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  1. The key is to stop map jumping as much. Every now and then you need to walk (or ride) the earth. It makes the game 100% fun again.
  2. Just stopping in to confirm that I do not support child molestation.
  3. Nope. Same spell as yours. I may have cast him twice in that fight. But the real key is just getting Malyn cut off from the herd and finishing him off before they come around. I got his attention with the arrows but then once he charged me I used some combation of destruction and swords to the face. Someone else's idea of an invisibility potion would also probably work out well.I tried potion of brief invisibility like fly said and it didn't even phase them. Saw right thru itIt probably helped that my guy is a sneak-based guy.I summoned a Draemora Lord to occupy his flunkies, then went invisible and snuck past the battle to reach Malyn. Then I threw the kitchen sink at him. You have to hit him hard and fast before his flunkies run back to help.
  4. I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm looking forward to it. Reminds me of when I let the ghouls into the tower in Fallout3.
  5. If you own and operate a business in Skyrim, it's best to keep your laborers around as long as possible, even if operating at a loss. Skyrim's unemployed laborers can be a real nasty lot, willing, quite recklessly, to spend every last gold coin to enact lethal revenge on whomever pisses them off. Repeat: beware the unemployed of Skyrim.
  6. I just shut it off and went upstairs in hopes of having the sechs. And my daughter had woken up and crawled into bed with wife. By the time she got back to sleep, wife hands me the remote and goes to sleepNot a good night I beat that guy by turning invisible, sneaking past his guards, then blasting him with everything I had. FWIW it took me 3 or 4 times to figure that out. I recall a few vulgarities whispered at the top of my lungs.
  7. Ah yes, Blackreach. Coolest place in Skyrim so far. Will do. This place is unbelievably gorgeous. It makes the outdoor scenes look ugly.
  8. I'm not sure where I am, but I found it through the Alftand dungeon. The most beautiful scene in Skyrim yet. A vast underground...city? with flowing lights in the shape of jellyfish. There's big chambers in a dungeon...then there's this. I'm in awe. So is my PS3. So much so it decided to crash.
  9. I've found that loading times are significantly longer post-patch. No freezes yet, but my game did hang on a loading screen once, requiring a restart. Maybe this is just me because I haven't seen this particular complaing elsewhere, but yeah this patch kind of sucked.Yep. This. Loading times are much longer. And every time I dread a system crash.
  10. 3 more freezes since the patch came out. Again, I had ZERO before the patch. It seems, once again, Betheseda makes a great product that crashes like crazy a couple days after you've been reeled in.
  11. I just had a real test to my "Kill all Thalmor on sight" rule. I was in Markath. In the Jarl's palace, of all places. A group of 3 Thalmor are there. :itchy trigger finger: I decide to talk to them. Yep, typical Thalmor d-bags. They ask me to break into some old guy's house to find evidence of Talos worship. I agree. They thank me and turn to leave. Then I put an arrow in each one of their heads. The Markath guards were not pleased. They attacked, I yielded, and they charged me 1000 gold. I'm here to tell you that it was worth it.
  12. When you approach any female above a 5 in Offdee scale and they immediately start laughing hysterically.Ok. I laughed.
  13. Anyone have any private rules of the road? Me - 1. Slaughter any Thalmor you see. 2. Run from giants.
  14. Homemade Irish coffee. 1. Decaf coffee 2. 2 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar 3. a healthy pour of cream 4. a healthier pour of Jamesons.
  15. One thing I thought was kind of odd -- I went to go buy a dog, but because I had a Khajit lackey already with me -- the guy said "looks like you've already got an animal with you" :lmao:
  16. First person except when I'm sneaking around dungeons, then I go to 3rd and zoom out to see what's around corners.
  17. Last night, after playing my level 34 char for a couple hours, I began experiencing lag again in Solitude. The patch needs a patch.
  18. Let's ask Homer before asking ourselves. If he's creeped out then we should be. If he's turned on, then we may have to face our own inner pedo bear.
  19. Hope you've got plenty of snacks/drinks within arms reach. Diapers may be useful as well."MOM! BATHROOM!"
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