, but wasn't Baldwi
  14. There are much much worse trades in this thread, but... I get: Riley Cooper Golden Tate 3.07 2015 2nd (team won the league in 2013/14) 2015 5th I give: Jordy Nelson
  15. Racks on racks on racks! Maybach's on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs!
  16. He's no model citizen, but it sounds like others instigated to me. What would you do if you were cracked over the head with a bottle?
  17. http://www.espnmilwaukee.com/common/page.php?feed=2&id=7811&is_corp=1
  18. I don't own Wright in any leagues but liked him pre-draft. I've been thinking about trying to acquire him, but do his conditioning issues or tiny hands bother anyone? High bodyfat, low strength, and 8 5/8" hands really deflate the excitement I have about his potential.
  19. There's a pretty big drop after 1.05.... but not Mike Wallace big. It does look like he was testing how much you wanted your player, not intended as an insult, maybe just trying to move the middle ground.
  20. McClane mocked Fleener to NYG... I wonder if he creeps up toward the first round if they do take a TE early?
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