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  1. From Tannehill's pro day:

    Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill had an outstanding performance at his pro day, according to NFL.com's Gil Brandt.

    This likely solidified his status as a top-10 pick in the NFL draft. There was "a large contingent" from the Cleveland Browns, which included offensive coordinator Brad Childress. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also attended the workout.

    Tannehill reportedly has a pre-draft visit set up with the Browns, who have the fourth overall pick in the draft.

    At his pro day, Tannehill showed off his mobility, accuracy and arm strength. While he wasn't throwing against a defense, he only had three incompletions (he missed one long pass and had two drops) on 68 passes thrown. He also ran the 40-yard dash in 4.62 seconds. As ESPN's Todd McShay pointed out, Andrew Luck ran it in 4.67 seconds, although Luck is an inch taller and 13 pounds heavier.

    McShay said on ESPN's "SportsCenter" that Tannehill is a legitimate top-10 pick and believes he is a better fit for the Browns than the Dolphins, who select eighth.

    "I would say the Browns, because they are a better team," McShay said when asked which team was a better fit for Tannehill. "They have better parts around the quarterback position. Miami, I'm not sure what the plan is when I look at the Miami organization. While they have Matt Moore and they brought in [David] Garrard, I just don't know if you want to bring in a young quarterback with everything else that’s going on in Miami."

    Fellow ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. disagreed.

    "I can see Cleveland taking [Tannehill], but I disagree with them being the best fit," Kiper said. "I think it's Miami. When you have [offensive coordinator] Mike Sherman there, you have familiarity, and there's some personnel. I think you're [McShay] underrating that personnel base a little bit. Granted they have to do some work in the draft, no question about that."

    Whether or not the Browns are the best fit, Tannehill shouldn't be in the conversation for them with the No. 4 pick. That choice should be between Alabama running back Trent Richardson and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

    Even though the Browns need to upgrade at quarterback over Colt McCoy, it's a stretch to validate taking Tannehill that high. There are six elite prospects in this draft (Luck, Robert Griffin III, Matt Kalil, Richardson, Blackmon and Morris Claiborne), and Tannehill is not among them. His 19 starts in college make him too much of a risk.

    If the Browns decide to trade back, then they should consider Tannehill.

    I caught the highlights of Tannehill's pro day. He looks the part, has a quiet confidence that you like to see, looked like he had a strong arm, but there was something about his throwing motion that I didn't like. It looked like he pushed the ball similarly to what you see weaker armed QBs do. I'm thrilled to see the Browns have a big presence there, we're certainly playing the hand well. I have a feeling Miami will get desperate on draft day and overpay for the #4 pick. I wouldn't mind their 8, as long as either Richardson, Claiborne, or Blackmon is there. BTW, Richardson's highlights had me drooling.

    I can see this happening:

    1) Colts: Luck

    2) Skins: RGIII

    3) Vikes: Kalil

    4) Dolphins: Tannehill

    5) Bucs: Claiborne (Although they can eff us out of Richardson)

    6) Rams: Blackmon

    7) Jags: Reiff

    8) Browns: Richardson

    Or this happens:

    1. Colts: Luck

    2. Skins: RG3

    3. Vikes: Kalil

    4. Phins: Tanny

    5. Bucs: T-Rich

    6. Rams: Blackmon

    7. Jags: Claiborune

    8. Browns: Reiff? Coples?

    A second rounder is not worth risking the huge downgrade from Richardson to the other options IMO. Even though I haven't heard anyone talk about it, don't rule out the Jags taking Richardson if your scenerio happens. MJD has a lot of ware on his tires, and they were going to take Spiller two years ago, before Buffalo got him one pick ahead of them.

  2. What are people doing with Carson Palmer in dynasty leagues? I can't see him being gone for good but is he worth keeping over say a (non Newton) rookie from this year's draft class?

    I had him ranked 21st... *BEFORE* he announced his retirement. He has not been the same QB since his injuries. His arm is shot and has worn down through the course of the year in every recent season. I was bearish on his ability to ever produce as a starter-caliber fantasy QB again. Even if he fails to retire and winds up on another team, those concerns aren't going to magically go away. Carson Palmer's name carries a lot of cachet in dynasty leagues because of how he looked early in his career (people thought he was going to be the next Peyton Manning, at one point), but the truth is that Carson Palmer hasn't been Carson Palmer in years, and it looks unlikely that he ever would be. He's David Garrard with a premium brand name.
    Agree completely, Palmer was garbage when he left. Even if he was still playing for the Bengals I wouldn't go near him, unless he got dropped. No upside really at all. Before the retirement I still would have taken a Ryan Mallett or Vince Young over him.
  3. This is only my 2nd year in a dynasty league, so my first rookie draft is a few days away.I hear lots of talk about always taking the "best player available" in a rookie draft andignore positional need. Do the experienced dynasty folks here agree with this?Not to make this an Assistant Coach thread but as an example... :)Even though I reeeeeally want to go RB at my 1.05 pick (assuming Ingram, Green, Jones and Thomas are taken),it looks like Little is going to be there and seems consistently ranked above the next tier of RBs(Carter, Hunter, Helu, etc etc).For experienced dynasty owners, is it a no-brainer, slam dunk to always draft the player you rank higher,regardless of team need? (assuming the need isn't dire).thoughts?

    You grab who you think is the most talented player. A talent surplus at one position can be used to trade for talent at a position of need. Busts and average players don't do anything for you.
    I agree, but if the players are close, than take the better situation. Example: As most people who keep up around the shark pool know I love Randall Cobb as a football player. I thought he should have been a top 20 pick in the NFL draft. I think he is versatile, and could be used similar to Percy Harvin down the line. And I think talent wise he matches Harvin and could be even better. With all that being said I still take Little ahead of him in rookie drafts. Although I like Cobb far better as a football player, his path is merky in Green Bay, and Little has just as a high a ceiling, and has a clear path to production right now. Cobb may have the higher floor, and I'm convinced he will be an outstanding football player for the next 8 years, but right now Little is the better rookie pick.
  4. I offered a guy in my league (notorious for bad offers) C.J. Spiller and Dustin Keller for Kenny Britt. Britt is his 5th WR, and his staring TE is Ben Patrick. His 2nd best back behind AP is James Starks. He responded with:

    He gives

    Adrian Peterson

    Kenny Britt

    Lofa Tatupu

    2012 4th round pick

    I give

    LeSean Mccoy

    Darren McFadden

    CJ Spiller

    Deangelo Williams

    Dustin Keller

    Jermaine Gresham

    Jordy Nelson

    Paul Pozlusny

    2012 first rounder

    2012 second rounder

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