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  1. Same as the white people that invented LatinX. It's origins are based in academia and it's detractors are called homophobes and racists. Pretty familiar tactic.
  2. I'm suggesting that just like many of the PC words that have been "accepted" over the years, LatinX will be forced upon the people and will become one of those things the minority harass people for not using.
  3. I thought the same at first too. Then I saw what hispanics thought if it and I made it a point to not use that word.
  4. Not at all. Language obviously evolves to fit modern meaning but it's done in a way that is natural and accepted by society. Changes that are forced upon the people degrade language. Many occupying forces throughout history have used language as a means to completely eliminate a society and take them over. The romans themselves forced Latin onto the areas they conquered and forbade the native language as a means of control. As the empire died, language was allowed to evolve naturally from Latin into what we have now. Forcing restrictions and changes upon society through fear has never go
  5. Yes. By and large they never heard of it and those that have do not like it. https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2020/08/11/about-one-in-four-u-s-hispanics-have-heard-of-latinx-but-just-3-use-it/#fn-29384-5
  6. Yes. Simple tweaks here and there that are deemed "progressive" for society further erase the origins of language until there is nothing original left. We only have the new, sterile language of the current power. Ask any hispanic person what they think of Latinx. Most will say they never heard of it but those that have we tell you it's another attempt to colonize their language into white culture.
  7. And the schools that have been open the whole time? Just a stack of cash to use for whatever?
  8. It would be funny if political leaders didn't pander to this lunatics.
  9. It comes from the origin of language. A lot of English and most of the European languages come from Latin. Latin is a very gender based language but obviously several thousand years old. Things were simply different back then. Doesn't make them right or wrong. It's just what they did at the time. Humans evolve but we don't destroy our history because it doesn't fit in with our current societal norms. We preserve our history to see how far we've come.
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