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  1. That had to be pre-negotiated or they are getting interest payments. Schalke would like nothing more than the deal to fall apart and get McKennie back and sell him for 33M.
  2. Weber Q. $200 and cooks food fast. Won’t handle meat for 10
  3. Forget the bonds. Also looking at a 10 year horizon you don't need to be conservative. Even if your balance dips by half this year, you will be ahead in 10 years. Actually the market dropping helps you because your contributions buy more shares now that will be worth more later. Maybe 2-3 years out I would look at bonds, but unless interest rates are up I would still want a dividend based stock fund.
  4. Which was still up over Amazon over the last 6 or so months. Anyway...glad you could benefit from my advice.
  5. Picking back up UWMC for $2+ a share cheaper than I sold it. Dribbling in to keep ammo for a bigger fall.
  6. Sold some at $11.39. Kicking myself for not selling some Amazon and buying more when it was in the 7s. PE was 5 at one point with a dividend around 7%.
  7. Ref - TGT....this is a $TSCO moment from a couple of weeks ago. @Todem liked TGT up to $200. I think there's an easy 5% gain here within 2 weeks.
  8. Speaking of picking up nickels, thanks to whoever mentioned TWLVU trading below the $10 NAV. Just picked up 500 nickels.
  9. None. I only sold a 1/3 but ny day I see a 15% pop in a stock I'm taking some profits.
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