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  1. I don't understand why you're down on Zardes. I thought he had a great shift in mop up duty for Pepi. No goals this time, but he was in the right place every time. I seem to recall some very good passes too. He outworks Dike and Sargent 2 to 1. I also think he deserves one chance to play significant minutes with an actual midfield in place. He could also be lethal with some other speed on the field too.
  2. Things change. The problem I see is that's there only so much money in the world and only so much room in our house to put crap. I hope you guys are right and the big break out is coming. My plan still remains the same. Sell a share every $50 it moves over $3500. Buy a share on every $200 pullback and then another share each $50 down. That type of trading has netted me about 10% this year. It will be very interesting to see what happens as we head into earnings. I may sell 25% beforehand regardless of the price to hedge my position. I think the likelihood of disappointment exceeds the likelihood of a surprise blow out.
  3. The Panthers were 3-0 before losing 2 row too.
  4. I was comparing 2Q to 1Q. Flat at this stage is real scary and I didn't realize that had happened. Diversification is the main reason I'm holding. Too heavily waited towards UpSeaQuatumGenomeInozzzFinTechToTheMoon stuff.
  5. I will be very interested in this number. I had grown my cash to 15% but used about 35% of that powder on the last dip at the beginning of the month. In hindsight I should have deployed more. I know many people say stay fully invested. I'm at less than a 1% return on the year based on my gains on what I've held, but that return goes to about 12% (still sucks relative to the SandP) when I included my closed traded positions. Thanks for INTC tip. I sold all mine I purchased last year in the mid 40s when it hit $60 sol it hasn't been on my radar.
  6. Any thoughts on T. It's pushing a 20 year low. Thought they were selling off a bunch of stuff soon.
  7. Bezos Bros slowly step back and try to walk away unnoticed.
  8. @stbugs Any thoughts on Tatooed Chef? In the past I've been buying in this $18 or below range and then selling at $22. I'm not seeing the growth in the sales numbers.
  9. I've actually closed some converted SPAC positions for a profit this week. Not much discussion about the companies after the conversion so it's hard to know if it's something I want to hold. History says most will end up down within a year so I'm cashing out and locking in some profit.
  10. Yup, @-OZ- and others had been the SE pimps. Had to trim because it was become to big a % of my portfolio. Only wish I had adhered to that on Amazonk.
  11. Do you know roughly when your last post was that had some new recs? Been busy getting a new company off the ground and didn't get time to dig into those.
  12. Kind of forgot @bro1ncos. 52.3 from Lamar, 33.5 from Brown and 31.9 from Taylor made it interesting as he ended up with 209.9. 48.7 from Andrews plus 3 from Tucker let me squeak by with the immunity at 211.6. Busman is low man this week and excused from the table.
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