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  1. Sure. That’s why I don’t insult Trump supporters, I have a few in my personal life I love and respect. I don’t understand how they view it the way they do but they say the same about me. But the one small caveat I’d add is I’m not necessarily “across the isle” (except with Trump then I am) and I’m definitely no Biden supporter.
  2. The ironic thing is I (and many others) feel the exact same way about people like yourself who view him the way you do. Like you I feel it’s extraordinary obvious who he is, unfortunately we just don’t agree on what that is. And for the record, my disdain for Trump started long long before he was ever seriously on the radar for office. Political character assassination had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  3. While I understand, and respect, you believe what you’re saying I just don't see it (the bolded) at all the same. Trump has a long history being anything but consistent or steadfast. But either way I’m going to leave it here as I know I’m not changing and hearts or minds and I’m pretty steadfast in my thoughts on him.
  4. While I agree with your first sentence none of that applies to Trump. We’re not talking about a 19 yr old who matures and feels differently at 30. Trumps flip flopping back and forth was late life 50/60 years old changes when it suited him to do so. Hell in the 2016 primary before he got the nom he threatened to change to an independent if get didn’t secure the nomination. He’s the very definition of a RINO.
  5. Considering where this name is coming from, if the rumors are true, this name deserves a place under the examples in the dictionary for the word “Irony”
  6. So by this rationale as Trump has only been a Republican when it suits him and has flip flopped more between the parties then probably anyone of note he’s a RINO too right?
  7. In fairness, if this were the criteria to post in this thread it would be about all of about 12 posts long.
  8. All for the rebranding. Should be something meaningful and represents what Facebook is all about. Something that speaks to the future and is forward looking. Something simple, clean and elegant. My team and I have put a lot of thought into this and feel we’ve come up with something that hits all the marks, it completely encompasses what Facebook stands for….. Cancer
  9. This is not at all what I meant but I think you know that. Either way I will take this no further and I wish you luck with your daughters situation.
  10. Back to back 200+ weeks. Got 45th place this week with 210. RB’s are going to be a problem for me this week though with only Sony and Rhamondre active this week. 😰. I’m pretty OK everywhere else but that hole might take me down….
  11. I have no intention of turning this into a thread on race, there’s plenty of those. But I would just propose that you open yourself up to the possibility you might not be right. Just like your previous preconceived notion of fairness in the Justice system has been challenged and changed due to your recent experience, be open to the idea your current view on racism could change if you were of color and had a different experiences in life then you currently have.
  12. I’m beginning to believe Stealthycat and Jon are the same person.
  13. Ahhhh as a guy who’s big block ‘66 Chevelle may or may not have set off an alarm or 2 in a parking lot from time to time, I apologize.
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