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  1. Huge news. They might have a shot at the division this year.
  2. I trust my gut. I read what I can and get as much info as I can but in the end I go with what my intuition says.
  3. Dolphins just traded #12 and 2022 1st for the #6 https://www.nfl.com/news/dolphins-acquire-no-6-pick-in-2021-draft-from-eagles-in-exchange-for-no-12-plus-
  4. I would guess Minnesota will make a run at him. They have said the main focus this year is upgrading the defense and a Hunter/Watt anchored D-line sounds pretty appealing.
  5. As a Vikings fan are you effing kidding me? Lions got hosed imo. Wow
  6. No mention of Dalvin Cook? Missed a game, still the top RB. Monster!
  7. 1000 yards in 12 games without starting the first 2. In a run first offense and Kirk Cousins is his QB? I'd say the future is bright.
  8. The interesting and funny part of all this is if they had gone for the field goal and missed then still lost the game everyone of the second guessers would be saying you go for it every time. Mattison missed the hole or it's game over. I know there are different opinions and personally either way I was fine with. Going for it was my preference in the moment so I would say it is still my preference now. Had they kicked the field goal I would also have been fine with it. Fact is, there are so many different factors that go into wins and losses in a football game. IMO the Vikings should never have been in that situation in the first place... once again.
  9. NYG and MIN going hard for the #1 pick in 2021.
  10. So will Barkley run forward at some point tonight? Not watching, hanging with my daughters.
  11. I like that Zimmer is old school... but it seems he may be stubbornly old school.
  12. Sorry, I know I missed it somewhere but does anyone have a link to the live scoring app?
  13. Just goes to show how few people actually have time to read the threads every day.
  14. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29777639/jaguars-waive-leonard-fournette-three-seasons Now per ESPN. Just Wow, are they pulling a Miami and tanking?
  15. https://twitter.com/SInow/status/1300409087428120576 Looks to be true
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