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  1. Which is fine. If he sucks, were getting another QB. If he's good, then that solves the position for at least 2-3 years.
  2. I'm not sure who paid for it but I did notice some changes at a large power station that I pass on my way to my parents house. I'd say some time last year around April or May, the fence went from simple 8' barb wire to looking like a prison wall. Two full walls, one about 10' with steel plating and the outer one 12' about 3-4' thick stone. Barb wire lining the top of both with cameras on every corner aiming both ways. Didn't pass it at night but it also looked like large spotights probably trigger with motion sensors. I'd say that grid is pretty damn safe from random yahoos and most conc
  3. Welfare for the Rich John explores some of the government handouts that Rich people have been getting for decades.
  4. I'd pretty much level with the agent and say look what are you gonna do? He has basically one more year at $12m and then they can trade or cut him next year. $12m is better than what he'd get on the market right now.
  5. At this point, do they have to release Ertz? They're under the cap now. They gain no cap relief by cutting him. Only a trade helps with that and they're not going to give him away. I think they might bring him back if no one gives them a 3rd.
  6. They usually don't resign. State level appears to be different.
  7. Exclusive Mass Effect artwork and soundtrack available for download for a limited time. https://twitter.com/masseffect/status/1390048744217972738?s=19
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