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  1. There are exceptions, but if you charted IQ vs. vaccination status you would find a strong correlation. In our office the only people who haven't been vaccinated are those with no college.
  2. Week for me. I'd imagine someone getting top drugs and treatment could make it faster. eta - Contact would be the issue. He should be able to seriously train within a week.
  3. I didn't know what else to do here. I keep getting stuck in the same draft spot and was tried of every team having Lamb/Mclaurin. Was in the same position in the first round so I let Old Mil have Diggs and took Hopkins just to be different this draft. I suspect @OldMilwaukeetakes Allen if I don't. I wasn't happy with the pick, but you guys had just cleared out my RB tier. No point taking a RB here when equal options would be available later. Hopefully Allen and decent backup allow me to go only 2 deep at QB when others have to go 3 deep. Also this scoring is QB friendly where the IB
  4. Nice. Certainly has cherry picking mastered. Maybe Sarge could learn a thing or two from this.
  5. I'd would be following there lead.
  6. I read they upped that offering by $150M which is why I posted $250M. My question is where does that money go?
  7. Did some selling this morning....23ME (+20%), Danimer (+5%), Peloton (+20%), Lanthanus (+25%), IMMR (+5%). added some HGEN at $18.11.
  8. I'll pile up the points at the other positions and then given the format in this league draft anyone with a pulse at RB and hope for injuries. 24 of 48 is crazy in a league with diminished ppr for RB IMO.
  9. From some reading i was doing yesterday, if they make the dividend big enough (25% of the stock price), they only have to pay to shareholders of record the day prior to the payable date. That would mean anyone selling today won't get the dividend if they can crater the stock price enough to hit that 25% mark. Not sure if you would have to meet both criteria to get the dividend. Of course I've seen preferred stock mentioned and not dividend so who really knows what you're getting and when. Of course Torch dumped another $250M into the pool earlier this week so somebody is getting that pile
  10. Is it even a dividend? When is it payable?
  11. You forget to mention companies like GME priced 10x where they should be. Uncharted territory...we just came out of a bear market and the feds have saturated us with money. labor shortages, housing shortages, material shortages...could be posted for a huge breakout. That said, it may be time to start pulling some chips off the table.
  12. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/recorddate.asp
  13. https://www.investors.com/research/after-hours-trading/
  14. I reading you still will get the dividend. Also reading if the dividend is over 25% the two day record date drops to one.
  15. I see some opportunity in Lincolnton/Hickory/Newton. Rental market is extremely strong and the prices are lagging.
  16. Thanks for posting this. I jumped ship at $18.77 but have been adding back starting at $18.35.
  17. Damn...Just closed out my position down 22%. FU sharp spring.
  18. Just spit balling here but total paid might include occupancy taxes. The county rate is 4% and the state collects about that too. Would be interesting to know if that total paid includes any book and insurance fees that you would see. It probably is fully booked the next few months but they should be able to provide you contracts to prove that or a screen shot of their trust account. All rents paid in advance in NC for vacation rentals have to be held in a trust account until the stay occurs. The calendar would differentiate between owner reservations and paid reservations. AC wouldn'
  19. Will read that now. The blue was truncated off so I didn't even look.
  20. Sorry to be such a negative nanny. That's a great really cool area. What elevation is the home situated?
  21. Sounds like fun! I've been very vocal around these parts about vacation rentals not being the best investment. 1. I would want to see the owner's tax return schedule for this piece of property. 10 months seems almost too good to be true. I would expect strong rentals from May through October and then the winter holidays. Not sure about the proximity to Catoolouchee to drive ski bookings. 2. My last vacation rental was at 4500 ft and AC wasn't needed. Only got above 80 degrees a day or two a year. What elevation are you looking at? You need to figure out snow removal for 3 mo
  22. @Whyatt What is your thoughts on these insiders selling right now?
  23. Where is all this meme money coming from? Billions of dollars just flooding the market.
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