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  1. The huge rakes are lame. It's a lot of fun when you're putting cash in your pocket.
  2. OROCO with a new 52 week high...Don't be afraid of success people.
  3. No price to pay, they just increase the delivery price by 20 cents a gallon for one day and it's covered by us.
  4. There's you're answer. Those three care more about adding an 18th week and then 19th week then the impact on the season long contests. From a fantasy standpoint they care about DFS. Both FD and DK do more volume in one weekend than all the national season long contests combined. WE used to have 4 SSLs and they took a huge nose dive once DFS became a thing.
  5. Why would he be insulating now that winter is over?
  6. Genius would be a health insurance surcharge like smoking, not a "rigged" lottery.
  7. Why did you not include yourself in the SSL 21 draft? I was slow on noticing this. Hope that things are ok and maybe you were just too busy at work.

  8. Personally it's gotten to be mostly luck with the resources available and many of us are now 30+ years into this.
  9. Thank you UWMC for keeping this from being the worst day ever.
  10. Looks like another down day led by Jeff Bezos.
  11. Anyone thinking F might see a bump after the F150 electric unveiling next week or has that been priced in.
  12. I loses the most money followed by regular then W assuming 100 shares of each
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