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  1. Also Mat Kearney's "Young Love" is my favorite release so far this year.
  2. As much as I love Frank Ocean I was actually disappointed in Channel Orange. Not nearly as good as his mixtapes.
  3. The WR3 on a team without much at TE, isn't too different than a WR2 on a team with a good TE. And who knows? Hakeem Nicks could blow out his Achilles in week 2.
  4. http://espn.go.com/blog/afcnorth/post/_/id/44949/ryan-tannehill-impresses-at-his-pro-dayI caught the highlights of Tannehill's pro day. He looks the part, has a quiet confidence that you like to see, looked like he had a strong arm, but there was something about his throwing motion that I didn't like. It looked like he pushed the ball similarly to what you see weaker armed QBs do. I'm thrilled to see the Browns have a big presence there, we're certainly playing the hand well. I have a feeling Miami will get desperate on draft day and overpay for the #4 pick. I wouldn't mind their 8, as long as
  5. Who would you guys value more in dynasty at the moment, DGB or Sammy Watkins.
  6. A couple days ago Skip Bayless said he thinks Tebow should ask for a trade. What if him and a 3rd rounder was sent to Jacksonville for Blaine Gabbert and the 7th overall pick.
  7. Easily a better prospect than Ramses Barden was coming out.
  8. Any thoughts on Donald Browns prospects? He has looked good against some bad Ds, but hadn't done anything in his career until now.
  9. I had him ranked 21st... *BEFORE* he announced his retirement. He has not been the same QB since his injuries. His arm is shot and has worn down through the course of the year in every recent season. I was bearish on his ability to ever produce as a starter-caliber fantasy QB again. Even if he fails to retire and winds up on another team, those concerns aren't going to magically go away. Carson Palmer's name carries a lot of cachet in dynasty leagues because of how he looked early in his career (people thought he was going to be the next Peyton Manning, at one point), but the truth is that Car
  10. You grab who you think is the most talented player. A talent surplus at one position can be used to trade for talent at a position of need. Busts and average players don't do anything for you.I agree, but if the players are close, than take the better situation. Example: As most people who keep up around the shark pool know I love Randall Cobb as a football player. I thought he should have been a top 20 pick in the NFL draft. I think he is versatile, and could be used similar to Percy Harvin down the line. And I think talent wise he matches Harvin and could be even better. With all that being
  11. Really doesn't look that bad to me. I like Britt a little bit better than Jones, but the first and Ridley definitely makes it a bad offer. But it isn't terrible.
  12. So the Bears would deal Olson (and probobly get nothing more than a 4th round pick), and start Kellen Davis.
  13. Got another one (from the same guy that has sent a lot of the other ones I have posted). Get: DeMarcco Murrey, Vince Young Give: Michael Vick, Michael Huff
  14. Mario Manningham and Jacob Tamme for Mike Williams TB, Paul Poz, 2nd round pick.
  15. Well prison break is my 2nd favorite show of all time. And yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by hot tub time machine.
  16. A guy just told me it would take at least Darren McFadden for Colt McCoy.
  17. I got one bettergive: 1.3, Dustin Kellerget: Chris Wellsbut later he offered just Wells for Keller straight up. And then revoked the offer...
  18. Here is another one I was just offered I give LeSean McCoy, Jordy Nelson, Dustin Keller, 2012 first He gives Kenny Britt, Deji Karim, 2012 4th
  19. I offered a guy in my league (notorious for bad offers) C.J. Spiller and Dustin Keller for Kenny Britt. Britt is his 5th WR, and his staring TE is Ben Patrick. His 2nd best back behind AP is James Starks. He responded with: He gives Adrian Peterson Kenny Britt Lofa Tatupu 2012 4th round pick I give LeSean Mccoy Darren McFadden CJ Spiller Deangelo Williams Dustin Keller Jermaine Gresham Jordy Nelson Paul Pozlusny 2012 first rounder 2012 second rounder
  20. The Poz trade is not a good offer at all, but its not that bad.
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