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  1. migraines are horrible. have a few friends that get them & they are bad, bad. can't function. hope they have subsided.
  2. really can't complain about fantasy pts. per game from Hurts. from what I've seen if they can run a bit more it would really set up play action. also from what I've seen he has the makings to become a very good QB. not a big Phili homer but been watching their games because I punted on QB this year & he is it in 3 out of 6 leagues.
  3. just wondering if this is now a racist policy like the last time?
  4. any true book on war is my go to for a good nights sleep. I end up realizing just how lucky I've been not to have been maimed or killed in a war & it relaxes me.
  5. Ertz in 3 out of 6 leagues. WW pickup in all. god help us.
  6. I've bought a few music related items from his store in Phoenix. was going to put this in free for all forum but just didn't know so here you go. Press "click here". you will like it & this is where I'm at. things have gotten out of hand with the "woke" IMHO https://rockstargallery.net/rock-star-gallery-channel/
  7. big thanks to your wife. She is obviously a very caring person in a job that few can handle.
  8. Eric Clapton. Do not personally know him but his vax reaction is very public.
  9. yes he/they can. I think you can change avatar but FBG has to change name. good luck.
  10. you can claim money problems, no prob., but the money problem comes from your 2nd sentence. that is it. she had the same exposure as all the rest in the 1st 3 months & got killed in the polls. the end result is nobody is going to fund a failed candidate & a failure in the early stages. cripes didn't she poll last out of a gizillion candidates? sorry but your last sentence does not ring true at all. IMO
  11. she ran out of money when she was running last out of what, 20 dem candidates? of course she ran out of money because she was out of contention early. who is going to throw money at that? run out of money? she sure did. cripes man.
  12. I've got Mixon & Samaje. hopefully some info from pre-game workouts comes out. As it stands now it's a cluster. I have D. Cook on this same team. woe is me. man, seems like a lot of injuries this year early.
  13. trying to distance herself from this mess as much as possible. I'm thinking she has taken over the east wing of Biden's basement. worked for him for awhile, until had to come out for stuff like, like presidential duties.
  14. this in a little over 9 months. wait until the one year mark.
  15. at least he isn't sending out mean tweets.
  16. so pretty much the most important issues facing our country. his approval on green energy has to be good right? Oil price is up double since he took office. didn't take this dude or his handlers long to mess up a lot of things. complete disaster. IMHO
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