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  1. It only matters if you haven't been hiding money. That's why it pays to subscribe to the news letter.
  2. I think that's the old formula, way before the TE premium scoring used by most people today.
  3. This is a fair statement, but the example you are using to explore this topic is a poor one imo. If a single mom rolling into her mid-30's is raising YOUR child wants to marry you and you oblige..... my "pretty-heinous-things-detector" falls pretty quiet on this one old buddy. FWIW, I thought they both could do better. That's the more interesting thread.
  4. I'm definitely NOT a charger fan but I'm curious if any of the locals can comment on the spanos family finances. These numbers were discussed on the internet(so they must be true!) and if any of these numbers appear to be wrong please point out the inaccuracies. spanos "accounting" for the choices that they have made.... - $650mil in debt, because they still haven't paid the fee to transfer out of San Diego after playing hardball in negotiations with the tax payers. You'll show the city of San Diego! - $353mil in team debt, .... "WTF?" I guess they have been paying for the absol
  5. Coughlin had a pretty nice run in the 90's, but since the 90's I think there's a very real chance Meyer is the most successful coach in Jacksonville. That Coughlin run was decades ago.
  6. Don't forget Donte' Stallworth. He drove drunk, ran over a pedestrian and killed him. Got a 30-day jail sentence. Vick killed dogs and spent 2 years in prison. When it comes to the judicial system spin the wheel and take your chances.
  7. Quantity over quality https://www.amazon.com/Diane-Nail-Clippers-72-Count/dp/B00AQEQNPQ/ref=psdc_11063481_t1_B07WC2XP14 These seem a little expensive now, but you can put a price watch and get a bucket of 72 for ~$15. Never have used the nail file on my actual nails but in my experience the nail file will open all but the most difficult boxes. The clippers themselves can be used in place of scissors to trim the odd thread off of clothing or remove tags and the like. Plus, maybe I'm persnickety but I hate the feeling of having trimmed my nails too short but at the same time I hate goi
  8. They may be terrible, but it certainly won't be due to Tim Tebow taking the roster spot of some other developmental TE4 in August.
  9. 2021 Week#1 will be the first JAX game I have any interest in watching since their 2017 playoff run. It wouldn't surprise me if Urban Meyer triples the season win total.
  10. Depends on your job while working from home.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Imperator-Scorpion-Gaming-Computer-Office/dp/B08HYRNJCH/ref=pd_lpo_196_img_2/131-8366848-0085315?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B08HYRNJCH&pd_rd_r=654dfd79-3c1b-4f32-b047-d496ba298bd3&pd_rd_w=Acj9t&pd_rd_wg=csNZh&pf_rd_p=a0d6e967-6561-454c-84f8-2ce2c92b79a6&pf_rd_r=BFGV22YV2ZG0B8JYYG8W&psc=1&refRID=BFGV22YV2ZG0B8JYYG8W
  12. Wow, a single reason to install/follow twitter. No snark either. This might be the most compelling reason that I have found yet.
  13. I know it's definitely fashionable to hate on everything that the raiders do, but I kind of like their offseason. They improved their DL before the draft in FA, improved their secondary in the draft, and now have signed a #1 CB. A backfield of Jacobs/Drake may not be popular with us fantasy nerds but IRL it makes sense to keep both players as healthy and effective as possible. I wasn't a huge fan of the John Brown signing as I don't think that's how Carr beats defenses but Brown should team with Ruggs to at least scare defenses to playing honest and loosening up the defense for Jacobs/Dr
  14. Like you said, little slow, level of competition, and also physical size. Seems like the type of guy that is nice to have familiar with the system at the end of summer because he's versatile and when the RB injuries happen you have a guy floating out there on waivers that is already familiar with your offensive system. The ceiling on a player like that seems pretty low. There were other prospects that seemed much more dynamic in the back half of the 7th round. People probably get sick of me pointing out what WAS "could have done"..... BUT.... they had THREE picks in the 7th round and imo
  15. Give him a break. If you are a donkey fan you have to cling to the idea QB's working out are just luck. It was bad luck that den passed on Josh Allen. This year it may one day turn out to be bad luck that they passed on Fields falling into their lap. Terrible luck that team.
  16. But if you would have asked if Barmore was worth two 4th rounders before the draft I think most people would say yes. I would be over the moon if I were a Patriots fan with this draft(in combination with the FA haul). All the day 3 picks are going to be wild this year with so much disruption in the scouting process. If ever there was a year 4th rounders would be worth less and 7th rounders would be worth more than usual this is the season.
  17. I actually like the WAS second 3rd round pick the best in this draft. Big play WR that should scare the S's away from the LOS with his big play ability. 1st - Darrisaw LT Seemed like an easy pick to me. 2nd - Pat Freiermuth TE/ Owusu-Koramoah LB Cosmi is huge, but Darrisaw moves his feet better and projects to be a better LT week #1 of the NFL season. Cosmi is more of a RT type that COULD develop into a LT. If your starting QB is turning 39 this season that is a big consideration. Most people would have loved to have JOK based on his pre-draft rankings and Rivera system fi
  18. It kind of reminds me of the time they took Chubb a few picks before Josh Allen a couple of years ago. It's not that Chubb was a bad prospect or that pass rushers aren't important..... it's just if you miss out on a Josh Allen you need a dozen of those other important guys to drag you into the playoffs. Or in den's case up to .500 as their record since passing on Josh Allen is 18-30.
  19. Doesn't feel like the way Ozzie would have done it.
  20. Their defense next season could be anywhere in between top-5 to bottom-5 based on health alone. They were closer to bottom 5 last season but if Simmons/DuPree/Farley are all healthy and playing toward the top of their potential in 2021 the Titans could be among the SB favorites by December. Those are three very talented ascending players if everything is just right. They have taken calculated risks which is what I like to see from a "playoff team". It's tough to make that last leap from that to legit SB contender.
  21. That's a fair argument. FWIW I also would rather build the OL on almost every team as well as a general rule. People talk about Brady winning the SB for TB last season but that OL was almost unrecognizably better than the year before. And KC looked completely hapless in the SB with just a few injuries. I was just saying that to me, age is almost irrelevant for the RB position. I would be more worried if he was an "old man" dominating against lesser competition but he's pretty much playing against a lot of NFL level competition already.
  22. I think people make way too big an issue about that for the RB position. If you are drafting him in the first ride him hard between the ages of 23-27 and then let someone else pay him after you've gotten as many miles as possible off those tires. Just draft another one in four years. Rinse. Repeat.
  23. Yeah, they still got a very, very good player. It's just easier to get DB's in this draft than pass rushers according to most people.
  24. I think he's saying TEN is desperate for pass rushers and had arguably the best one fall into their laps. This move reminds me of PHI trading up just before DAL to draft Dallas Goedert(TE) a couple of years ago a few hours after Witten announced his first retirement. Definite divisional strategic move by IND there.
  25. Are you sure it's each earner that makes over a million? Or each household that makes millions? That's how the level headed among us recognize how this is really going to pull the rug out from under the middle/lower class. There are slums in La Jolla where folks have to cook for themselves and spend time with their children one day a week as it is!
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