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  1. That's wild that you play all the bird teams. Also funny, I was looking at this year's draft and found it strange how bad all the Big Cats teams were last year. All 4 of them picked in the top 8 picks of the draft. Weird!
  2. Ya I guess on the drive there. Thought they called it on the shot when there was zero contact and he flopped to the side there. Crazy game. Portland now has to beat Denver or hope LA loses. We NEED a Lakers/Warriors play in game!
  3. And then fouled on the buzzer beat for the win. No way that's a foul though. This might be the first time I actually like the review if they overturn this.
  4. I've seen some predictions saying we will be in it for the division heading into week 18. I don't see it. Our div might be bad, but it won't be as bad as last year. One of the three other teams will be a 9-10 win team guaranteed. I say our ceiling is 9-8 but that's very unlikely. Floor is 3-14 but also unlikely. I'll give us 5 or 6 wins.
  5. I'm a little lower on Miles this year for many reasons. 1. Sirianni using our new rookie RB in a Hines roll. 2. KJ coming in on 3rd downs likely. 3. Hurts taking more run plays away than Carson did. 4. Not likely a prolific offense that will have us inside the 5 yard line as often 5. Crowded RB room with surely 4 of them on the roster 6. Potentially weak/injured OL which might have him blocking more on pass plays instead of being open for screens.
  6. Interesting. So now you have Dak, Lawrence, and Lance. Was there any thought to going with Chase over Lance with your 2nd pick? Or just too much value and you wanted him.
  7. Yep, and 4 div games to end the season. Dallas week 3 is the only div game before week 12. Kinda like a college schedule with all the non conference games at the start.
  8. To each their own, but this would be a huge mistake IMO. The vast majority of leagues (10/10 of mine) will be moving to a 17 game schedule with taking week 18 off. All site rankings, etc will be based on week 17 Championship games. Many people draft with playoff matchups in mind across multiple leagues and try to target the same players across numerous leagues and that would screw with it. Week 14 is just another regular season week now, so byes then are fine for fantasy imo.
  9. Really cheering for the Bucks to get that 2 seed. Only remote shot at beating the Nets would be if they have to go through Miami and then on the road against the Bucks in a grueling 7 game series.
  10. There's a decent chance we are 0-6 heading into Vegas. Was going to go to that Vegas game but heard the cheapest seat in the house is going to be $600+. Would be a $3k trip with flights/hotels/tickets/spending money, so we'll see.
  11. Leaked, not confirmed. Seems legit though. 1. @ ATL 2. VS SF 3. @ DAL (MNF) 4. VS KC 5. @ CAR 6. VS TB (TNF) 7. @ LV 8. @ DET 9. VS LAC 10. @ DEN 11. VS NO 12. @ NYG 13. @ NYJ 14. BYE 15. VS WAS 16. VS NYG 17. @ WAS 18. VS DAL
  12. So then do the losers of the play-in tourney who don't make the playoffs, end up in the lottery despite what their record was end of season?
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