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  1. The fries are significantly better if you ask for them well done. They still aren’t on par with other good fries out there but they are at least edible at that point.
  2. You’re gonna love this one then. A history lesson from your favorite person. https://mobile.twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1330183151411470346
  3. Yeah I don’t really understand the dated sounding aspect. It’s like saying the Beatles or Led Zeppelin sound dated. I’m not putting the Beastie’s that level I’m just saying it’s perfectly encapsulates the time frame. I understand that music can be dated, but in my opinion the people or groups that defined the music of the time don’t fall into that category.
  4. As a born a raised So-Cal guy I’ve eaten In&Out most my life. Wait. It’s good don’t get me wrong, but it’s fast food good. The best thing about them in my opinion is their consistency. It’s the same every time I’ve ever been, which is a lot. Basically it’s fast food done right and with good service. I just hope the experience for you isn’t like what Dunkin Donuts was for me. It’s was a massive deal when they finally came out west a few years ago. Probably like In&Out for those out east, I’d heard about how good it was forever. Throughly disappointed. Coffee was just Ok and
  5. Rex is honestly one of the best follows on Twitter.
  6. It's all about the echo chambers and has absolutely nothing to do with age, imo. The Social Dilemma should be required watching for anyone with any social media accounts.
  7. IN A ROW??? It’s a sweep. Glad we don’t need to worry about Trump coming back to win 4 games in a row.
  8. Max- doesn’t the Georgia hand recount confirming the dominion voting machine count shoot a hole right thought the middle of Sidney’s argument?
  9. “They say that in war the truth be the first casualty.....” ”The main attraction: distraction Got ya number than number than numb Empty ya pockets son; they got you thinkin that What ya need is what they sellin Make you think that buyin is rebellin From the theaters to malls on every shore Tha thin line between entertainment and war” -Zach de la Rocha
  10. You feel free to put me on whatever list you want to put me on. I’ve got you on the Exposed one.
  11. Looks like I didn’t make the cut (or was already on the list). 😬. Lol
  12. Yeah, exactly like I thought. You can’t. Despite all your opining and smoke and mirrors it all comes to red team blue team. Thanks. We’re done here. Have a good day GB.
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