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  1. Well then we agree that he's really good but cant/wont shoot long range. Where as you have other posters saying Middleton is better or that Simmons flat out "sucks" at offense. Guy is an amazing player but not elite.
  2. Why? We all know he can't shoot from the outside and is extremely effective scoring inside the paint. We all know his shooting is holding him back from being a top 10 player in the league. The trolling obsession is odd... the guy is a proven 3 time all star and one of the best 25 players in the world.
  3. You really are obsessed with Ben. And/Or with Trolling. But I guess trolling is like... cool for young kids?
  4. Thanks. I guess all three are holds then. Sucks to use the roster space on all of them but I think I will until Wright situation sorts itself out. Lee looked unreal in his first few games after the Wright injury and I thought he might for sure be the guy, maybe even when Wright returned, but DSJ seems to have swung the needle and earned the minutes now. Shame if Lee goes down to g league
  5. Nah the trolling is worse. This coming from the guy who tried to be a #### by insisting 3s weren't included in fg%? Ouch. Just ouch.
  6. haha are you new here? He's fishing every one of his "I made a bet on Philly to lose" troll posts.
  7. Good I can pick your brain. I own Delon Wright but have him on my IR now and couldn't decide between Lee and Dennis Smith so ended up picking up both. It's worked pretty good so far, but it looked like Lee was going to be the one putting up numbers with Wright out.... now it looks like it's flopped. I don't watch many Piston's games, what's your feelings moving forward on Smith vs Lee in terms of numbers while Delon is still on IR. And what are your thoughts on all 3 of them (Minutes and Stats), once he returns?
  8. I'm frankly surprised you still have enough money to afford the internet to make these posts.
  9. Ya the question I answered was to the guy asking "Dynasty owners, where do you NOT want him landing". It was purely from a fantasy standpoint.
  10. ah interesting... did not see that he changed those teams.
  11. I'm not debating that they could be a playoff team. Question was to rank the destinations in terms of fantasy success. I think Chicago would be the worst fantasy situation for him of those four options. I'd expect him to be throwing it a lot more in the other cities.
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