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  1. 10 alive to score this week. Not sure it will be enough to close the gap.
  2. Where the cost living is significantly less. Tough issue to solve when things cost2-3x more in some places.
  3. Yup. A lot of of foreclosure operations often use cash for keys to get people to leave. (I realize there are no "keys" in this situation).
  4. Lease agreements, even verbal transfer with the property. Non payment doesn't matter because you can't evict until the end of January and that will likely be extended until the end of September. I don't know about PA, but in my state the police won't do anything. I've seen cases where people break into and take up residence in vacate properties. The police will tell you to go to court and get a writ of possession and the sheriff will remove them.
  5. I'm sorry I didn't copy it at the time. It lasted about 5 minutes and went away.
  6. As stated in the other thread, the eviction and foreclosure protection is going to hurt the housing market. Basically shifts the current burden from one group to another while still leaving the first group on the hook and on the street in a year or so. Still don't understand how the gov't can legally prevent you from exercising your legal and contractural rights.
  7. A lot of buyers at $5.08. That's exactly halfway to the 7% drop. If we hold $5.08 things should be OK, if the line is crossed we are headed lower.
  8. The link will go active after you submit your waiver moves.
  9. 10 is my usual jumping on point but in this case it was 20. I don't have the account value some of these guys do to jump in at 100 shares. Also I'm working with my entire retirement account so any trades I make are not my "gambling" account, meaning I'm more conservative than most here with these funds. Diversity is hugely important to my plan as I own no index funds. I'm satisfied with stacking up a bunch of little wins. I currently have 25 SPACS that haven't converted so it adds up pretty quickly as I have between $100 to a high of $5000 invested in each. I like to leave room to add if
  10. fyi...Cosair back down to $38. Glad I sold some earlier in the week. Starting to add back.
  11. That release wasn't planned and is basically found money they can use for buy backs. More importantly they are saying the pandemic was just a hiccup and not an earth shattering event from a financial perspective.
  12. Done with ACTC. Up over 10% today. 155% return in 16 days. It's not supposed to be this easy is it?
  13. Not a valid symbol....that is pretty contrarian.
  14. Thank you for posting this. Took a starter position at $10.45.
  15. Dude, you are a freaking machine right now. Keep it up. I'm going to need to take notes and tighten things up when the going gets tougher.
  16. Jan 1 274.4 Jan 12 262.4 - 12.0 lbs, 1627 cal (227 over goal), lift, 20 min jog Jan 13 261.8 - 12.6 lbs, 1417 cal (17 over goal), no exercise Jan 14 261.8 - 12.6 lbs, 1686 cal (286 over goal), lift, 20 min cycle Jan 15 260.6 - 13.8 lbs I've been saving my cals for a late dinner this week. I suspect I over estimated calories yesterday. Broke a a package of venison cube steak yesterday. My go to recipe is to mix cream cheese and jalapeño bits. I spread this inside the cube steak, fold it over, and wrapped with a piece of bacon. Dash with BBQ sauce wh
  17. Continuing the conversation from yesterday...C also fits the profile with a PE of 11 and a yield of 3%. Definitely not frothy.
  18. JPM crushes and announces $30 billion buyback, down 2%. C also smashed it and is down. It's not going to be a fun earnings season.
  19. Don't be afraid of success...wake the F up people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N28MToLtLUA skip to the 45 sec mark for a laugh
  20. I think they have some bad projections. RoJo will play and was a great pick by by OldMil. I strongly like his team over mine. Go DC had a great draft. I had a bad draft. My plan for the 5th spot was Andrews. I was surprised when Hill was there and he's the type of keeper you to be competitive next round. Hill could be boom or bust. Need Cleveland to push KC a bit. I foolishly took Watkins over Higgins. Watkins one this league for me last year so I have a soft spot for his injured ###. The plan for the second round was RB and I didn't expect Brown to be there in the second. Prob
  21. Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  22. @chet or anyone else who cares to comment Let's say this trial comes back as an improvement but not statistical significant enough for approval and the Covid option is dead. Where do you see the bottom of the stock price? Realistically at what price do people step in to prevent it from going to pennies? Also, is CYDY in financial shape to ride out the Sumsung purchase orders and store the LL until the HIV approval or did they basically shove all in here? What's your game plan if we don't see the result we hope for? Should we just sell at any price at the first available moment or wil
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