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  1. Won my 14-team keeper IDP league despite subpar seasons by several guys who were cornerstones of my team (looking at you, OJB, Adam Thielen, David Johnson, and Todd Gurley) and trading away Lamar Jackson early in the season. As usual, I was the top-scoring team for the year (I've been the top scoring team every year for at least 10 years) but it had been 6 years since my last championship. I typically lose in the semis against a team that has their best week of the year with me having the second highest score for the week. Came close to losing in the semis this year but rolled in the championship. As I posted on the league page, my team survived my inept roster management this season. Thanks in part to this site, I'm very good at finding talent and stocking my roster, so I always score really well, but I tend to outthink myself in the playoffs.
  2. I've been wrestling with how I rank the upcoming class after the top-2. Due to some trades earlier in the year, I have # 2 overall pick, the # 5 overall pick, and the # 11 overall pick. We are a 14-team keeper IDP league. We keep 25 players and draft 5. I am thinking hard about trying to make a move for the # 1 pick, but not sure I can pry it away from the guy who has it. Barkley is the easy # 1 and Guice the easy # 2, at this point. I'm struggling after that and really want Barkley, so I may end up trying to bundle the 5 and 11 picks for the 1 pick. The only problem is I'm pretty stacked at RB and would prefer to get a really good WR to play with. So, maybe I just take Guice at the 2 pick and then wrestle with WRs and RBs at 5 and 11. Dunno. Don't think I could take a WR at 2 at this point, even if it were better for my team. I've always gone by best talent available, and it's worked out pretty well.
  3. Which side would you prefer (14-team dynasty, half PPR, 30-man rosters, 5-round draft, IDPs): Team One Gets: Amari Cooper Melvin Gordon Melvin Ingram Team Two Gets Alvin Kamara Robby Anderson 2d round pick
  4. That's a hard one, but I have a long-standing mancrush on Gurley, so that' the side I'd take.
  5. Would you rather have Kamara or Gordon going forward in a dynasty half PPR league? I keep flip-flopping on that question.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts. I am picking him up as an add-on in a trade in my dynasty league. I generally keep a couple "lottery ticket" guys on the squad. I think that's where he falls at this point.
  7. Curious about thoughts on Jones now. Obviously, a lot of folks will be frustrated. But what about long-term? He looked like a strong runner when I've watched, but I haven't payed close attention.
  8. Was surprised when the Browns fan in the league finally cut Gordon this season. I scooped him up for free and stashed him on the bench for next year. No real idea about projecting him. He could be a top-3 WR or he could be a bust. I like the talent, but being out of the game a couple of years may hurt. My other WRs are Calvin, Amari, Demaryius, DeVonte Parker, DGB, Diggs, and Keenan Allen, so it'd be great if he produces but no big loss if he doesn't.
  9. Wow; I missed that Lynch would be out today, so Rawls is on my bench, and I'm in a very tight game. Crap. Oh well. I would have played him today over Latavius b/c Rawls has looked really good when he's been given the chance. Definitely finding a way to hold onto this young man.
  10. I somewhat shamefully have kept CM on on my bench in my dyno just b/c I thought Randle would implode and DMac would get hurt. Randle imploded. Check box one. DMac may or not get hurt. History would suggest he will. So, for now, I still have CM on my bench. It's a deep bench, and my team is pretty well stacked. But lately I've noticed two other players out there that may make more sense to pick up and hold long-term. Hmmm. Of course, the most sure-fire way I can ensure CM gets playing time is for me to drop him. LOL.
  11. Sixth for Gur Bucky, I was even more lucky, IMO, in my 14-team dyno. I traded for the # 1 in preseason this year, and I had the # 5 pick from a trade last year, so I had 1 & 5 in our rookie draft this year. I got Gurley and Amari. I couldn't believe Amari fell to 5. That was ridiculous. I might have been even luckier. Late draft Abdullah fever allowed Gurley to fall into my lap at 1.06. Gordon, Abdullah and Cooper went before Gurley. In our mixed dropped veteran/rookie draft did not expect Gurley to fall to me at 1.06. Totally had to shift gears and rethink everything when that happened. The guy I was going to take at 1.06 was still there in the third so I took him then. It was like I got Gurley for free. Looking back I think I won every round of the draft except when I picked kicker.Sixth for Gurley after Gordon, Abdullah, and Cooper? Wow. That's amazing! Well played.
  12. Bucky, I was even more lucky, IMO, in my 14-team dyno. I traded for the # 1 in preseason this year, and I had the # 5 pick from a trade last year, so I had 1 & 5 in our rookie draft this year. I got Gurley and Amari. I couldn't believe Amari fell to 5. That was ridiculous.
  13. I've been sold on Gurley since he was a junior in high school about 50 miles from me. Every highlight reel I've ever seen is eye-popping. He kept that up at UGA, where he was clearly the lead dog in a tough conference. He is an amazing talent, and I admit to having a serious man-crush on him as a player. I traded away several quality players to get the # 1 pick in my dyno league this year just to make sure I got him. I don't have a single player I wouldn't have traded for him straight up - and I have ADP, Megatron, Brady, Demaryius, Graham, Charles, and Shady. I view him as the top dynasty RB currently in the league. Truly, the only other RBs that gave me the same kind of "I have to have him on my team" early in their careers were ADP and Priest Holmes. Now, that said, I would still start ADP and Charles over him for now. We'll see how long that holds, though.
  14. Landry is the # 16 WR overall for the season in our league (we get return yards and partial PPR). I picked him up last month. He consistently surprises me, even though he's generally still warming the bench for my team. I'm pleased I was able to get him for nothing.
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