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  1. so true. he did it his way & IMO he did it for America. didn't like his style most times but when you want something done who do you hire? guy that has to get approval numbers before action or a guy who dives in & get's it done? Washington hated him because he wasn't part of the political "elite". Same reason the press hated him. He got things done & didn't fawn over the drive by media. he called them who they were-fake.
  2. or the definition of someone that wanted to help our country regardless of political party.
  3. I like your new persona in that you are not as hate filled as a year ago. much more humor & not as much hate. appreciate it. sorry to talk about a poster.
  4. possible for sure. let the buyer beware. would have typed the Latin version but no way I come close right now for even spell check to help.
  5. yep. now look at Biden. On the government dole for 50 years. my complete disdain for government is justified. IMHO
  6. now there you go-last sentence-feels good doesn't it? have a good one, maybe have a cold one. cheers.
  7. only thing I've noticed is your posts seem to want to spread the blame around on past administrations, et al. whereas this is a debacle of this administration's complete intentional doing.
  8. so we have the most illegal immigrants in the last 10 months in roughly 50 years & you don't think Biden is responsible?
  9. you think Joe is fine, that is fine. If you watch & listen to him he is not. there is a reason he doesn't take questions that are not scripted & very structured appearances. the dude is not all there. he doesn't know it, but his handlers do.
  10. it's like if we don't watch maybe Joe won't have dementia. wish he didn't, but he does.
  11. same reason people stop and look a fire or train wreck. curious.
  12. congress won't do their job. even so there are things the present administration can do. maybe take a look at the numbers of illegal immigrants during the previous 4 years. surprise!
  13. Biden: "follow the science" & then lets in un-vaccinated illegal immigrants by the 10's of thousands. what is it now, 500,000? hard to keep track.
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