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  1. Good to see things have not changed around here 😁 I started the site back in July and thus far we are growing organic users every month, primarily around 2QB and Superflex strategy articles. Not huge numbers yet but MoM growth is not bad, no paid promotion at all. Would love to find folks who would like to either eventually do this full-time or would like a sustainable and fun side-gig.
  2. Hey, I am looking for 2-3 dedicated people who are looking to turn this hobby into either a reliable second income or full-time business. Immediate needs are writers and people who can also help ideate a realistic path to revenue creation outside of affiliate work and ads. Whether this be a new DFS service or hosted platform. Right now need someone who can do weekly rankings and sit/start articles. Future needs involve the above and SEO strategy. Site is 2qbfantasy.com. Email me at info@2qbfantasy.com if interested.
  3. I'm just glad he's starting week 1. I'm playing the guy with Taylor
  4. I feel better after reading this from Faust. All hail Faust.
  5. QB: You're set RB: Depth is a big issue here, you're counting on ROJO finally breaking out and I wouldn't want to count on that WR: Lacking a true #1. There is a lot of hype on Diontae Johnson, you might be able to pair him with Woods for a significant upgrade, but also look out for developmental guys. Getting Brown or Metcalf will cost a lot, but maybe you can get guys like Bryan Edwards for cheap. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  6. Hey, I feel like you had a draft similar to mine. I think Jeudy will surprise you, but the end of your WR bench is shaky. Word out of Vikes camp has not been great on Jefferson so I would keep a close eye on the WW in the first two weeks in terms of some of the other breakout WRs that could have gone undrafted (Edwards in LV and Jefferson in LA are two that come to mind). For a start 1QB league you might have been a touch early on Watson, but he caused me to take him earlier than I wanted to draft a QB in my Superflex league. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/ Would be interested to hear your opinion
  7. I think you win either way, both are great values relative to the round lost. I'd keep Ekeler unless you can keep multiple years. In which case I would go with Jacobs https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  8. Don't think you will get Mahomes. Gap between him and everyone not named Lamar is too big and now is potentially the worst time to trade Singletary https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  9. Same Hill https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  10. I don't think you have a chance at getting the other owner to accept. Julio has maybe 2 years left at peak production and Pollard is talented but nowhere near assured a starting role anywhere. AJ Brown and Taylor are young ascendant talents. I would never take your side of this. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  11. I have Henry and Cook equally ranked. I don't think holdout is a concern but he has seen his share of injuries. Him going into this year, not holding out, and knowing he is playing for an FA deal could lead to his best season yet. Meanwhile Henry is just unstoppable later in games and plays for a ground and pound team that has a solid defense. All that comes together for another year where he could challenge for the rushing total. The 8 for TD and .5 ppr both play to henry's strength and are kind of against CEH's perceived strengths. Henry Cook CEH in that order for me. And I am a Cook and Henry dynasty owner and love both. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787832-12-team-superflex-from-11-spot-2qb-max/
