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  1. Lets hope he is as good as his name sake https://www.coloradorapids.com/post/2021/03/04/colorado-rapids-sign-us-u-17-winger-yaya-toure-homegrown-player-contract
  2. This is correct. Juve uses this method with a lot of its transfers. I don't know if the 3 installment thing was pre negotiated though.
  3. Aaronson and Dest both advance to their perspective Cup finals with the wins today.
  4. The big man scores again! This loan is going so well. ================ https://streamja.com/4dw63
  5. Here is the full Juve press release https://www.juventus.com/en/news/articles/official-option-rights-executed-for-mckennie Juve have three years to pay, in installments. If Weston hits some unspecified conditions, Juve have to pay more. Weston is signed through June 2025.
  6. The last time he made a blunder, he went I believe ten games with out seeing a single second of playing time. I think this was his first minute of play since that punishment. Lets hope the coach has a shorter memory than last time.
  7. well that should do it for any more minutes for Otasowie https://twitter.com/BrianSciaretta/status/1366881464500035587?s=20
  8. This is a good interview with Kreis talking about all the various issues with the Atlanta players and his thoughts on the roster. For those that don't have the time to read, he also mentions that Efra was simply not ready to make a decision yet for either country so he decided to push that decision point into the future. I think Efra can still play for Mexico in the Olympics if called and won't effect any US eligibility down the line. https://sbisoccer.com/2021/03/jason-kreis-addresses-atlanta-uniteds-call-up-rejections-efrain-alvarez-and-more
  9. The biggest concern for me is that we have assembled a team with exactly 2 players who are actively playing club ball right now (Johnny and Saucedo). Every one else is basically in their off season or never plays with their club team. This is a bit scary considering so much is riding on the very first game. We already knew the quality of age eligible players missing was enormous, and now having to add in Konrad, Robinson, Bello and Brooks to that list is certainly not going to make me sleep any easier. I don't know enough about the other teams young players but both Liga MX and
  10. Vote early and often https://twitter.com/FCRBS_en/status/1366761874826665992?s=20 in all seriousness, this is a wonderful indication of how quickly he has adapted to a new team/league/country.
  11. Nashville's stadium is set to open next year. The US typically gets excellent support in that area with little worry of Central American fans swarming. This will be the largest SSS in the US coming in at 30k seats. It will come online too late for 2022 qualifying but it will likely host a handful of games in the run up to 2026. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EvfWULSWQAMnmrh?format=jpg&name=4096x4096
  12. VAR would have called that a no goal due to hands....
  13. This not why we send you to Germany Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/justin-che-being-with-bayern-munich-might-open-door-with-germany-usa-dallas-14969
  14. Barcelona did not release Konrad for the Olympic qualifying games.
  15. The friendlies are set. US vs Jamaica March 25 in Austria US vs Northern Ireland March 28 in Belfast
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