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  1. CYDY killed it for me, on the other hand I flat got crushed on HGEN. Gambled and lost on that one.
  2. I’m also not sure how rational some of those are as they are framed. But I digress….
  3. I can only speak for myself but “accurate”wasn’t the claim and certainly isn’t for me. But it is a great place to learn of something, from both left and right leaning posters, then do one’s own research on the topic.
  4. As this is the rationale…. Since there are other dkp993’s out there and I’m a father feel free to refer to me as Father dkp993 going forward. 😉
  5. I hope this works out for you and your family, I truly do. But this is exactly what I and others have argued with you about countless times and ultimately what leads to a frustrating conversation with you. What you’ve hopefully gained from this experience is perspective. Ones own perspective coupled with the ability to understand, and hopefully see, other perspectives often leads a better informed opinion. The first one you have a strong grasp of, but imo based on our interactions the second has not been an area of strength. Maybe this experience changes that.
  6. While racism still exists and sometimes plays a role in our justice system, green is and always has been the defining color.
  7. This too, with one small tweak. Inside my “bubble” too. Also no one in my circle talks politics anymore, I think it’s intrusion into our daily lives has everyone wore out.
  8. This is 100% accurate for me to. I get 99% of my news about what’s happening here, it’s my go to for quick mental breaks from workor where I’m killing time while on long webinars and where I kill time late at night.
  9. You’re not wrong and it’s most clearly evident in todays College’s. The shut down of speech at many of them is flat mind boggling.
  10. But you are keeping score. You rattled them off and offered more. 🤷‍♂️ I’m not taking a shot at you, I’m really not. I promise. But your last sentence is exactly my point, both things are true, and the more we hold on to the “wrongs” or inequities we’ve all experienced in our lives the more it starts to own us. I’m not minimizing that some of the things you listed aren’t frustrating and yes some of them likely aren’t “fair”. But the truth of the matter as white men, we as a group, have experienced far far less inequities then others. The scales are balancing a little, and frankly for the good of society and our kids futures, it’s long overdue.
  11. What I want to know is anyone on that trip up with Shatner gonna wear a red shirt? If so….🤞🏻
  12. I would agree absolutely that right now it does not seem like he has displayed any overtly malicious actions despite his beliefs. Now I’m not saying his history couldn’t point to some of those but there’s certainly nothing at this point, in my opinion, overt or egregious.
  13. That’s a fair assumption, absolutely. Also equally as fair is the assumption he didn’t know as lots of closeted people have come out without others around them, even those very close, knowing a thing. Also the assumption or rumors that he was could easily not have made its way to Gruden. It’s all speculation that’s my point. But what we do know is what he said in private, and all things being equal I’m gonna lean more heavily on his honesty in private than his actions in public under the spotlight.
  14. We have no clue if he knew prior to Nassib coming out. That’s pure speculation (as it is on my part that he may not have known).
  15. Sure is a whole lot of score keeping. Life is full of that for all of us. I stopped keeping score decades ago as it brings nothing but anger. Life’s not fair. Now just imagine what the score card looks like for minorities or women, I’d wager everything it puts yours to shame. And if you factor time or history into it yours (or mine) would be laughably short in comparison.
  16. I don’t think Gruden‘s actions with Nassib really tell us anything and I’d put far more weight one what he says in private to friends then to the actions (or lack there of via cutting him) he took knowing full well the eyes of the world were on him.
  17. I haven’t read this whole thread or the main curx of the conversation going on here so I’m not sure if this ground has been covered, though I’m sure it has. But imo while I understand your post and agree in theory, the practical application is more nuanced, especially as it relates to leadership and or corporate America
  18. About a year ago Burr was on SNL and there was an attempt to "cancel" him because some didn't like what he said. Chapelle was in the news a bit last week following his Netflix special "the closer" for similar lines. Talk of "cancel" because they took offense to his opinion on current topics There has actually been a TON of news and stories about Chapelle in the past week. Hard to miss honestly. There a thread here all about it too. The trans community is (and has been) going after him hard.
  19. The generator angle certainly seems quite tone deaf.
  20. We can? Hell I should give the 700 club a try then.
  21. Stay away HSG, stay far far away. Heed my advice I ventured in 5 years ago and never escaped.
  22. I did own it by apologizing. You took more shots like you still continue to do. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thank you for proving my point GB. Im going to take the good advice I received and say good day.
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