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  1. as defensive schemes get more and more complex and "variable", won't these players become hard to project. one week, more in the box snaps and the next more deep based on opponent for example.
  2. LOL, what kind of league do you play in. Do they live off the grid or something?
  3. Agreed that he shows the work. However if I'm listening to podcasts by him and others on this site touting his RSP and his correct rankings it begins to feel self serving if the misses (and there are big ones) are never addressed. I would think that if for no other reason, he would want to address them to figure out what he missed or what piece of the process needs a tweak.
  4. So first off I respect the amount of work Waldman puts in and his knowledge around the evaluation process. However over the years I have seen pretty much the same hit or miss with his rankings than to any other. I know he’s had hits like like being down on McFadden and pointing out undrafted guys line Peyton Barber and the Crow. However he’s missed bad on some guys he banged the table for guys like Ameer Abdullah and Cody Latimore(the list is much longer) and also he was down on guys like Kareem Hunt or Alvin Kamara. I can let pass missing on guys like Treadwell since everyone was missing on him. Worse than the misses is the absolute disregard of the miss. If there was follow up commentary and process adjustment id be in. Instead it’s a total dismissal and move on Its Possible that I'm missing something and need to use the rankings differently so please let me know if I"m alone in this assesment. Hey Matt at least we can both be happy the Browns are back on the map. ( you were right about Chubb although anyone who saw him pre injury was also way in)
  5. with all the multiple fronts, teams are looking either for players that have great situational flexibility (ie play 4-3 DE, 3-4 OLB etc..) or extreme one dimensional use ( pass rush specialist that just comes in on passing downs). this is further complicated by how different coaches scheme what demands they place on the position in their scheme. For fantasy purposes, I think the lack of clarity provides great opportunity and allows you to snag a productive player late in the draft or cheap in FA that others aren't looking at.
  6. Two things; 1) When did Jene Bramel leave and is it permanent? 2)The lack of content is what helps give me an edge and I'm fine if it never changes.
  7. Weak? not at all. Bosa is amazing but realisticly Kuechly is one concussion away from retirement
  8. In my league, 3 or 4 years ago that would not end up on this post. However, today, yes LOL. Poor JJ
  9. Here's the worst I was offered but with a twist; it was the worst for the person offering it. 16 team idp deep rosters with taxi squad, salary cap league I had Kiko Alonso on a 4yr min deal in his rookie year. I wad approached by an owner who said he wanted Kiko and he was willing to come big. I said give it a shot. He offered me 3 1st round picks over the next few years along with a couple 2nds. I snapped that up in a hurry
  10. Team A wins big time I think salary cap dynasty league, 16 teams start 1-2 DT, 2 DE, 3-4LB, 2-3 CB, 2-3 S (start 11 total) heavy tackle CJ Mosely in a contract renegotion year traded for a mid level 3rd in 2019 and 2020 FWIW, I think the Mosely side wins but I couldn't keep him and had to get something
  11. I don't think using the Colts is a fair comp. They had the number 1 pick in both years and in both years there were clear franchise QBs. They get credit for not failing and taking Leaf and RG3 though. The Browns haven't had that luxury as they haven't quite sucked bad enough to get the #1 in a year with a true franchise QB. Its tough being a Browns fan since the return. So much turnover in regimes = no consisitency and always starting at square 1 I saw yesterday during SB coverage that almost every starter in SEA secondary was a 5th or later pick. They talked about the great development in that organization. That is what we need but we need the consistency in regime to let that happen.
  12. man I want to believe so badly but I feel a bit snakebit. I grew up in Sipe and Kosar days so I remember well when the Browns were not the laughing stock they are right now. I actually thought Chud did a good job with what he had and the circumstances he was forced to deal with. Cutting him lose after a year may be my final straw.
  13. Wasn't Mike Wallace on the team in '12? Pitt has always had at least two viable targets at WR throughout all of Ben's years there: Burress/Ward Ward/Holmes Ward/Holmes/Wallace Wallace/Brown Brown/??? That's part of the reason why I don't see them resting on their laurels and accepting Cotchery/Sanders as their #2. Maybe Wheaton can step up and be the guy next year, but it seems to me like they might need to dip back into the draft again. One way or another, I look for them to shore up that spot in the next year or two. Based on the past 10 years of the team, it's unlikely that any one of their receivers is going to sustain a 150+ target per season pace over multiple seasons. I think his progression as a wr (only 4th season from a smaller school), Wallace gone, and Pittsburgh having a worse defense all should be factored in. I agree with EBF in his thinking and this comment is a great example of why. Your observations correctly point to higher value LAST YEAR. You would have been wise to factor this in and bump him last year. If you apply this going forward you are missing the boat a little. PIT is an excellent organization and they will address the issues that led to his bump in production. The defense should get better, Wheaton should improve, they probably grab another late WR (like they have been doing all along). THese things should lead to a decrease in production back towards his 2011 and/or 2012 numbers. He is still valuable but if you move his mean production up to 2013 levels you are in danger of overvaluing him.
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