  12. Start QB RB RB WR WR TE WR/TE WR/RB/TE QB/WR/RB/TE K DST D Thanks for your insight, I was really happy with this team last night but that's starting to wear off. I might see if I can pair Cooper and Hilton for WR upgrade. Here's the whole draft if anyone is interested Round 1 1.Patrick Mahomes(KC - QB)Kanye 2020 2.Lamar Jackson(Bal - QB)LamarYouSeri... 3.Christian McCaffrey(Car - RB)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Saquon Barkley(NYG - RB)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Ezekiel Elliott(Dal - RB)Lame Duck TBD 6.Alvin Kamara(NO - RB)MAFGA 7.Clyde Edwards-Helaire(KC - RB)Favre Dolla ... 8.Michael Thomas(NO - WR)Hot Bleach I... 9.Julio Jones(Atl - WR)False Positive 10.Derrick Henry(Ten - RB)Andre TBD 11.Dalvin Cook(Min - RB)The Murder H... 12.Russell Wilson(Sea - QB)Josh TBD Round 2 1.DeAndre Hopkins(Ari - WR)Josh TBD 2.Nick Chubb(Cle - RB)The Murder H... 3.Aaron Jones(GB - RB)Andre TBD 4.Josh Jacobs(LV - RB)False Positive 5.Davante Adams(GB - WR)Hot Bleach I... 6.George Kittle(SF - TE)Favre Dolla ... 7.Tyreek Hill(KC - WR)MAFGA 8.Joe Mixon(Cin - RB)Lame Duck TBD 9.Miles Sanders(Phi - RB)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Austin Ekeler(LAC - RB)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Travis Kelce(KC - TE)LamarYouSeri... 12.Chris Godwin(TB - WR)Kanye 2020 Round 3 1.Kenny Golladay(Det - WR)Kanye 2020 2.James Conner(Pit - RB)LamarYouSeri... 3.JuJu Smith-Schuster(Pit - WR)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Allen Robinson II(Chi - WR)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Adam Thielen(Min - WR)Lame Duck TBD 6.Mike Evans(TB - WR)MAFGA 7.Odell Beckham Jr.(Cle - WR)Favre Dolla ... 8.Chris Carson(Sea - RB)Hot Bleach I... 9.Jonathan Taylor(Ind - RB)False Positive 10.Drew Brees(NO - QB)Andre TBD 11.Amari Cooper(Dal - WR)The Murder H... 12.Kyler Murray(Ari - QB)Josh TBD Round 4 1.Melvin Gordon III(Den - RB)Josh TBD 2.Deshaun Watson(Hou - QB)The Murder H... 3.Cooper Kupp(LAR - WR)Andre TBD 4.Matt Ryan(Atl - QB)False Positive 5.Aaron Rodgers(GB - QB)Hot Bleach I... 6.DK Metcalf(Sea - WR)Favre Dolla ... 7.Mark Ingram II(Bal - RB)MAFGA 8.Carson Wentz(Phi - QB)Lame Duck TBD 9.Terry McLaurin(Was - WR)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Mark Andrews(Bal - TE)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Tyler Lockett(Sea - WR)LamarYouSeri... 12.Todd Gurley II(Atl - RB)Kanye 2020 Round 5 1.Calvin Ridley(Atl - WR)Kanye 2020 2.Raheem Mostert(SF - RB)LamarYouSeri... 3.Le'Veon Bell(NYJ - RB)Wuhan Pool Club 4.DJ Chark Jr.(Jax - WR)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Zach Ertz(Phi - TE)Lame Duck TBD 6.Robert Woods(LAR - WR)MAFGA 7.Courtland Sutton(Den - WR)Favre Dolla ... 8.David Johnson(Hou - RB)Hot Bleach I... 9.A.J. Green(Cin - WR)False Positive 10.Ronald Jones II(TB - RB)Andre TBD 11.T.Y. Hilton(Ind - WR)The Murder H... 12.Keenan Allen(LAC - WR)Josh TBD Round 6 1.Jared Cook(NO - TE)Josh TBD 2.Kareem Hunt(Cle - RB)The Murder H... 3.Michael Gallup(Dal - WR)Andre TBD 4.D'Andre Swift(Det - RB)False Positive 5.DeVante Parker(Mia - WR)Hot Bleach I... 6.J.K. Dobbins(Bal - RB)Favre Dolla ... 