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  1. The mystery is how did they get to the point they are at. Was it mental? chemical imbalance? demons tell him to do it? why was she doing what she was doing? (Am I alone thinking this whole blogging thing was narcissistic and stupid) What kind of life leads one to this? I personally would be interested in this regardless of what Gabby looked like. I think "super hot" is a little over the top. She is pretty but that is all subjective.
  2. Lots of presumptions here, good buddy. If there is something to read it may lead to a diagnoses of some mental illness. This in turn could lead to new info that could help people out in the future. We can often times learn about things with hindsight. I also want to hear more before I judge this guy. Not that I am in any position to be judging anyone.
  3. Earlier I had mentioned how I was not sure how I missed Halloween 2018. I put it on last night and realized I had seen it. It was a fun rewatch as I remembered seeing but couldn't tell you what was going to happen next. I believe I liked it more this time around. Looking forward to Halloween kills.
  4. I am heading out to the lands of Geronimo. I will be tent camping and hiking the area where Geronimo surrendered. I will keep my eyes open. I have my Catahoula leopard dog with me and not much gets by him. I will report back next week.
  5. I have not seen Halloween 2018 and I'm not sure why. With Halloween Kills coming out, I did order the blue ray of Halloween 2018. I am pretty excited to see it. I really don't know why I haven't yet.
  6. TB and the over. I forget what the numbers were. Im guessing -10.5, 48 ? 🍺
  7. It's Ratma ( I always watch with cc on) V/H/S 94 is not good but I can appreciate some of the practical effects.
  8. My personal opinion is Get Out does not deserve to be in the conversation with those movies. The three you mentioned are far better. Again this is all my opinion but I feel the accolades given Get Out were a result of the times. I do own it and I have watch it once a year or so. It's a fine movie but it's not as good as everyone says.
  9. Last night I watched the first movie in Joe Bob's Halloween Hoedown. It was Angel which is a movie I like although I do not feel it is a Halloween movie. The Shtick for the night was he let his two guests pick one of their favorite horror movies. Angel was picked by David Gordon Green. His segments during the movie were fantastic and I highly recommend finding them if you are interested in horror film making or any film making. He is a really interesting cat and has a very frenetic way about him. I had no idea all the things he has done. Lot's of cool behind the scenes of Halloween talk. The second movie was picked by Jason Blum and is Terror Train. It was getting late for me so I will have to wait for that to be available next week on Shudder. I am looking forward to it. Joe Bob is killing it on Shudder. Love the info he gives and I am starting to like Darci which was not always the case.
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