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  1. Terrible times? My 401(k) is up, I thought that’s how everything was measured against.
  2. Riversco being channeled up in here. @timschochet’s FFT post the other day is getting more and more accurate by the minute.
  3. Modesty like this almost has me convinced your FBG’s Gordon Gekko. Are you going to next regale us with stories of your hyper alpha studliness.
  4. Sure, but doesn’t the real money? I agree your everyday Joe isn’t super plugged in but the players, ie the real money, are.
  5. With Liz the GOP just told the left to hold my beer. The hypocrisy river runs wide and deep thought the halls of Congress.
  6. Yep. What do they say about a broken clock?* *I kid I kid. Just a friendly joke. Please mods don’t suspend me. 😉
  7. Based on previous performance, selling on a pop is the way to go. That said, I’m not selling unless we see new highs, and I have more shares than ever. I am confident how this plays out and realize about 25% of float is short. In my “gambling” portfolio the ratio of money in CYDY to HGEN has switched from 9 to 1 to 1 to 9 over the past few weeks. IMO HGEN certainly is on better ground here and is more likely to reach its potentially but the way the market has reacted to the great news a few weeks ago is concerning. A quick spike then a just as quick drop back doesn’t mak
  8. It’s far worse then even that but you get the idea. I also do business with a local very large University. My 11 other locations have been reopened from COVID shutdown since February. The University won’t allow me to there yet and maybe will come July. July! And it’s all due to 1 scared person on the board who is dominating the others. It’s scary how much 1 motivated person can disrupt things.
  9. It’s a detailed and involved story but the shortest possible version is…. A resident of a decent sized neighborhood in a small city complained about the noise of business was making. No other residents had any complaints about it, ever, we were well below any noise ordnance’s, over the course of the 2+yrs the police were called and responded 100’s of times with no problems found on their end, on and on and on. Countless city council meetings were attended due to her complaints, $60K+ of expense at our end was out laid to put in compliance’s at the cities demand to appease her (which didn’t)
  10. Yes that resident certainly was. So if as an individual that’s what you mean then sure. I was speaking to the larger context, and often talking point, that the DEM or the left want to control you. I don’t believe with COVID that’s what it about.
  11. The bolded is where I disagree with you. It’s about fear, accountability (or lack there of by people who want to blame others after the fact) and the fear of being held accountable (or held to blame). So an over abundance of caution becomes the standard. The vocal minority becomes the power. I’ve seen it and been involved in it first hand multiple times in my business. I won’t bore everyone with the story but I’ve seen one person hijacking entire cities time, agenda and focus for 2+ years. 1 single resident.
  12. Not sure what movie I’m watching or if I even subscribe to that theory, but what I do know is the person describing said theory has zero credibility with me.
  13. No idea what you’re talking about. *nvm. I get it now.
  14. Scott Adams lost me years ago when on Joe Rogan he defended Trump saying Trump doesn’t lie he just manipulates. The logic behind that is so faulty it’s unreal and the justification for the lying is so disgusting
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