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  1. He's in the mix as the no huddle back it seems. I'd expect him to be the full 3rd down back if Collins is out.
  2. We wouldn't like him but most would take him as a business relationship. We had Vick for how many years.
  3. If Penny is there, I don't see Homer having much of a role. Again just my opinion from what I've seen. And also I'm PPR.
  4. Yes and they had a #### storm of bad PR after that. I don't think they want that again.
  5. Didn't stop them with Ray Rice. I would think they would be out in front of these things for image perception.
  6. CMC owner in my league is 0-6. He's need bodies now as CMC is basically his only RB. He also had CEH. He's throwing AJ Dillon and D Johnson out there this week. But I have Henderson and Zeke and only Collins and Singletary after that. Not sure he'll go for Collins with the injury news even if I packed some good WR with him. Ultimately, he probably just goes down with the ship because he's got nothing else. Renamed his team dumpster fire. I'm just trying to figure out a fair offer to pry CMC away from him.
  7. And also, why wouldn't he be facing a minimum 8 game suspension as soon as he sets foot back in an NFL facility.
  8. He has to have at least an 8 game suspension if they want to even began to appear like they care about protecting women.
  9. I'm in. I think OBJ injuries will continue and Jarvis is not going to be 100% just yet. Should be enough time for DPJ to carve out a chunk for himself. He's getting the snap counts and now the targets while OBJ is out.
  10. This was my play. I put $42 for Penny (winning bid was $151) and $2 for Deejay. Ended up with Deejay. I'm ok plugging him in if Collins can't go.
  11. Rarely do you handcuff a WR but I have held Jefferson all year as a Cupp owner.
  12. I traded him away but if he was on the wire, I'd definitely take him. This coaching staff can't possibly keep giving him 1 carry a half right? Right!?
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