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  1. meh. I can think of a lot more people in leadership positions who should be voted out and/or completely dismissed than her. She may be in trouble in her home State as well. so be it. caveat: I liked Trump for his policies, not for his demeanor. I will take policy over demeanor.
  2. Don't when you print a lot of money and hand it out it devalues the dollar, thus inflation? I mean isn't that the crux of it?
  3. I was at Oakland for all of the series games that year. I still have the left field bleacher ticket stubs. 3 of us traveled from Spokane WA where we all in college. Mays played center field. He was old & did botch an easy play. Was an honor though to be in the same park as him.
  4. Oh yea, we can now go mask less if outside & alone. Woopty do!
  5. I can appreciate your hopefulness for lazy people. In my experience they do none of what you suggested.
  6. Joe making up heartwarming stories again: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-amtrak-story-fact-check-conductor-million-miles
  7. one of their issues is buying a new wardrobe.
  8. Don't worry your heart out. We will be fine watching whatever we want to watch for our news. The media has got themselves in their own mess with, say, on the spot reporting of a protest saying it is mostly peaceful with burning buildings dominating the screenshot. I could fill 42 pages plus with similar antidotes. I watch all sorts of news casts, but NOW take it ALL with distrust. You imagine a crisis because we don't like or trust your news source. Not a crisis at all. It's just the opposite. It's enlightenment.
  9. well then I guess you don't need to carry another one. your point is completely lost on me.
  10. with all due respect you are saying that you cannot have a drivers license and a State ID on your person at the same time?
  11. maybe a citizen of Russia wants to vote in the US?
  12. you don't unless you want to drive a car & don't have a drivers license also.
  13. Huh? what does an ID solve with buying liquor? what does an ID solve when boarding a plane. what does an ID solve when cashing a check?
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