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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure if "Curry is good at basketball" is really all that earth shattering news. The melt-down in PHI is something I don't remember seeing before(but I don't follow the NBA all the closely). Perhaps more importantly there is some farcical new vignette nearly every day. I'm more interested on how it ends than anything else but stranger things keep happening by the day. Compare that to the other big news stories of the day. Nationwide manhunt because a blonde 20yo deceased. Camera pans to swamp..... "Still no sign".
  2. Wait, NBA refs are no longer going to call fouls on stars jumping into defenders?! I would guess that will decrease the number of FT attempts in an average game by about half. What's next, will they actually call traveling?
  3. Morant is probably my favorite player to watch. Can't wait to see how good he is in a few years at the ripe old age of ~26yo if he doesn't have any injuries.
  4. That almost sounds like too much at this point imo. I remember when Artest started acting..... "different". And there was a sense that you never really knew what was going to happen next with that guy. It just kind of feels the same way for Simmons and, oh yeah, you're still on the hook for a guaranteed $150M. I think his play on the courts is better than most people seem to think it is, but Ron Artest was amazing early in his career as well. Would it really shock anyone if Simmons suddenly started having mysterious injuries and never got back to the level of play that he was being criticized for? He just seems over it and doesn't even care what people think. With the contracts in the NBA... can anyone PROVE that he doesn't have back soreness for YEARS?
  5. And don't forget the Barkley deal. They waited so long they ended up getting Hornacek, Lang, and Perry in return. This was even worse because they hadn't made much noise in the playoffs since 84'/85' when Moses was still the leader of the team. At least the roster last year entered the playoffs as the #1 seed in the east. I think it was much more likely going into last season that Simmons would develop a 16' jump shot than the last several months would have unfolded like they have. Nobody could have seen all of this coming. Parts, maybe. But generally you don't see well payed guys on a #1 seed turn completely toxic. If they keep this going until December I'll be surprised if they even have home court advantage in any round of the playoffs. It's addition by subtraction even if they just get picks at this point.
  6. I was shocked I made it through this week as well, and that's after it took Mark Andrews last minute heroics just to keep me in the contest last week. Bridgewater as my only QB with Russell Wilson still on the shelf. $80 worth of RB getting "0". On a points/$ basis AJ Green has been carrying my team on his back. AJ, just keep pulling my lifeless corpse through another few rounds and I'll get that bronco "funny-money" to you well after you have spent your $5 salary...... john elway style.
  7. But that was a situation where the team wanted to trade the player, as an assurance he doesn't get injured before getting traded. At least at the moment the Sixers are pretending that they don't want(need?) to trade the player. There is no immanent trade if you believe how PHI is playing this.
  8. Too little too late? It's pretty easy to throw a fit when that is the last option available to you. It would be fascinating to hear the REAL offers they got for Simmons over the summer. I think many(though certainly not all) would be shocked at how much lower the actual offers were than the offers that have obviously been leaked to the press.... and not leaked by the teams making the offers.
  9. Seems to me it has been explicity explained to him every step along the way what would happen if he refused to get vaccinated and he made a decision. The team doesn't even talk about it as a situation in flux, they talk about the decision in the past tense. I guess we'll see.
  10. I'm surprised that they are 8-1 right now in a soft Eastern conference. Are Nets/Sixers any better than last year? The only odds I like better than MIL might be MIA @ 26 -1, but I have a weakness for longshots.
  11. This is very true, but it happens overnight very rarely. That's why I think SAC/MIN type teams make the most sense. It's entirely possible that by the end of his contract he might be worth the $, but he's not worth the money now. And teams like PHI/GS/POR are in a window of opportunity right now and probably don't want to wait around and see if he will change/mature.
