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  1. IMO the entire middle east. Yes, done. Get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Let them do what they do, which is kill each other over religion. they have over a 1000 years of history. nothing changes. get our military home & let those in the middle east kill each other, just like they like to do. we have young Americans coming home dead or mangled on an almost daily basis all in order to further our interests in that cesspool of religious zealots? for oil? complete lunacy on our part. IMHO
  2. I'm only talking student college loans, but I believe Obama made the federal government(shocker) the only place you could get one. perfect. so now they get control & want to forgive loans for votes. another shocker.
  3. personal responsibility is one answer but seems like it's always someone else's fault. not knocking your post, just my take on it.
  4. well, if your kids are white they better start apologizing for being white.
  5. pretty evident in everyday politics. disagree with Sheila Jackson Lee & you are racist. I could go on but what's the use.
  6. yea, we are way past the point of passing legislation for the good of the people, instead its for votes or paying off donors. IMO
  7. father in law lost over a 100 grand on GM preferred stock when Obama gave 1st dibs to the union on the bailout, which if not mistaken the first takers of the bailout should have been the preferred stockholders, but you know the deal, beholden to the union so screw what is right. I may be wrong but that is how it went according to my FIL. He is still fuming as it was union contracts that put GM in the hole although I will say that management gave them the benefits that doomed GM. so everyone was complicate. Will never buy a GM product. You notice Ford didn't go belly up.
  8. just asked a question which I don't know the answer & thought you would.
  9. what are the names of the law enforcement officials or we they anonymous law enforcement officials?
  10. yea, he called out McNabb for not being that good, but mainly called out the media for fawning over a QB when it was the defense they should have been fawning over. You probably don't care but here is what he said: https://www.sportscasting.com/what-did-rush-limbaugh-say-about-donovan-mcnabb-that-cost-him-his-job/
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