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  1. Here's a genius idea, call Directv and tell them you're canceling service, then buy a Roku and stream everything for less. Cut the cable and move into the smart play.
  2. This was another Motley recommendation yesterday or earlier this week.
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/22/22588837/internet-outage-psn-steam-banks-trading-gaming-more-911-systems
  4. Nice, I'm still down just over 32% as I bought it at $24.58.
  5. Nice, because of Todem, I jumped in last year and have been reinvesting dividends as well.
  6. Big recommendation by the Motley Fool just yesterday or the end of last week, I believe.
  7. I gotta sell CYDY, as soon as I break even, just under $3 a share.
  8. Just read an article on Quora saying how Ethereum is the thing to own, over Bitcoin and that it should explode 10x by the end of the year. Where is the all crypto market headed? Months ago, when Bitcoin was at $60,000 and everybody was dreaming about $100,000 Bitcoin, I’ve already warned multiple times that with transaction fees this high, it doesn’t look so bullish and we could see a significant correction down and that it’s important to have stop losses in place. Then, I said to rather invest in memecoins and well…it all happened like I predicted. Established altcoins crashed by 80% and more while memecoins were the only coins that gave returns and many gave unbelievable returns of 10,000%. Everyone that followed my advice made it through this bear crash very successfully and also had the chance to make much more money with memecoins than established altcoins. However, unfortunately many didn’t follow my advice and then complained about memecoins making so much money so quickly. This bull run really makes people irrational. During these 2 last months bear cycle, we have been going back and forth in this $30,000-$42,500 channel. The next resistance we have to break is $36,829. Once that is broken, we have to break $42,500. When will this happen? In July or August, these will be huge months for crypto with all the improvements that are coming to Ethereum. Then, we can possibly also see Bitcoin $100,000 and a 10x for Ethereum. However, Bitcoin probably won’t go much higher than that this year, because Ethereum will take over and replace Bitcoin as the number 1. Why? Because Bitcoin’s fundamentals have been weakening every month. It failed to break into mainstream and its image will always be tainted by its massive, unnecessary energy use. Sure, miners can spruce up renewable use, but that’s also another misleading narrative, because if Bitcoin weren’t that wasteful, the renewable energy that it needs could be used to replace fossil fuels. It’s simply really easy to criticize Bitcoin. Its outdated technology, very wasteful energy use, terrible scalability and security simply makes it easy to find a lot of real issues. That’s what prevents Bitcoin from going mainstream. It can grab the attention of libertarians and get people excited, but it flames out at the end, because it can’t grab the attention of corporate CEOs, millennials and Gen Z, because they highly value environmental protection. Bitcoin’s technology simply can’t keep up with its promises. At the same time, much better solutions have come out. They don’t have any adoption, but there is one that has. Ethereum. It also has a lot more adoption than Bitcoin already and many more things that I will explain in-detail soon. Also, you can’t really find any criticism in Ethereum. Its network is bussin, outpacing Bitcoin in every way with 10x more transactions than Bitcoin (!). Source: https://bitinfocharts.com/en/comparison/transactions-btc-eth.html The ecosystem is growing like a wildfire with DeFi, NFTs, Memecoins and the next trend will not keep waiting for long. Conclusion We are currently going back and forth in the $30,000 to $42,500 channel, but we will break this channel in July/August, mostly thanks to Ethereum. Bitcoin is becoming more and more irrelevant and almost no one is using it anymore, it just serves as a peg for altcoin trading and that status is declining more and more by the day as well. It has been tested if it is fit for mainstream and it did not pass the test. Other, much more viable candidates are already eating away at Bitcoin. It is possible that Bitcoin will briefly recover some Bitcoin dominance, but it will be quite hard for it to take away much from Ethereum. After July, I don’t see any chance for Bitcoin to outperform Ethereum anymore. At that point, Ethereum has simply become vastly more powerful and capable for Bitcoin to do anything. Marius Kramer #1 Writer on Cryptocurrencies worldwide - Updated July 5th
  9. Boy, I was hopeful that would be useful, but in my gut, I knew exactly what it would be, and there it was. Awesome, thx!
  10. I keep reading about a technology called Genesis that folks are investing in. Anyone hear about this?
  11. Go to Dollywood if you can. Go ziplining through the Smokies.
  12. Man you guys are made of money! That's over 35k for just BLDP!
  13. My wife said if she ever goes les, this is where she'd go. I don't blame her and if she decides to swing or leave me for her, I hope Dua is up for a 3-some.
  14. Ah, the fat part of our country. Our portions are just ridiculous. I took a trip to Tennessee and couldn't believe how they eat! I also found that there was a high number of mentally challenged (in not sure what the PC term is now) people there. Is it an inbreeding issue? The researchers found the issue is particularly evident in 11 Southern states–––Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas––where recruits were found to be "significantly less fit and/or more likely to become injured than recruits from other U.S. states." The South has some of the highest obesity rates in the country. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama all have adult obesity rates about 35 percent, placing them among the top 5 most obese states in the U.S. (West Virginia has the highest rate of adult obesity, at 37.7 percent), according to the State of Obesity, an annual report from non-profit Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  15. I'm happy to see that 88% or so answered yes to some degree or that they already got covid. Why wouldn't you want to get the vaccine and be safer for yourself and everyone else?!?
  16. Damn! 2% raise! As a lowly teacher, that's golden!
  17. I don't think so, especially since he first defended why his son was right to be upset and now he's avoided chiming in. I think he was just expecting a different response and things went sideways here. This isn't sarcastic at all. And honestly, I shared my thoughts and have been able to live my life since, no worries. 😄
  18. I'm wondering if he got a free rotation? MOP is somewhere on this wonderful 4th of July, thinking why the hell did I even start that thread after reading his initial post again and responding to himself as most in this thread have. I could also think of so many more things to be proud of my son for, this doesn't make the list. I hope your son doesn't read this MB, and specifically thread, as he might learn some more bad MOP examples and start posting things just like this. Epic fail. 🤦‍♂️
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