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  1. I kind of expected him to be my first drop for the waiver wire after week one. Guess that’s not happening
  2. While I love the game he had today, I’m going to be selling him if I can. I just can’t get too hyped about a RB who isn’t used in the passing game (I only play in ppr leagues this year). The floor is too low.
  3. I’m not going to complain about having Lamar Jackson, Sammy Watkins, Marlon Mack, and Michael Gallup on my bench, because I stand behind my thought process for who I started over all of them. What I will complain about is getting my ### kicked because my opponent started Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown against me. Also, I’m hoping my love of Kerryon Johnson in the draft process hasn’t bitten me in the ###, because he looked bad most of the game, with little involvement in the passing game. Not to mention all of the work by Anderson, Mckissic, etc.
  4. Jarius Wright. It’s a Longshot and maybe more of a DFS play, but he has been playing with Taylor Heinieke for three years now. Wright often runs with the #2s in carolina and he did in Minnesota too. You have a QB playing for the first time all season when he’s mostly been getting backup reps, with a backup WR (though he’s on the field a lot, especially third downs) who he’s been working with for significantly longer than anyone else on the team. I predict a touchdown and at a minimum of 5/50 along with it.
  5. It was a fun year, but I’m done for. I got a big game from CMC, but otherwise my top scorers were Mahomes and Fitzgerald, with no one else above 10 points. That won’t cut it this week. Good luck to all that remain!
  6. Can someone help me understand the Top 200 ranking of Davis on this site? Currently for rest of season he is #33 overall, ahead of guys like James Conner, Marlon Mack, Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, James White, Adrian Peterson, Tyler Boyd, etc. I have been watching him rise in these rankings week after week, even though his performance is continuously low. Targets are only valuable when you actually do something with them. I dropped him a month ago and he’s still sitting on my leagues waiver wire. No one else even close to him in the Top 200 rankings are available. Normally I don’t question rankings because they are simply opinions, but he’s been in the top 30-40 rest of season for months now...and has yet to be even close to that.
  7. I’m not sure I want any of the Jets backfield. I am going to likely drop Crowell this week because he just can’t be trusted to do anything. I feel like there are a lot higher upside guys than McGuire on most wires
  8. I hope a lot of people are in bye week hell, because I’m going to need it this week. Mahomes, CMC, Curtis Samuel, and Cordarrelle Patterson are all I really have that gave me anything beyond a handful of points. I think this this is my end. I was prepared for the byes, but injuries on top of the ones I did have did me in.
  9. I really dread it. The Saints have had our number lately and just seem to be one of those teams we match up poorly with.
  10. I’m officially worried this week. I have Mahomes, CMC, Barkley, Fitzgerald, Barber, and Diggs all with decent to great scores...but pretty much nothing else. Hoping I can squeeze through this week.
  11. Still hanging on and have been 20+ above the cut line all but week one. Weeek nine scares me a bit, but I think I’m in better shape than a number of other teams so I am hoping to get by if I make it past this week. I have used everyone except Stafford (Mahomes and Bortles are my other two) and Antonio Gates (Njoku and Burton) so far. Have to admit I’m surprised that I used Peyton Barber, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Curtis Samuel before my most expensive QB. I have used Barkley and CMC every week they have played. Same with Geronimo Allison when he’s been able to play.
  12. I think you should, but I'm likely in the minority. If you make it, you're setting yourself up to win. If you miss it, you still can go for two the next time to tie the game...and I like my chances of scoring at least on one of two attempts. I think you should go for two a majority of the time and should go for it on fourth down a majority of the time as well, but that's why I would only last a couple weeks as a coach. People aren't willing to take the heat if it fails, even though logically it's the right move.
  13. One that no one seems to be interested in that has a lot of potential value is CJ Anderson. CMC is getting a heavy workload and if any injury happens, Anderson is the unquestioned starter. He is good in the passing game and would likely be the bellcow if CMC gets hurt. Artis-Payne is just a guy and likely would be relegated to the current Anderson role at best. While Anderson isn't being used a ton now, when he has been on the field he has been good and has produced. I realize you said "not injury plays"...but that is what all of these guys are, including the ones mentioned in OP for the most part.
  14. I dropped Gostkowski this week to try to grab Greg the Leg and he immediately put up 22. Bailey gave me a respectable 10 points though. I'll probably take another shot at Greg, or grab Lutz who was dropped....but I'm happy to keep Bailey if needed.
  15. I am dropping Enunwa to pick up a QB for my bye, but I also see Crabtree, Rogers, and Wilson on my wire. WR is also my weakest position...but I just don't know if I can bring myself to drop the guys I would need to grab one (Coutee, Reed, Shepard).
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