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  1. Wife and I got the J&J shot yesterday in Idaho. They did check our ID's to make sure we were residents. The guy who got the shot 5 mins before me started puking in the waiting area right as the needle entered my arm, so that was encouraging. I feel fine today, no arm soreness, aches, etc. My wife is lousy and stayed home today. So all in all, pretty interesting.
  2. If you go with option 2, which i would recommend, I would go at least one step farther than a perc (percolation) test for your septic. Get an actual soils test done so that you have some idea what your foundation is going to cost you. I generally worked with larger buildings in a very different part of the country but saw several projects torpedoed when it turned out the foundation was going to blow up the budget.
  3. My wife has driven a CX-9 for about 10 years now and it has been very solid. No real mechanical issues (knock on wood) other than a headlight that kept going out. Good in the snow and decent get up and go. When we got it we were in your position with kids getting bigger and needing more room. When we replace it we will probably get something smaller at this point.
  4. I used an app called HotStock on my phone. It gives notifications of items in stock and a link to order. Was able to get an xbox using it. I do think some of it was fortunate timing, but it certainly helped. l have it turned off now, but was getting semi-regular notifications of new stock up until I turned it off.
  5. ayee - know you are busy but did you not get my super great sheeping?

    1. hagmania


      OH NO!


      Can you send again in a new message chain?

    2. GAlmgren


      says it sent. they are terrible anyways if you don't get them..

  6. thevampirelestat@gmail.com

  7. We are next in the cribbage tourney. I am free most nights at 9:45 pm central.

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