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  1. The Dark and the Wicked on Shudder was pretty good. Some pretty creepy stuff done well.
  2. I listen to a fair amount to a lot of sirius/xm radio. I am also all over the dial. Anyway, several times this week I would be grooving to a song that I did not recall knowing. I would look to see who it was and I'll be damned if it wasn't Ringo. This happened at least five times in the last week. Enough that I am getting wtf vibes.
  3. where are you listening to Jim Green? podcast?
  4. These high prescription ones are the best ones to do. These people are so thankful.
  5. Same here so I may at some time end up seeing it. I did not realize it was the same movie released years ago? I never saw that one either. I don't think I ever saw a DC movie that truly worked for me. I did like the last Joker movie with Phoenix playing the Joker. The first wonder woman was ok but I did not care for it as much as others.
  6. Just wanted to add that I did look into doing this myself but chickened out. I am to worried about the consequences of messing this up.
  7. I have a backdoor that needs replacing. I believe it will be the whole frame as well as the door. There is some water damage and some flooring will also need to be be replaced right at the threshold. I had a guy come over who took some measurements and will get back to me with a quote. What is a fair price to get this job done? I am in a manufactured home.
  8. Nothing about that trailer makes me want to see it. It is so weird how DC just doesn't seem to get it?
  9. I am looking forward to it and planned on watching tonight but I found out UFC has a good fight tonight so I am going with that.
  10. It is really interesting to me how subjective music is to folks. I read this and I feel you are talking about a different band.
  11. I watched After Midnight on Shudder. It was a fun valentines day movie. Old school creature (guy in a monster suit)which I am a fan of.
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