7.Hunter Henry(LAC - TE)MAFGA 8.Cam Akers(LAR - RB)Lame Duck TBD 9.Leonard Fournette(Jax - RB)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Tyler Boyd(Cin - WR)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Marquise Brown(Bal - WR)LamarYouSeri... 12.Darren Waller(LV - TE)Kanye 2020 Round 7 1.Daniel Jones(NYG - QB)Kanye 2020 2.Stefon Diggs(Buf - WR)LamarYouSeri... 3.Will Fuller V(Hou - WR)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Tyler Higbee(LAR - TE)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Jared Goff(LAR - QB)Lame Duck TBD 6.Marvin Jones Jr.(Det - WR)MAFGA 7.Ben Roethlisberger(Pit - QB)Favre Dolla ... 8.Ryquell Armstead(Jax - RB)Hot Bleach I... 9.CeeDee Lamb(Dal - WR)False Positive 10.David Montgomery(Chi - RB)Andre TBD 11.Joe Burrow(Cin - QB)The Murder H... 12.Jerry Jeudy(Den - WR)Josh TBD Round 8 1.Rob Gronkowski(TB - TE)Josh TBD 2.Evan Engram(NYG - TE)The Murder H... 3.Philip Rivers(Ind - QB)Andre TBD 4.Phillip Lindsay(Den - RB)False Positive 5.Cam Newton(NE - QB)Hot Bleach I... 6.Tarik Cohen(Chi - RB)Favre Dolla ... 7.Jordan Howard(Mia - RB)MAFGA 8.Jarvis Landry(Cle - WR)Lame Duck TBD 9.Diontae Johnson(Pit - WR)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Baker Mayfield(Cle - QB)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Matt Breida(Mia - RB)LamarYouSeri... 12.Antonio Gibson(Was - RB)Kanye 2020 Round 9 1.Zack Moss(Buf - RB)Kanye 2020 2.Ryan Tannehill(Ten - QB)LamarYouSeri... 3.Baltimore(Bal - DEF)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Pittsburgh(Pit - DEF)WhyDaFukULyin 5.James White(NE - RB)Lame Duck TBD 6.Kirk Cousins(Min - QB)MAFGA 7.Jimmy Garoppolo(SF - QB)Favre Dolla ... 8.Julian Edelman(NE - WR)Hot Bleach I... 9.Kerryon Johnson(Det - RB)False Positive 10.Blake Jarwin(Dal - TE)Andre TBD 11.Marlon Mack(Ind - RB)The Murder H... 12.Darrell Henderson Jr.(LAR - RB)Josh TBD Round 10 1.Tevin Coleman(SF - RB)Josh TBD 2.Damien Harris(NE - RB)The Murder H... 3.Brandin Cooks(Hou - WR)Andre TBD 4.Darius Leonard(Ind - LB)False Positive 5.Latavius Murray(NO - RB)Hot Bleach I... 6.Hayden Hurst(Atl - TE)Favre Dolla ... 7.Sony Michel(NE - RB)MAFGA 8.Sterling Shepard(NYG - WR)Lame Duck TBD 9.Justin Tucker(Bal - K)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Dallas Goedert(Phi - TE)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Mike Gesicki(Mia - TE)LamarYouSeri... 12.Boston Scott(Phi - RB)Kanye 2020 Round 11 1.Chase Edmonds(Ari - RB)Kanye 2020 2.Buffalo(Buf - DEF)LamarYouSeri... 3.Alexander Mattison(Min - RB)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Jamal Agnew(Det - CB)WhyDaFukULyin 5.New England(NE - DEF)Lame Duck TBD 6.Duke Johnson(Hou - RB)MAFGA 7.Allen Lazard(GB - WR)Favre Dolla ... 8.Darius Slayton(NYG - WR)Hot Bleach I... 9.Denver(Den - DEF)False Positive 10.Jalen Reagor(Phi - WR)Andre TBD 11.Henry Ruggs III(LV - WR)The Murder H... 12.Kansas City(KC - DEF)Josh TBD Round 12 1.Noah Fant(Den - TE)Josh TBD 2.T.J. Hockenson(Det - TE)The Murder H... 3.New Orleans(NO - DEF)Andre TBD 4.Laviska Shenault Jr.(Jax - WR)False Positive 5.Carlos Hyde(Sea - RB)Hot Bleach I... 6.Jerick McKinnon(SF - RB)Favre Dolla ... 