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  1. @Sudoku_in_the_Bathtub had his "I bet against the Sixers" post all cued up and was about to hit Submit until Embiid hit that 3. No dinner for his family tomorrow.
  2. Oh wow I don't see it like that at all. I think Jackson is seen as more valuable for sure, and would fetch a higher value in a trade than Herbert. I think Murray would also be more valuable than Herbert. I think if you want Jackson or Murray in an NFL trade, you're giving up more than what the Rams did for Stafford too.
  3. Ya I definitely think they've done a good job with it, but the longer they remain th wtf the odder it will be to change it. I was more so wondering if people thought the wft was going to go on for another year, another 2 years, or another 5 years. While many many buy wit gear, gotta think it's still holding them back from merch sales.
  4. Ok then same exercise and say under 30, and remove Wilson. Same result. I don't at all see Stafford in the same league as the above mentioned qbs tho and I don't think many (or any) would put him above Wilson, Watson, Mahomes, Jackson, Allen, or Murrey. Would you take Stafford over any of these guys? Same with Dak, Herbert, Burrow. Which of the above guys do you take any of these guys over?
  5. Agree. If you look at the top 6 "youngish" QB's in the league (let's say under 35 years old), they're probably universally (in no order) Watson Wilson Mahomes Jackson Allen Murray Pretty big dropoff after those guys and I'm not even sure who #6 would be. Those guys are #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9 in rushing yards amongst QB's. Watson is the only one of the 6 whose team had a losing record. This is the way of the league now, and if Fields can establish a running game (He's fast and athletic, but wasn't really a huge run-first qb), then the sky is the limit for him.
  6. How much longer they going to remain nameless? Have to think they'd be itching to start selling some actual logo'd merchandise.
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