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  1. Anyone having issues with the lineup generator? Trying to use it for the first time this year and players aren't loading. Looked at the support thread and see similar issues in past weeks and the thread has now been closed. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. Crosby instead of Williams and the other 4 the same.
  3. I hope you win. I have 5 GB and Henry and A Brown.
  4. That's funny, because you just described the skill. I was questioning myself thinking I was missing some deep sarcasm, but then I saw the word "your".
  5. Next year, you need to just cut 50% every week.
  6. Is there a site that allows you to see actual player ownership numbers in a tournament? Not the percentages, but the actual raw numbers?
  7. I played a lot last year. If I remember correctly, I did pretty well on 1st 3 weeks (not including HOF). Week 4 was impossible.
  8. I went with the stud approach this year. A NO/KC superbowl with $181 on 7 players. Went with only 5 players this weekend.
  9. Haven't posted in here in a while. I used to be a very good putter, but struggled all year with putting, especially short ones. I noticed the best players in our club putted using the claw. So I tried it. It has changed my game. I am a better putter than I have ever been. I now routinely make 3-6 footers when a 2 footer used to be a 50/50 putt. I have been putting that way for 2 months now and have a 68 during that time (9 handicap-mostly due to the 68). Obviously, other things went well for the 68, but I can honestly say, I don't think I missed a putt in that round. If any of you are struggling with putting, try the claw.
  10. Anyone have a link to the sunday million - didn't enter this week.
  11. I love the advice in the daily FBG email this morning: RB2? Only 3 RBs averaged more than 22 touches a game last year.
  12. He went a quarter without touching the ball. How does he just have 5 carries?
  13. Goodwin is a soon to be 28 year old WR who has never had more than 3 TDs in a season. Maybe he has a good year but top 12? Really? If he doesn't have at least 8 TDs, he's going to need 90+/1200+ to get in the top 12. That's tough to see.
  14. Week 2: Looking at Sudfield and Darnold at QB. With Roethlisberger likely out, I'm thinking about an entry with Landry or Rudolph. Probably passing on NE, Was, and GB. At RB, looking at Cannon, Perine or Kelley, and Samuels. At WR, I'm struggling as usual. I like Washington, especially if JuJu is out. Also Gilbert or Hollins from Philly. Struggling with WR3 and flex. At TE, maybe Goedert, Walford, or Hodges, but obviously struggling here as well. Any thoughts?
  15. I played last week and thought it was pretty easy. Maybe I was just lucky though. For the HOF game, it was easy to see that no starters would be playing, yet many people still included them in their lineups. This week should be similar, so I'm going to play again. The starters may get a series or two and probably aren't worth rostering yet. I'm likely going to go with some of the rookie QBs, thinking they may get at least a half. At RB, probably something similar. I have no idea what to do at WR. So many play that it seems like a crapshoot. I used Hurst at TE last week and he played a lot and was targeted in the endzone. I may use him again. I'd love to see a discussion on players here. For info, I read training camp reports last week, since it was only one game. It's a little tougher with a full slate.
  16. Hope you're right on the kickers. Agree on GPP. WRs will likely win. But on doubles, triples, and maybe even quints, it will probably pay more often to have a RB in the flex.
  17. I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath. While kickers weren't a huge deal, I thought they were one of the easiest to get right. I averaged between 11-12 points on my kickers last year. I'm not sure how the flex will turn out but right now, I can't imagine inserting anything other than another RB there (at least for multipiers).
  18. Will they still exist this year? They just released the preseason week 1 games and the "Full Roster" game has replaced the kicker with a flex position. Does anyone know if this is permanent? Or is just an option they are trying with preseason?
  19. I'm going to struggle to get by this week, but would be ok next week. I really thought I had Ginn but somehow, he's not there. Only nine in Super Bowl, but $214. Ryan Succop $5 0.00 Harrison Butker $14 0.00 Steve Hauschka $5 0.00 Josh Lambo $11 0.00 Drew Brees $35 0.00 Alvin Kamara $31 0.00 Michael Thomas $29 0.00 Wil Lutz $13 0.00 Ben Roethlisberger $32 0.00 LeVeon Bell $32 0.00 JuJu Smith-Schuster $19 0.00 Martavis Bryant $10 0.00 Chris Boswell $13 0.00
  20. Does any site use a DvP that is adjusted or normalized? It seems like every NFL site does it this way but the NBA sites seem to only use raw numbers. FantasyLabs appears to do it (+/-), but you can't see it without a subscription, which is $60 a month.
  21. Asinine? This decision was purely on losses. Auburn was in the championship game, they won HTH, and they had a harder SOS. Auburn had more top 10 wins - 2 vs 0 - and more top 25 wins - 3 vs 2 - than Alabama. The only thing Bama was better at was fewer losses, unless you count margin of victory over Mercer. What else do you think went into the decision in choosing Bama over Auburn?
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