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  1. Costa Rica has a new coach ================== Ives Galarcep @SoccerByIves Costa Rica has its new head coach, former Honduras (and Ecuador) head coach Luis Fernando Suarez. Suarez led Ecuador to the 2006 World Cup & Honduras to the 2014 WC. Getting Costa Rica to the 2022 WC won't be easy (especially with Canada blossoming).
  2. This is great to see the crowds coming back strong for MLS. Scroll to see some stadium pics from this past weekend https://imgur.com/a/KWF9euX#rHgHzAl
  3. Article on Man City and their back up keepers with some nice words about Steffen https://www.si.com/soccer/manchestercity/transfer-rumours/man-city-goalkeeper-futures-revealed-with-new-signing-expected-this-summer
  4. Nice view of Pepi's clinical finish this weekend https://twitter.com/FCDallas/status/1406434102463639553?s=20
  5. This is the correct way to look at things IMO. I don't believe the Gold Cup is likely to go well but it doesn't have to thankfully. ============================== YankReport @ReportYank It feels good heading into a Gold Cup looking for players to patch holes rather than looking for saviors for the National Team.
  6. Hint for 7 "Just a good ol' boys, Never meanin' no harm,"
  7. ===================== [Scotland National Team] Stephen O'Donnell on Jack Grealish: "Thankfully, John McGinn had been giving me some tips. He said, if he comes on, get nibbling in his ear, but don't be critical, be complimentary. So the full time he was on I was telling him how good looking he was, and I loved his calves"
  8. I think every one on here except Lindsey was on the Gold Cup provisional roster. Only 1 player on this list was on the Olympic team... =========== Tutul Rahman @tutulismyname Top US u21 players this MLS season (fotmob) 1) Busio - 7.59 2) Araujo - 7.58 3) Clark - 7.53 4) Amaya - 7.39 5) Flach - 7.26 6) Bassett -7.14 7) Bello - 7.12 8] Vines - 7.06 9) Lindsey - 7.06 10) Sands - 6.89
  9. considering that even jesusGuys did not edit out hell, I don't think it counts as a swear.
  10. I guess the field turf likely helped with that but still....
  11. holy hell, that hit the underneath of the cross bar 3 times! I don't think I have even seen that before.
  12. fabulous Tifo https://i.redd.it/zj5h6pmh0d671.jpg
  13. https://twitter.com/MLS_Buzz/status/1406664367219916800?s=20
  14. I would put his foot skills as average. I don't see much of a gap in distribution skills between Steffen, Whorebath and Turner.
  15. That last save was really nice. The PK save was easy since it was so poorly hit.
  16. Pulisic lining up his post Chelsea gig https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E4VIzXZXoAEikhl?format=jpg&name=large
  17. The stadium looks and more importantly, sounds, absolutely incredible on video. I hope we get a World Cup Qualifier in that atmosphere this cycle in Austin.
  18. Turner with an incredible game tonight even with giving up 2 goals https://twitter.com/watke_/status/1406465664085217280?s=20
  19. Crew players and fans singing a good bye to Crew Stadium in its last game https://streamable.com/zk62sf
  20. Zardes gets a brace to close out Crew Stadium forever in a familiar 2-0 scoreline.
  21. good memories! ============= https://twitter.com/USMNT/status/1406280614236487682?s=20
  22. USMNT @USMNTTAKES Full agreement for Konrad de la Fuente. Marseille and FC Barcelona have reached an agreement of around 3.5M € ! The player will commit for 4 seasons with Marseille ! He will have the medical examination at the beginning of next week
  23. We may find out soon. The massive crowds that Mexico will draw in the Gold Cup will give us a very quick read of the situation.
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