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  1. Facebook posts/tweets that start with "That time when..." or "That feeling when..."
  2. Someone tell me if something cool happens in The Sober Thread
  3. Not to harp on this, but I am curious as to what I missed here.The writers were trying to drum up some empathy for Nucky so jdoggy would like the show more and they missed explaining it.But I kinda missed that too. On the Boardwalk Wikia page it says that Purnsley back to the beach to recruit an army. Since a bunch of Chalky's men and Capone's men showed up at the same time I think it's implied that Eli found out that way.
  4. So yeah, it looks like a weak offense with very little talent will be catching up with Bo Ryan this year. .500 if they're lucky
  5. I must have missed something. It's implied that Massaria was tipped off by Lucky and Lansky about Owen coming to the bath house to kill him. How would they have known the specifics? The only people in the room were Nucky, Eli, Owen, Mickey and the agent.
  6. Me either. Kind of considering a sympathy vote for shuke at this point. Your link is broken
  7. Not gonna lie, that was a little depressing.Thorn asked why I couldn't go to Coshole 2012™ so I figured a depressing shot video would encapsulate why. And that SOB thorned his own video before he even shot it. There was never a video from him. What a bastage
  8. OH COME ONIT WAS ALL I HAD AT THE TIME!Not all of us can stock cloudy, cold, high quality vodka and various other types of booze. Some of us can only stock a bottle or two at a time.
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