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  1. It's like they were just waiting for him to catch a Td and make him tradable. Not sure what I think of the move. If goedert isn't back next week, te will be rough.
  2. Not even sure. Feels like last week's eagles game where we look at the score and are like "woah...we might win this? Actually?"
  3. This has been heavily debated in a thread last year. Analytics say go for it. A td wins the game now.... if we went xp, a td only gives us 50/50 in OT.
  4. Calm down. Your team is good, relax a little.
  5. If it takes 17 minutes to figure it out, then it's not definitive.
  6. We have a shot if we can just stop the run. And the pass. And punt returns.
  7. Defender was there though, not sure he woulda made the first down.
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