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  1. Don't know why I always struggle to want to play Brown...he is a stud...feels like when he has a bad game its because of the Titans...not Browns ability...
  2. I wouldn’t wait if you have an equal option...for all his Twitter posting complaining about all the Ravens issues it would be just dessert if they cancel game because of Steelers positives ..and I’m a Claypool owner..
  3. 10-team dynasty - PPR Team A (last place) Gave Stephon Diggs Team B (currently 2nd place) Gave Christian Kirk and 2021 1st Round pick (should be late).
  4. Malcom Butler has been following Claypool all day...announcers are saying he is getting the #1 WR treatment...it’s opening everyone else.
  5. I has watching the players jackets and towels...jerseys...no flutter...that I saw...not goalposts
  6. They just showed warmups and it didn't seem windy on the field??? I have Slayton but can pull him for Kirk.
  7. I think GB wins if they commit to running the ball......Jones and Williams
  8. 10 team dynasty PPR Team A - gave Mark Walton and 2020 1st Round Pick (probably late) (tied for 1st) Team B - gave Melvin Gordon (last place) I’m team A.....figured I’d roll the dice on Gordon now as he is getting his LT back this week and will most likely be in a new environment next year. Rb’s go early and often in our drafts whether they should or not so figured I wouldn’t get a top RB late first anyways.
  9. I agree....he also could have had a 2nd TD but was down at the goaline...so day could have even been better
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