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  1. Yes, they announced it just recently https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FB06IvmXMAQeDlU?format=jpg&name=medium
  2. I assume this doesn't happen with Tata ======== Charlie O'Connor-Clarke @charliejclarke #CanMNT coach Herdman says he just got off the phone from a long conversation with USMNT's Gregg Berhalter, just chatting and comparing notes
  3. Not sure how this went in. He had a goal and the a secondary assist off the bench today https://twitter.com/SkyFootball/status/1449366413718794242?s=20
  4. Adams did not dress today for RBL. Jedi subbed in at the 58th minute today. They are up 3-1 late right now, which keeps them near the top of the table. Ream started at has gone the whole way.
  5. Brooks is starting today as his back issues look to have settled down.
  6. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBxVBHOX0AIWH6R?format=jpg&name=large I agree the list appears to be meaningless based on these names
  7. I saw the MLS graphic that Miles, Turner, Clark, Sands and Pepi were on the list, but I don't know who else from abroad.
  8. This is a good piece from ESPN's Connelly with a deep dive into what worked and what didn't so far in qualifying with lots of stats. https://www.espn.com/soccer/united-states-usa/story/4497275/usmnts-world-cup-qualifying-whats-workingwhats-broken-and-the-problem-with-playing-it-safe
  9. I think Junior Soprano best describes our resident troll. "Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they’re leading.”
  10. Did I miss any Behind the Crest's? I seem to only remember one after the Jamaica game...
  11. Brian Sciaretta @BrianSciaretta With Hoffenheim up 1-0 on Koln in the 36th minute, Chris Richards has been subbed into the game due to an injury to Kaderabek. The #USMNT defender is getting unexpected minutes today, less than 48 hours after starting for the U.S. 4,279 miles away.
  12. Roger Gonzalez @RGonzalezCBS Sources tell CBS Sports that Premier League clubs have started showing an interest in USMNT talent Ricardo Pepi. Hearing the expectation is it could take between $12-15 million to land him. There has been no shortage of interest, obviously. One Premier League club, sources say, is planning to initiate contact with his representatives soon. Not at liberty to say the club, but it is one that could probably guarantee him minutes and isn't a relegation contender.
  13. Brian Sciaretta @BrianSciaretta Now turning our attention to a busy weekend for American players abroad and in MLS, it kicks off today. - Chris Richards is on the bench for Hoffenheim today vs. Koln. Hard to see many of the players on the last #USMNT roster playing this weekend. But a few will
  14. That is some lofty company for Gio. This award is for the top U21 player playing any where in the world. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBbDhdvWYAwn6u0?format=jpg&name=medium =============== Gio was also named as one of the 20 Finalists for the Golden Boy award give to the top U21 player who plays in Europe.
  15. I am not down on him. My position on him has not changed at all this cycle.
  16. Also, don't forget that Pulisic's play style when employed as a winger has him crashing the box hard from weak side of the play. He often crosses in front of his own 9 to get on the end of low crosses. This is something Pepi will have to get used of should they ever play together this cycle.
  17. CRC Futbol @crcfutbol Six members of the CR National Team, including the coach, test positive for COVID after their trip to the states.
  18. Considering we are begging fans to support our youth national teams with donations, a loan is probably what will be needed. I have no idea what type of terms they could get with their current problems in court. I think those cases would have to be settled first before any loan of substance could be obtained. I don't think the women can win, but if by some miracle they do, the financial consequences seem dire.
  19. Hopefully that goes hand in hand with increased sponsor presence and commitment with the WC coming. But that won't be in place by next winter I don't think which is when the start of the coaching decisions will be made, probably going into spring of 2023.
  20. Agreed. Although finding commonality on what we as fans think is moderately successful and what US Soccer thinks might be two different things entirely. And who knows how finances might play into this too. The US might very well not be able to afford a "big name" type coach no matter what happens in 2022.
  21. it is complicated since there are two sides to the coin. 1) The short form of tournaments leads to variance 2) The improved quality of teams at the WC level can expose teams that skated in qualifying from a weaker region.
  22. We are a unique case unlike any other in world soccer. The next generation coming up is actually our current national team.
  23. I feel the same way about the ELS game. Sometimes it is easy as fans to make the step from disappointing performance to being out played. The US was not out played in either the Canada nor ELS game IMO. ELS did not come with in a country mile of a goal that night and the US had more chances than Canada to get the 3 points. Now on the other hand, the Panama game was complete and utter drek. We absolutely deserved to lose that game.
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