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  1. Anyone jumping into the pot stock - CBDHF - Hempfusion Wellness Inc?
  2. Anyone jumping into the pot stock - CBDHF - Hempfusion Wellness Inc?
  3. I do love me some Apple, but was having an affair with Shopify today!
  4. Wow, someone's got some straight up cash homie!
  5. Neither have I, but just read an article about them through market beats. https://markettactic.com/the-breakout-stock-set-to-lead-the-new-cloud-economy/4508338/
  6. Yeah, anything I've read recently suggests that Ethereum is the better investment over Bitcoin.
  7. Excellent, thx for the info. I just read a Seeking Alpha article that basically said Ethereum will be more valuable than Bitcoin in the next few years, so was looking to buy in.
  8. Have any of you purchased Ethereum through Paypal? Would you recommend it? I have no intention to do anything with it, other than to watch it increase in value and I'm starting small.
  9. Anyone investing or know what stocks to invest in involving ID coin?
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