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  1. We might have had the same week 1 too, both had -11 last week and +42 this week haha.
  2. Well my start was awful, but 42+ points today hopefully gets me back in it.
  3. Brady might regret that 28-3 trolling. ATL now coming back from 28-10
  4. @Bigboy10182000 Were you working the game today? Did you have inside knowledge of the injuries? You called them well before announced.
  5. So weird seeing Zeke's "0 receptions for 14 yards" stat. And it's not a typo.
  6. Ya I think they're pretty damn close in talent wise. Pollard looks very good. Zeke is getting more carries due to his contract.
  7. Pollard is just really impressive. Seems faster and shiftier than Zeke. Not by much, but I think they are pretty much equal.
  8. Insult to injury.. Wentz hurt and out for the game.
  9. This thread is about to blow the #### up.
  10. Really? Looked like ankle and not achillies.
  11. He's disappeared and won't answer what he thought about the throw. As soon as this drive stalls though he will pipe up.
  12. Hurts makes perfect throw: "Great play call"
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