  12. If you really think it will only take ~15min it would be very tempting to get one of these and simply hang it on the wall of the garage I would think..... https://www.amazon.com/Great-States-815-18-18-Inch-5-Blade/dp/B0007ZK5V2/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=push+mower&qid=1634037755&sr=8-6
  13. I think he makes sense at C for New Orleans. The Pelicans already moved Adams for Valanciunus, but really I think Porzingis would offer even better offensive spacing for Zion and Ingram to develop. A third frontline scorer that is young enough to contribute while Zion and Ingram hit their prime makes sense. Porzingis also adds shot blocking to defend the rim. The Pelicans would be absorbing a bigger cap number, but they would also be showing Zion they are willing to surround him with more talent. NO is one of the lowest spending team in the NBA right now. DAL needs the physical rebounding Valanciunus would bring, and his salary would be more in line with what DAL actually wants him to contribute. It just makes no sense to me to pay Porzingis all that money to stand in a corner waiting for a pass from Doncic. DAL has one of the top 5 cap numbers in the league and this would give them more maneuverability to add a piece that fits their current offensive system better than Porzingis does. Not saying that it would be a 1-for-1 trade, or the only possible trade out there, just that it's an example of a Porzingis trade that would make sense for both teams imo.
  14. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 672 Roll subtotal: 672 Roll total: 672
  15. Strongly disagree here. Ricky Henderson's only weakness was he played before analytics were a part of baseball. If he played today he wouldn't be the only one telling us that he was the best ever. Ricky was so good he actually made baseball watchable, and I don't think we'll see that again. Ever.
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Lexar-Compatible-Nintendo-Switch-Smartphones-LMSPLAY512G-BNNNU/dp/B08T8MBY2X/ref=sr_1_8?crid=3T32QSVRJZ6YB&dchild=1&keywords=micro+sd+card+512gb&qid=1633959788&sprefix=micro+sd+car%2Caps%2C270&sr=8-8 I wouldn't be surprised if it fell under $50 in the next couple of months.
  17. I'll admit I only watch playoff teams play each other so I don't have a very good read on how good Hield is. He seems productive, but sometimes productivity on a bad team means less. SAC seems like the team most likely to offer the most because they have been trapped in the doldrums for awhile at 30-ish wins a season. If Simmons cares more about his personal situation more than winning as it appears, this would probably be the place he accumulates enough fluff stats for his next big contract. And who knows, maybe he will be a better more well rounded player by then as well. Seems likely and helps both teams. If PHI could get McCollum straight across for Simmons I think they are making a huge mistake by passing on it. It may not help them win more regular season games but in the playoffs you need guys that can create their own shots, and make shots under duress against good defense or up against the shot clock or both. McCollum would help the Sixers immeasurably in that area imo. With the added bonus that McCollum has the reputation of being a very good locker room guy and is well liked across the league. I have no idea why POR would make this trade as this puts them further from advancing in the playoffs and almost ensures that Lillard gets double if not triple teamed for every 7 game series. The only rumors I hear about POR acquiring SImmons are for a "rebuild" and I don't think that's where they think they are. Seems unlikely to me, this sounds like an agent/team rumor to me. Do you think that trade makes sense for both teams? I even just have a tough time seeing Simmons and Lillard co-existing on the same team. IND might be in a situation where they might be willing to gamble to escape the 40-somethine club in a weak eastern conference. Brogdon has been improving, even with less of a track record makes PHI a better team than if they just keep Simmons. Seems possible, if the Pacers front office is willing to swallow the contract difference and the locker room cancer reputation. Simmons might be much more talented than Brogdon but he also comes with a ton more baggage. Unlike SAC, IND also has something to lose. I wouldn't make this move if I was IND but being stuck drafting in the middle of the first round every year but not good enough to truly contend is the type of situation that can spur moves of desperation. And maybe Simmons turns over a new leaf and suddenly makes IND a defensive powerhouse giving them an identity. Really, 2014 was a long time ago. SAC makes sense to me. IND is a qualified MAYBE, but I wouldn't do it.... because of the salary/attitude stuff more than the level of play. POR makes no sense to me. Maybe I'm in the minority. FWIW I think Simmons has talent and there is time to rehab both his game and rep. But at this point he has a lot of work to do.
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