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  1. Don't feel bad, it's fine. I am in shock at how much free time you guys have on your hands. Is everyone in here working?
  2. Did fatguy take over my spot? It is fine if he did. I have a confession to make- I thought this was a Rolling Stone's song draft. I was really thrown off when I saw that first pick.
  3. Just got home and reading through this. If I have not been kicked out yet I do have someone that will pick during day for me. I can't believe you guys have 6 pages already, wtf?
  4. I can promise one a day. If someone with more time on their hands wants to step in I am cool with that as well.
  5. I can do it. I do have a job that does not allow me to be on during day but I'm good other than that. Not sure how fast you guys want this to go?
  6. late game 4 pick parlay-Den ML, LV -3.5, Sea ML, SF ML Tom Brady O 304.5 passing yards TB ML
  7. Early games parlay- AZ,Balt,KC,Buff,Ten,NE,NYG,Pitt,Cleve AZ game parlay-AZ ML, Over 51.5
  8. 3 game parlay- Ind +3.5, Hou +12.5, Pitt ML 6 game parlay- Car +3.5, Buff ML, Jax +6, Az ML, TB ML, Sea -5.5 Pitt/ Under 46.5 Combined Mahomes passing yards + Lamar Jackson rushing yards Over 365.5
  9. I have Clemson -27.5 I guess it can still happen but it's not looking good.
  10. meh, it happens. Move on. I'm not doing well at all this weekend.
  11. If this is the case he should have immediately filed a missing person report. From the video I could see both of them making bad decisions due to their mental state. After watching that video I am pretty sure the police could get them to say anything they wanted. There is no way that kid should be talking to police without a lawyer. I wonder if the police who pulled them over have any remorse? Maybe we wouldn't be here if they arrested her. I think that would weigh on my mind.
  12. I agree. I'm more suspicious of her than him.
  13. I loved Shang Chi. I was very disappointed in BW and this exactly what I needed Marvel to do. The movie was really fun. Some seriously grim stuff in there but it still found a way to be fun.
  14. I was a fan. Sad to see some of the folks I grew up watching or listening to pass on.
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