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  1. Glad we have the real scientists checking in on this now.
  2. Then the states can fund that individually. It doesn't need to be thrown in here as a favor to whoever congressman. Especially as they have basically destroyed so many jobs in the private sector over the last year.
  3. Here's a high level summary so far. Ignore the "fact check" part and yahoos poor layout of slipping in links to other articles in the middle of the main article. But essentially it's another bloated spending bill that gives 9% directly to Covid related items, 22% to the stimulus checks, 13% to unemployment, 27% to state and local governments and schools (which is a really vague way of giving money to individual states of their choosing). The remaining 29% is not really explained (even the article contradicts itself saying 85% goes to relief but that only adds up to 71%). Ultimately, some of th
  4. There have been many who said the same for Michael Jackson. That the allegations against him are just not true. Once a lie is out there though, it's a mountain to climb in order to disprove. The only difference for Allen and Jackson is that they have/had a ton of money. So they could withstand the negative publicity. A regular person cannot and often has their lives ruined.
  5. Here's the perspective on the Middle East from the Middle East. Spoiler: they don't like it. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/2/26/unconstitutional-us-airstrikes-on-syria-draw-strong-criticism
  6. It amazes me how much of a hornet's nest Biden is stirring up in the middle East and the Indo-pacific region and yet it's basically being ignored by our national media. It's being noticed very much by our allies on that side of the world though. India and Japan are preparing for the possibility of war with China as the middle east falls back into the routine of American drone strikes whenever our military feels like it. All through it, Biden appears to be making moves against our allies' best interests. This is not going to end well. Here's the latest. Biden is moving American troops awa
  7. Republicans would totally be voting for the bill if it had all the payouts to THEIR special interests in there. Rest assured. But in this case, I'm glad for their hypocrisy. This bill has less than half of it to do with "Covid Relief".
  8. Idk if this was posted already but I love this. 5'6" kid covers Zion in high school Some NSFW language
  9. 1 new game means a new AFC opponent every year. Teams will play their divisional counterpart from that extra division 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. Same as we do for the NFC extra 2 opponents.
  10. Yes but there's 3 to choose from. Better odds. And we don't have a legitimate WR on the team right now. Goeddert has at least shown he's a starter in the league.
  11. Yes but if you're taking him at 6, you pretty much need him to become Tony Gonzalez eventually for it to be worth it. There's so many other positions of need that taking TE that high makes no sense.
  12. And who's going to play oline? Not to mention they both are on the books for significant cap hits for another 2-3 years. You have to keep some players. Plus we want to get rid of them cause they're injured. You think a team is giving up a high pick for the same reason? We'd get like a 4th or 5th at best for either with the contract and injury history. Best we can hope for is they both come back healthy.
  13. Line will get better with Lane and Brooks back. Wilson will elevate the WR corps. Offense will be more stable with a top tier vet at the helm. I know it won't happen but it would be nice.
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