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  1. Rogan did an interview with CPT. Favors, from the last part of that article, on his podcast. His story is crazy. Definitely worth a listen, the dude is very credible.
  2. Yeah fellas let’s keep talking/posting about someone calling someone online “older” and “fatter”. THAT’s really wants important here. My god.
  3. Thanks for the new topic thread @ekbeats. Posted this a week or 2 back in another thread. I’m undecided but it seems to be getting harder to deny the possibility.
  4. Is this different from any other day? Unfortunately not since I bought in at $252.....
  5. Let’s write it now.... here’s some highlights someone else can fill in the filler. ”in communication with FDA” “we are very optimistic” “2 weeks” “very in encouraging conversations with the Philippines” “very encouraging communications with Canada, Brazil, all of Europe, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, basically any land, heaven, hell and the lost tribe of Indigo” “new trial for foot odor expected to start soon” “graying hair study expected to fill next week” “approval expected in 48hrs” “new loan from Bobby on 48th street approved with favorable terms” “conference called scheduled fo
  6. I agree, but the R's need to get their house in order first. I don't see the unifying person emerging at this time. By the way this is EXACTLY how most of the left felt about the “disaster the” right has become under Trump. There was a literal “anyone but Trump” mindset. That’s how we ended up with an old man with declining mental capacities in office. To me this mirror image mindset from both sides is a disease rotting us from the inside out, and I see no vaccine on the horizon.
  7. Yep, he’s fearful for a reason and purposely went to find a lighted area to pull over. That’s so unbelievably disheartening.
  8. I disagree. I don’t believe it’s a game or intentional. I believe it’s what they believe. And that’s far scarier to me*. It just shows how deep the red team/blue team bias are. Perspectives have completely shrunk down to looking through a straw. No one can see the other side of the disagreement anymore. It’s my way or no way. No middle ground what-so-ever. *for clarity I’m not speaking to fear of different opinions then “mine”. My point is the sentences that follow that one.
  9. How do you disagree? So you think the old school southern Democrats (the Confederate flag creating anti-Lincoln ones) are still voting D today? That those racist confederate flag waving people of today aren’t voting GOP, they voted for Obama and Hillary??? Come on man.
  10. Well now you’re parsing out your definition. Your original post was “real racists”. While there are certainly racist that do vote D, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the GOP has a large contingent of them as well. And in fact the classic old-school Democrat racist (the ones of years past as you often point out) are now the classic GOP racists.
  11. I understand. I’m not saying it hasn’t been successful, it has. I’m saying it’s not as successful as it would’ve/could’ve been with one cohesive voice. I understand that hasn’t worked out for that specific person in the past but arguably those movements had far more impact and weren’t as easily co-opted as BLM has been. I’m just a believer, in general, that causes need a leader and a voice.
  12. Leadership (or lack there of) was a (the) problem from the beginning with the BLM movement. The message has been lost and hijacked. The impact it could have had has severely been deluded imo.
  13. I’m massively confused by this statement. Do you believe Dave Duke, his followers and the KKK vote D?
  14. If it’s inaccurate (which it is) and it keeps being pointed too I understand why it’s important and continues to be corrected or pointed out. What I don’t get is it used as a talking point about how 1/6 was not really a big deal.
  15. And the right wants us to excuse Trump for misleading hyperbole by throwing out even more ridiculous misleading hyperbole.
  16. I think Webster’s is going to change the definition of hyperbole to just a link to your post.
  17. So going 1 for 67 in court didn’t do that? Unreal
  18. 🤷‍♂️ I’m not left nor do I represent them.
  19. That’s the problem, it is a valid argument. And the dirty truth is this labor force is baked into our current pricing of the goods we consume. A dramatic shift in that work force and 10’s of millions of people will be filling that pain (and I’m not taking about the illegals themselves).
  20. No doubt. I suffer from periodic bouts of ocular migraines. The first time it happened I lost sight in both eyes for a little over 24hrs. Not sure I’ve ever been so scared.
  21. So heartbreaking and disgusting. What the hell is that guy (the army guy) supposed to do when faced with this. He was literally told he should be afraid if he stepped out of his vehicle. Sometimes police officers are faced with impossible hostile situations, it’s a terribly difficult job, but this was the antithesis of that and inexcusable.
  22. Just wanted to post a well wishes and speedy recovery to Dan. While I don’t always agree with is opinions and stances he’s a smart passionate guy and undeniably a patriot who put himself in the line of fire for our safety and paid (continues to pay) the price. https://mobile.twitter.com/DanCrenshawTX/status/1380900479786496009?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  23. Maybe (though he didn’t mention that’s what he was saying so it less likely imo). None of us know. That’s my point. So ANYONE is making assumption.
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