7.Chicago(Chi - DEF)MAFGA 8.Chris Thompson(Jax - RB)Lame Duck TBD 9.Adrian Peterson(Was - RB)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Mike Williams(LAC - WR)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Justin Jefferson(Min - WR)LamarYouSeri... 12.Anthony Miller(Chi - WR)Kanye 2020 Round 13 1.Minnesota(Min - DEF)Kanye 2020 2.Devonta Freeman(Atl - RB)LamarYouSeri... 3.Harrison Butker(KC - K)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Jamison Crowder(NYJ - WR)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Nick Bosa(SF - DE)Lame Duck TBD 6.John Brown(Buf - WR)MAFGA 7.Fred Warner(SF - LB)Favre Dolla ... 8.Philadelphia(Phi - DEF)Hot Bleach I... 9.Greg Zuerlein(Dal - K)False Positive 10.Anthony McFarland Jr.(Pit - RB)Andre TBD 11.Dallas(Dal - DEF)The Murder H... 12.Wil Lutz(NO - K)Josh TBD Round 14 1.Mecole Hardman(KC - WR)Josh TBD 2.Joey Bosa(LAC - DE)The Murder H... 3.Los Angeles(LAC - DEF)Andre TBD 4.O.J. Howard(TB - TE)False Positive 5.Jamie Collins Sr.(Det - LB)Hot Bleach I... 6.Christian Kirk(Ari - WR)Favre Dolla ... 7.Ke'Shawn Vaughn(TB - RB)MAFGA 8.Brandon Aiyuk(SF - WR)Lame Duck TBD 9.Tony Pollard(Dal - RB)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Myles Garrett(Cle - DE)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Emmanuel Sanders(NO - WR)LamarYouSeri... 12.Hunter Renfrow(LV - WR)Kanye 2020 Round 15 1.Danielle Hunter(Min - DE)Kanye 2020 2.Maxx Crosby(LV - DE)LamarYouSeri... 3.N'Keal Harry(NE - WR)Wuhan Pool Club 4.Jonnu Smith(Ten - TE)WhyDaFukULyin 5.Matt Gay(TB - K)Lame Duck TBD 6.Robbie Gould(SF - K)MAFGA 7.Matt Prater(Det - K)Favre Dolla ... 8.Younghoe Koo(Atl - K)Hot Bleach I... 9.Seattle(Sea - DEF)False Positive 10.AJ Dillon(GB - RB)Andre TBD 11.Bryan Edwards(LV - WR)The Murder H... 12.Justin Simmons(Den - S)Josh TBD Round 16 1.Kenyan Drake (Ari - RB)Josh TBD 2.DJ Moore (Car - WR)The Murder H... 3.A.J. Brown (Ten - WR)Andre TBD 4.Matthew Stafford (Det - QB)False Positive 5.Austin Hooper (Cle - TE)Hot Bleach I... 6.San Francisco (SF - DEF)Favre Dolla ... 7.Tom Brady (TB - QB)MAFGA 8.Deebo Samuel (SF - WR)Lame Duck TBD 9.Dak Prescott (Dal - QB)WhyDaFukULyin 10.Josh Allen (Buf - QB)Wuhan Pool Club 11.Dan Bailey(Min - K)LamarYouSeri... 12.Devin Singletary (Buf - RB)Kanye 2020
  13. I had planned on going RB-WR as I already had Moore as a keeper, and avoiding QBs until later, but I really didn't expect Watson to make it out of the 2nd round so I felt like grabbing him in the 4th as my QB1 was a good compromise on my strategy. Also, this league has a 2QB max and a very shallow bench. Players taken in rounds 7 or later can be kept which is why I didn't hesitate to grab Burrow at the end of round 7. A bit of a reach but I'm pretty high on him. All the algorithms say this team sucks, what say you? Also I have to drop one of these guys for a kicker unless I can do a 2-1 trade. The Murder Hornets 1.(11)Dalvin Cook (Min - RB) 2.(14)Nick Chubb (Cle - RB) 3.(35)Amari Cooper (Dal - WR) 4.(38)Deshaun Watson (Hou - QB) 5.(59)T.Y. Hilton (Ind - WR) 6.(62)Kareem Hunt (Cle - RB) 7.(83)Joe Burrow (Cin - QB) 8.(86)Evan Engram (NYG - TE) 9.(107)Marlon Mack (Ind - RB) 10.(110)Damien Harris (NE - RB) 11.(131)Henry Ruggs III (LV - WR) 12.(134)T.J. Hockenson (Det - TE) 13.(155)Dallas (Dal - DEF) (Dropped them for the Colts) 14.(158)Joey Bosa (LAC - DE) 15.(179)Bryan Edwards (LV - WR) 16.(182)DJ Moore  (Car - WR)
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