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  1. Man, Phil Rivers made a lot money for guys like Tyrell Williams and Vincent Jackson.
  2. This is a GREAT article by PFF. I don't bookmark many of these types of things but I'll definitely be referencing this one.
  3. Hated the Will Fuller to WAS, feels too much like Paul Richardson 2.0 to me. Loved the Thuney to CIN, they need a veteran anchor(or two) on that line especially if they expect young players to turn this OL around and keep Burrow alive.
  4. If they think Ryan/Julio is going to be around to lead a new regime to the SB they are fooling themselves. This is a much, much different team that was in the SB just a few years ago. If they can't live with the QB left on the board they better find someone that is willing to trade up for that guy.
  5. My problem with Winston is.... why wasn't WAS interested at all last offseason? WAS easily could have double or tripled the money NO gave Winston with the opportunity to compete for a starting job. It's kind of like the folks that think Cam makes sense in WAS. Well, if they didn't have any interest last offseason when Cam twisted in the wind week after week after week I don't really know why they would suddenly be more interested in a year older version of Cam.
  6. I think the landscape has changed a significant amount since they signed Mariota. - At the time of the signing most people were expecting the 2021 NFL salary cap to be closer to $215Mil than $180Mil. Having such a highly paid backup for a non-playoff team seems like a bigger luxury with the unexpectedly lower salary cap this season. And that money could be needed other places..... - It's pretty clear that the raiders were excited about the WR prospects in the 2020 draft and likely thought they could build a WR group out of that strong WR class. It still may work, but based on what w
  7. Same reason they waste their time on Twitter now? It's a bad habit like smoking but they pretend twitter won't shave years off their lives so it's not as bad for your health. Admittedly, I've probably lost several weeks of my life on message boards(mostly photography) but I spend my day around people all day that check twitter multiple times..... every hour they are awake.... every day of the week..... every week of the month.... every month of the year. People should really install one of those apps that track how much time they are on Twitter. A lot of folks would be shocked imo. People
  8. While there is a way to do this now, I wish it were a more simple and elegant solution than stumbling into it at the bottom of the page. IMO as an example a site like dpreview.com does a great job of making it intuitive and easy to find on both desktop and mobile versions of their site. It may seem like a small thing to some but the glaring white is just awful as the default until you eventually figure out how to turn the glare down.
  9. Slight quibble, and I may be showing my age but I would probably sub in Darren Bennett for Scifres. Bennett didn't have the distance but I felt like he would have won the hangtime battle and maybe after being a charger fan for so many years I have PTSD waiting for the chargers special teams unit to let the team down and lead to a loss. Every fair catch is a bullet dodged in my book. Besides, "THAT is not a punt, THIS is a punt!" I guess Billy Ray Smith Jr. deserves to be on the list but he was always my least favorite charger because they passed over both Bruce Matthews and Jimbo Covert t
  10. I heard his preferred destination was TB. Unless they sign Lance Alworth first.
  11. These are all good points. 1. If the rumors are to believed it sounds like HOU is putting a priority on improving the defense right away with a veteran or two. This matches with what the WAS can readily give up to make room for a Watson salary and spending on a FA WR to pair with McLaurin to make the move worthwhile. 2. Really, Watson just needs to convince him that he's willing to sit out a year if he's not traded. If HOU believes he's willing to go full Lev Bell they will trade him.... especially with a new regime that doesn't want to lose a full year on the rebuild(with next to no
  12. If Watson really does want out and can't be talked into staying then HOU may be beggars rather than choosers. Without Watson this looks to be one of the least desirable jobs in the NFL imo. They need to get a Hershel Walker type return from a Watson trade just to make it an average job. Nothing would really shock me as a HOU hire unless it was Adam Gase. And in the rinse-repeat coaching carousel of the NFL maybe that shouldn't even be all that shocking. Once you are in the club you seem to be in the club for life.
  13. Agreed here. "Draft Dudes" and "Dallas Cowboys Draft Show" are also good listens. "First Draft" isn't bad, but sometimes I think it's two guys yelling college players at one another and ribbing each other on how their rankings change and when instead of just analysis of the players. People think I hate PFF but I also like when they talk dynasty on Youtube.
  14. I'm usually a "fix the OL and build your team through the draft" type of guy, but that said it would be silly not to at least take a run at Watson. Keep in mind this is still the same ownership that signed off on the DeAndre Hopkins trade so if they think a relationship with a player in untenable they have proven they are willing to move on without getting full "market value" in return. And with the 2021 NFL salary cap not getting the usual bump of past seasons there will likely be a smaller market for Watson than in a normal year. On top of everything else Watson(due to his no-trade clau
  15. I think that depends on whether they can afford(or at the very least finance) the pardon.
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